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Dr Sam Chachoua (Dr Chachoua's web site at Nexus magazine disappeared one day. I managed to capture it.)

And a new player arrives ... (2/9/2000)
I received the following email. As I have never said anything about Sam Chachoua (which is how he actually spells his name) except to have a link to his site, I don't think I need to worry until the writs arrive. I suspect that this was not written by a lawyer, although I have heard that Dr Chachoua (which is how he spells his name) does lawyer up at the slightest provocation. Maybe that is because he believes that his research is so fragile that it is in danger of collapsing under even the slightest criticism.

From: Bo-Göran Hallgren
Subject: Sam Chachoua a fraud?
Date sent: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 15:20:27 +0200

Mr proctologist!

Where are your proof that validates your claim that Dr Sam Chachou is a fraud?

Please, produce just one share of evidence, proving your outrageous statement.

If you are unable to do so, kindley remove this statement or legal actions my be taken against you.


Bo-Göran Hallgren

Dr Chachoua was mentioned in an article about various contradictory cancer "cures" that appeared in the December 2001 edition of The Skeptic. Here is what it said.

Dr Chachoua recently won a court case against Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and was awarded $11 million in damages. I will write that out in words - eleven million US dollars. He was awarded this because the hospital's research arm had discontinued contracted research into his techniques. On his web site, Dr Chachoua suggests that his cure has been common knowledge for a long time and that it is a disgrace that this simple answer has not been taken up by conventional medicine. After the court-endorsed theft of money that could have been used for real research, Dr Chachoua created another web site which said that the $11 million was going to be used to do all the research again because all details of it had been lost by the hospital. These statements seemed inconsistent to me - it was going to take $11 million to refind the obvious - but, as I am a simple shill for allopathy, perhaps I just don't understand. (It seems that Dr Chachoua didn't use any of the $11 million to pay for registration of his domain name because the second site now points to a pornography sales outlet. I can understand how looking at dirty pictures could make someone's final days more interesting, but I don't think it's a cure for cancer.)

I found out about Dr Chachoua's windfall when someone posted details of this major victory for "alternative medicine" on an Internet mailing list inhabited by devotees of Hulda Clark. It was received with great pleasure and rejoicing. The person who posted the message had read it on a similar list devoted to the followers of the Burzynski creed, where it had engendered a similar enthusiastic response. The truly amazing thing is that any rational follower of either Burzynski or Clark should consider Chachoua to be an outrageous charlatan because he says quite clearly that their heroes are one hundred percent wrong. I have, in fact, openly challenged the supporters of these different curers to join me in denouncing all the other ones as quacks but the only response I got was to be accused of opposing "alternative medicine". Guilty, Your Honour.

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