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It all started here towards the very end of 1998, so these are the only two entries for that year.

The lady lives on air!Living On Light - Jasmuheen added 30 December 1998
This lady has not eaten food since 1993. She can do this because she is an expert in Pranic Nourishment, where you get everything you need from liquid light. I warned you that you would think I was making this stuff up. Perhaps she has discovered quintessence.


Loon Editorial
You may think that this is a joke, and that nobody could take it seriously. Unfortunately, someone did. The body of Verity Linn was found near a Scottish loch in September 1999. Miss Linn had starved to death and left a diary telling about how she was practising "breatharianism".  Had she been near friends or neighbours she may have lived to regret ever hearing of Jasmuheen, but she had decided to be alone with nature when she tried fasting so when she needed help she was too weak and isolated to get it.

I have no doubt that Jasmuheen will be able to rationalise this tragedy as "just one of those things", and she will continue to sell her silly books and give her well-paid seminar talks. For her, life will go on as usual, but I would suggest that she give up her own breatharian diet and instead try the one called "obligate coprophagia".

I thought about removing the link and mention of Jasmuheen from here and pretending that I had never joked about this dangerous woman, but that would have been dishonest. Many of the links on this site go to places where science and common sense are ignored or misunderstood, but most are harmless. I started this site to show the foolishness of some people, but the tragedy of Verity Linn shows that there is a serious side as well and that there is danger in suspending critical thought and believing that madness is sanity or lies are truth.

Peter Bowditch
24 September 1999

The Galactic Masters speak!Planetary Activation Organization added 23 December 1998
Here is a synthesis of new-agery, heresy (from whichever religious perspective you choose), science fiction and general woowooity the likes of which you can only imagine until you go there.

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