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Noteworthy Unhinged Lunatic Rants

Posted by John Benneth to the newsgroups sci.skeptic, alt.paranormal and alt.magic
19 February, 2000 and 24 February 2000

John Benneth is a homeopath who claims to have proved that homeopathy works. He continues to behave as if he is insane. A particularly egregious piece of his work won another of these awards, but the example below shows why I have to limit the number of these awards that he can be allowed to win

This strange warning message was the first inkling anybody had of impending disaster

Shut eyed scoffers and skeptics take note, you've only FOUR SHOPPING DAYS left 'til CASTASTROPHIC WEATHER hits!

Blasphemous buffoons will ignore it, cantankerous paranoid doubters will deny it but you better stock up now on extra candles, water and food.

Get some sterno and firelogs!


Don't say you didn't have plenty of warning!

When 23rd February had rolled across the world without anybody noticing anything untoward, people started to mock Mr Benneth. He replied with the news story below. I am reliably informed by residents of Sydney that the events reported here went largely unnoticed.

SYDNEY- Reports have been coming in offreak whirlwinds touching down throughout Australia and a sudden increase in the number of Aboriginal suicides. Sudden burns, people's hair catching fire.

Crowds of sunbathers have been driven off popular beaches from sudden flash sunburns.

Reports of electrical equipment failure, fuses in houses popping, computers beginning to act strange, cars driving with one headlight and car wrecks.

Reports of bus plunges are rising in Peru, Bolivia and Spain. The Spanish bus plunges are believed to be sympathy plunges.

More glass breaking incidents and people just suddenly dying in Africa. In some areas morgue services are being stretched to the limit as the bodies stack up.

Police calls are up, and as February 23rd wears on, more reports of domestic violence, cats being caught by dogs and dogs being hit by cars in New Zealand..

Many other animal deaths have been reported, some birds allegedly catching fire while in flight. others blind and fluttering about on the ground.

Some people who were indoors are reporting changes in personality in their work mates, people suddenly experiencing a sudden thirst, a bizarre idea or sexual fantasy, men and women suddenly lunging at one another, fights breaking out on playgrounds and children screaming as February 23rd dawned on down under.

There have been reports from motor cars, pedestrian accidents people stumbling into the street now coming in from Mexico. Many people have been reporting TV outages, lines jams, traffic down or slow on the Internet.

In all areas skeptics are denying what is happening, trying to not to notice anything "bad."

Experts are claling it prophecy denial.

more reports

There was a sudden panic today in the Australian city At the time of this writing, Australia is being pistol whipped by the plasma trail of a solar blast. Accidents are happening throughout the lower hemisphere, and there have been freak power outages.

The crystalline core of the Earth is heating up from the gamma as heavy particles are setting in.

Tornadoes, whirlwinds and other freak weather have been touching down all over the country.

The reports are coming in as a result of a prediction of it on newsgroups a week ago.


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