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The Pharoah's Pump!Pharaoh's Pump added 27 January 1999
You thought that pyramids were tombs or observatories or alien sandcastles or razor blade sharpeners or the results of some ancient Egyptian unemployment relief project. Wrong! The big one at Giza was a pump to suck water from the Nile and use it to make the desert bloom. By the look of that desert, I would say that the pump designers needed to do a bit more work. Or maybe it worked back then and the filters got clogged with papyrus and frogs after Moses led all the maintenance people away.

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Say NO to milk!The NOTMILK Homepage! added 20 January 1999
If human beings were meant to drink milk God would have made us mammals. Some earnest vegetarian once told me that the only animals that would voluntarily drink cows milk once they were adults were ants and humans. I immediately though of my cat, but I must have been wrong. My cat is too sensible and will definitely have read Robert Cohen's measured and reasonable arguments as to why milk causes all known diseases and disabilities. (Cow flatulence is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect, so these noxious animals are going to drown those of us that they don't poison. It's a pity we can't eat cows or wear them on our feet, otherwise we could strike back.)

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The I.R.I.S. CHRONICLES Predictions For 1998 added 20 January 1999

A set of failed predictions from a psychic hardly qualifies as loonity these days, but this one is special. Earl Gordon Curley, "well known as one of the most accurate intuitives and psychics world-wide", failed to predict the death of Earl Gordon Curley. We will miss you, Earl. R.I.P.

Food for thoughtA Y2K WAKE UP CALL...Dehydrated Emergency Food Kits added 13 January 1999
You think you're safe because you've bought a new Pentium or iMac and updated all your software. You believe what the banks, the government, Gates and Murdoch tell you. You are mistaken. You won't feel so good when the electricity goes off and the banks run out of money and the prison doors fly open and the planes fly into the ground and the ammunition gets low. (I was originally going to feature this loon's New World Order site, but the computer man in me couldn't resist the Y2K connection.)

As Y2K has been and gone and we are still here, many of the Y2K scaremongers have a lot of egg on their faces. Some have just ignored their previous predictions. You will notice that this site is now selling dried food so that people can get ready for the next calamity (which at the time of writing this is a world oil famine). It's still worthy of inclusion here. PB October 2000

FAR out!Feminists for Animal Rights added 6 January 1999
Well, I had to look at the feminists sooner or later. Sooner is best. Imagine my joy when I found a synthesis of feminism, vegetarianism and animal liberationism. I was disappointed, though, that the link was broken to the place where I could find out how to have a Buddhist "ceromony" for my dead  pet (surely they meant "companion animal").


When this site was first listed in January 1999 it was unintentionally funny, including such gems as the Buddhist "ceromony" for dead pets mentioned in the commentary. It is now a standard animal rights rant with all the humour and fun of a parking ticket. I will leave the link here (because it is still loony), but I apologise to anyone who goes there expecting a laugh.

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