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Loon of the Month

Call me Ishmael. Picking this month's winner was easy. I have this mental picture of a whale, swimming along and minding its own business, occasionally popping its head out for a breath and slapping the water with its tail, as whales do. Then, suddenly, it pauses, confused, as it gets the message "LATE, LATE, ON TIME". At first it wonders why the message is all in capitals, and then it detects the amount of Lateness. Suddenly it leaps from the water until only its tail flukes are covered. Hitting the water again with a mighty splash, it joyfully shouts back: "LATE, LATE, ON TIME".
If I could talk to the animals ...Ceta-Research Inc. added 29 September 1999
This is the quintessence of Quintessence. I thought it was just a talk-to-the-whales site, but it is much more. There is discussion of physics and communication. The holes in the theories of Einstein and Hawking are filled in. I gave up looking, but I am sure world peace and the abolition of hunger, poverty and disease are in there somewhere.

The whales must be pretty intelligent if they can understand what these people are talking about. A couple of weeks ago I quoted something of such clarity and erudition that I thought it could hardly be surpassed, but surely a Nobel prize for literature must be in the future for someone who can write "As a useful example: a transmitted message of "LATE, LATE, ON TIME," which gives a "Key" of the amount of Lateness or the "beta concept," should return the "Key" with a mutual understanding of both the "alpha and beta concepts," when you RECEIVE signals which are "LATE, LATE, ON TIME!"

Pretty maids all in a row.Earth Changes Update added 24 September 1999
Forget Y2K. The disasters coming on 1/1/2000 will be just a prelude to the real problems which will happen in May 2000 when the planets line up with the Sun. People on the bright side of the Earth will be drawn upwards and stretched (could this be the Rapture?) while those on the dark side will be squashed by gravity and be unable to move. Rivers will flow uphill, volcanoes and earthquakes will rend the planet, the seas will rise, radio stations will play disco music, the living will envy the dead.

This is supposed to happen on 5/5/2000, but, as the site says, this date is "give or take a few days". I predict that the cataclysm will happen two days later on 7 May 2000, because this is day 128 of the year. Those computer people gave us 1/1/2000 as a teaser, but we all know they think in binary or powers of 2. 2x2x2x2x2x2x2=128. 1+2+8=11. 1+1=2. 2x11=22. We now have the sequence 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2, or 2+2+2, 2+2+2, 2+2+2. You can see where this is heading. Mark my words.

Chamber seventeen.WingMakers added 24 September 1999
This just has to be a hoax site (deliberately constructed, probably to promote a book or film), so remember that you heard it here first. It has to be the most fabulous hoax web site I have ever seen. An enormous amount of effort has been spent on creating images and writing the words to make us believe that a race of people from the future have left a whole lot of stuff in some holes in the ground somewhere. The trouble is, it's too good, which is why I think it is a fake. I would hate to think that the site author keeps her email and contact details a secret because she really fears retribution from secret government agencies.

(The picture is from Chamber 17 of the secret underground time capsule. I chose it because 17 is the most random number of all.)

Wingmakers is, of course, a hoax. It appears to be the work of a Mark Hempel, although Mr Hempel tells different stories at different times and in different places. Sometimes he says the site was given to him by some anonymous person to host and he is investigating its veracity. At other times he says that he created it over a 3-year period as a prototype for a new type of web-browsing experience or as a marketing tool for a film concept. Mr Hempel owns the wingmakers.com domain name and claims copyright over the music at the site.
PB 29 Dec 1999.

Get one of these engines for your leaf blower.American Pure Fusion Inc added 17 September 1999
"Fullerene Fusion Technology is based on engineering that combines the unique material structures and behavior of the fullerene molecule decorated with hydrogen isotopes so that when induced by the energy, of a highly specialized and localized incident pulse period sequence, transmute their atomic geometry through a vortexing medium, the fullerene, in predictable ways and give up abundant fusion energy."

I am awestruck! There is no way I could have explained it better myself. It is as if someone had translated Finnegan's Wake into English.

Unfortunately, there has been a shortage recently of vortexing medium and this site has collapsed in on itself (without, apparently, leaving any fusion residue.) PB October 2000

Isn't this a pretty picture?Cymatics - The Science of the Future? added 8 September 1999
If I understand this correctly, it seems that this site tells us that there is a relationship between "sound, vibration and physical reality". Sound makes things vibrate, vibrating things make sounds, and sounds and vibrations affect life. Wow! I wonder if, like light, sound can be both a wave and a particle. It seems the wave has been found, now someone just has to detect the auditon. And who would have thought that all this could have come from the simple observation that drawing a violin bow over something could make a noise?

Some vibratory figures(I found this site by accident, and imagine my surprise to find a familiar name on the page. Look for it near the image at the right. Spooky! )

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