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Boom! There it goes. Tell me the CIA don't know about this.Nov-17-1998-Meteor / ELF pulse witnessed from Everglades in Florida added 29 June 1999
Well, I just had to have a UFO conspiracy somewhere. Here is an actual picture of a meteor being destroyed by a secret Government missile and meteor defence system. At least, that's what it looks like. What else could it be? Everyone knows that the stronger the secrecy, the bigger the conspiracy. Put another way, the fewer people who know about something, the bigger it is. You could ask the Air Force about this and they would just laugh and tell you not to worry, but, of course, denial of something just makes it more likely to be true. Am I making any sense?

This site seems to have disappeared. Perhaps it was at the bullseye when a meteorite came in, and the secret defence system was not quite good enough. The site owner must be cursing those Pentagon budget cuts. PB 28 May 2000

Dutch soldiers. The Hammer of Delft.Operation Urban Warrior added 29 June 1999
Blowing up Iraq again, NATO burning up a couple of GDPs in Yugoslavia, Monica the Muncher, Hillary threatening to become a US Senator - all just part of the smokescreen. While all this has been going on, the USA has been invaded. President Clinton, taking his orders straight from the Queen, has allowed, nay encouraged, foreign soldiers to invade the country, probably while pretending to be part of some military exercise. Well, we all know what sort of exercise HE's interested in. The photo even proves that Dutch soldiers were involved, and remember that Holland isn't all just pretty painted plates and wooden footware. It's the world centre of the diamond trade, and we all know who runs that business, don't we?

Codex - your herbs are at risk!Codex added 23 June 1999
Just one site chosen at random from the hundreds exposing the conspiracy by the ex-Nazi pharmaceutical companies, allied with the victors of World War II and the Cold War, to deprive us all of the valuable herbs and essences we need to keep us healthy as nature intended. Imagine a world-wide plot to force people to only take medicines that had been proved to work! The place would be overrun by excess weeds, tigers and white rhinos if we were stopped from grinding them up into cures for cancer and impotence. But I digress...

Y2K - it's coming to get you!Y2K - Another View: A Ruthless NWO/Government Takeover Scam added 23 June 1999
The second site this week is also randomly chosen from many with the same story. Governments and plotters must have rubbed their hands together when computers were invented, because they were able to get the US Navy (through people like Commander Grace Hopper) to invent programming languages which would cause all computers to fail just when everyone had become dependent upon them. What planning skill. What patience. You might think 00 is the end of a year, but it's what a shotgun looks like when you try to take my tin of beans. Welcome to the soup kitchen, Gates!

Order of Skull and BonesThe Order of Skull and Bones added 13 June 1999
Here's a good conspiracy - one where the conspirators are named. Not only are they named, but they all seemed to get elected, so perhaps the voters are part of the conspiracy too. In fact, this conspiracy is so out in the open that their secret headquarters is on the map. Just approach anyone at Yale, give them the secret handshake (press with thumb on the back of the hand while shaking sideways, genuflect with the left knee, twist right ear with left hand, whisper the seventeenth and forty-ninth words in the poem "Song of Hiawatha" by Longfellow) and you will be led to the secret, ivy-covered trapdoor.

(I realise that I will be subject to a fatwa for revealing the secret handshake. So be it. I was sentenced to a Harvard MBA just for doing the research.)

Who killed JR?In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I added 13 June 1999
There's nothing like a small conspiracy. Just a handful of people in the Vatican got rid of the Pope because he was going to expose something. Was it that the Catholic Church is really controlled by the Masons, or that Freemasonry has been infiltrated by the College of Cardinals? Is a merger planned? Is the current Pope determined to live until 2000 just so he can usher in the New World Order? These things will be revealed, but not necessarily in this book. You have to part of it to be part of it, if you get my meaning.
[You can buy this book here.]

Loon of the Month

The perfect conspiracy would have several elements. The CIA (of course), the Queen, the Catholic Church or the Pope, Masons, UFOs, a government coverup, big business, the Nazis, the Jews, the United Nations, some communists, Rupert Murdoch, Microsoft, oil or pharmaceutical companies, a secret headquarters, Korean car manufacturers and the people who make those little plastic things on the end of shoe laces. All these people would be fed by McDonalds and Coca Cola. Unfortunately, such a conspiracy does not exist (so I will have one invented and on the 'net as soon as possible).

While we wait for the ultimate conspiracy, we will have to put up with what is available. The choices below all contain some of the essential elements, but the winner just has to be the Denver Airport. I could not resist the three buildings in Washington that eerily mark out a triangle. Even Euclid would be amazed.

Whetever does this picture mean?DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Expose of Bizarre Influence added 2 June 1999
The roads and runways at DIA are arranged at right angles, and you can draw a swastika on them. There are three buildings in Washington which coincide with the corners of a triangle. The Masons left a time capsule at the airport. There are strange murals on the walls. The Queen has bought some land in Colorado. The food at the Denver airport is cheap and tasty. (I made that last bit up.)

Well, I'm convinced that something is going on at Denver. Actually, it's going on underneath. Those aren't runways you see, they're lids. (Note: Remarkably, this is the first Geocities site to get a Quintessence listing. I couldn't hold out forever.)

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