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Is this Drunvalo Melchizedek's brain?Drunvalo Melchizedek's Personal Web Site added 31 July 1999
OK. I finally admit defeat. I have no idea what this web site is about. It seems that Mr Melchizedek is worried about pollution and global warming, but I can't quite figure out what he is doing about them. On a related (but not linked) web page it says that there are five Melchizedeks. What is going on here?

(Perhaps the concern about global warming is because it might flood the seemingly-unrelated Dominion of Melchizedek. It would be hard for the Dominion to issue passports or to reward the legal profession from under the Pacific Ocean. You don't see many passports from Atlantis these days, do you?)

A cat that's as smart as an earthworm.Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, Head of STARBRAIN added 30 July 1999
In May I told you about copying your brain into a computer. The thing that was missing was the sort of computer that would make this useful. That problem has now been solved, and computers that can do everything are just around the corner. I read about this site in the local paper and Prof. Dr. de Garis was predicting that humans would soon be obsolete - despised and ignored by our smarter creations. I tended to disbelieve this until I read that his web site had a counter on it. That impressed me. I look forward to the day when I can upload my brain into one of Prof. Dr. de Garis's machines and let it get on with the work while I go to the beach. I could check back here each week to see if I liked my lastest update.

(The new brain-in-a-computer goes by the name of "CBM". Back in the dark ages of PCdom, there was another machine with the same name from Commodore. It was only about as smart as a brick, but it was better than a brick if you wanted to keep a door open in a strong breeze. Perhaps we are witnessing evolution at work here.)

The Mitchell-Hedges SkullSociety of Crystal Skulls, International An Academic Approach added 23 July 1999
Another collection. The value of this site is not in the collection of crystal skulls. No, the secret revealed here is "scrying", which is the practice of staring very hard at something until you achieve a revelation and understand it completely. It doesn't work for everything. I tried it for years with ladies and university text books, but now I have been told how to do it properly I'm going to get one of these glass heads and practise. Just staring at the picture, I already feel that I can see the future. I predict that a year from now, I will be married and have a degree. Check back then to see if I was right.

Sacred Starwheel #17 - Bliss FlowerStarwheels by Aya added 15 July 1999
"Are you a sacred musician, dancer, tech wizard, organizer ... Holy Fool?" Well, I can't play any instrument, I trip over just getting to my seat at the ballet, I can never find my little pocket computer thing with the diary and phone numbers, but, yes, I plead guilty to tech wizard and ... Holy Fool. This web site speaks directly to the galactic-level creation codes within my part of the human global consciousness. Unfortunately, I don't understand the universal language of color-sounds, archetypal symbols, and sacred geometries. You may think I am making this up. I couldn't.

Loon of the Month

You know how a song just gets into your head and won't go away? You don't know why you start singing it to yourself, and no matter what you do you can't stop. While I was thinking about Loon of the Month, I kept hearing that old Cole Porter tune "You're the Top". Especially the bit that goes "but if, baby, if I'm the bottom, you're the top". It just had to be the Enema Museum.

(Weirdness note: If you go looking on the 'net for the song "You're the Top" and you make the easy mistake of typing "your'e", you can find a record by "Melkizedek". Spooky!)

I wouldn't want to meet this jellyfish in a Japanese restaurantOriental Enema Museum added 8 July 1999
What can I say that is not already said by this site? People collect things. A psychiatrist once told me that obsessive collectors are "anal". What would she say about this place and what they collect? This is hyperanality.
Tragedy! Make that Tragedy!!! The Enema Museum has gone missing. I could try to describe it to you but my description would be inadequate. If anyone knows where it has gone to, please tell me. This was one of the most popular sites in Quintessence of the Loon and everyone would like to have it back. PB May 2000

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