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A mystery drawing by Alex ChiuAlex Chiu's Eternal Life Device added 24 February 1999
Once upon a time, Alex Chiu used to send out spam about his eternal life rings. Now he seems to have developed a whole philosophical system of where we came from and where we are going to. This site has something for everyone - magic healing cures, UFOs, theology, physics, evolution, pyramids (Alex disagrees with a former Quintessence entry about what the pyramids were used for) and more. He might be a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but I think I would like Alex if I were to meet him.

Eternal Life
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Alex Chiu has promised to send me some Immortality Rings if enough people click on the picture. Please help. Your clicks are vital.

Loon of the Month

It just keeps coming. This month's Loon of the Month was a close contest between the head drillers and the gay bashers, but you've just gotta respect someone who pickets funerals.
Westboro Baptists warn the illiterate.Westboro Baptist Church added 17 February 1999
You've heard of people being single-minded. Well, the people at the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, are so single-minded that it looks like they might have only one brain to share among them. This is a very subtle site, and you have to look carefully to see what it is that concerns them. (Actually, it's "what concerns him", as the Westboro Church seems to consist only of the ranting Rev Fred Phelps and his immediate family.)

Just a thought!
Imagine if you could get the Westboro people to meet up with the ACTUP people, who are just as mad. Perhaps they will both come to Sydney for the Mardi Gras.

This site is nowhere near as crazy now as it was when first listed. Mad, yes, but a different kind of madness. The WBC is one of the few sites to be listed both here and in The Millenium Project.
PB October 2001

Guinea Pigs! Eeeek!The Home for Unwanted and Abandoned Guinea Pigs added 10 February 1999
I have to admit that this is an emergency entry. The site I was going to feature got disconnected from the 'net on Update Eve. It's a bit hard to say anything clever about a guinea pig refuge without sounding nasty. This is one of those glorious obsessions mentioned on the background page. Wheeep! Wheeep! Wheeeeeeep! Make sure you follow the links to even more caviana.

Ewok the Ferret. Ferret Wise Rescue and Rehabilitation Center added 10 February 1999
Here's a bonus to go with the guinea pigs - a ferret refuge. We can't have any speciesism here. That's Ewok over there on the right. Maybe a combined ferret and guinea pig refuge would be a good idea. Maybe not.

International Trepanation Advocacy GroupInternational Trepanation Advocacy Group added 3 February 1999
Bullet hole by Smith & Wesson or surgery by Black & Decker? How would you prefer to ease your troubled mind? The International Trepanation Advocacy Group recommends the do-it-yourself fontanelle as a way of increasing self-awareness and treating depression. That's right, folks! Just drill a hole in your skull, let the air rush in to fill the vacuum, and throw away those pills. Brace and bit, Sir? No thanks, I can do enough brain damage with Beam & Daniels.

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