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Macintosh? Well, the "tosh" part is right.

This person does not have a web page, but I liked what he had to say so much that I decided to donate a page to his ideas. I am particularly attracted to the idea that you can save money and avoid having to replace your computer by just replacing it with a more expensive one which will not run your software unless you spend even more money. I can see the bumper stickers now: "Don't replace it, just replace it".

Note to Macinatics - don't write in telling me earnest how I shouldn't knock Macs because they work excellent. I know how clever they work and how you can use them easy. I am just pointing out gentle that what this guy says is impossible silly. I am not thinking adverbs, I am thinking different.

The Apple Macintosh computers have been engineered since the very first model to show the full 4 digit code related to dates. Hence these machines will not have a millennium problem for the foreseeable future. I would like to submit this suggestion as a plausible remedy for many of the businesses and industries facing the Y2K millennium problem. The Macintosh operating system would permit companies to still use their present or Y2K compliant pc software applications. These could be reinstalled into software emulation programs SoftWindows or Virtual PC. Even hardware pc cards may be used. The promise of the upcoming Mac OS X being able to be a true multiplatform system would also be a new opportunity for running any pc operations. As a side note a recent article by columnist Marko Cunningham in MacOS daily points out the significance of using an application such as Virtual PC to emulate the pc systems. He ran Windows 95 (1st release through OSR 2.5), Windows 98 (retail and developer versions), Windows NT 4.0 server, Windows NT 4.0 workstation, MS-DOS 6.2 with Windows 3.1, IBM OS/2 Version 4, Caldera OpenLinux with X-Windows (Xfree86), PC-DOS 7, and Windows NT 5.0 Beta 1 operating systems off the shelf. A multitude of business software was used for a month without problems (even more stable than on any physical pc system). Mr. Cunningham ran this interesting test on the lowly, yet very affordable iMac computer. This article can be found at the following internet address: http://www.macosdaily.com/marko/091898.shtml . Imagine how the higher end G3 desktop and servers would perform? And according to reliable sources the upcoming processor chips from Motorola using their AltiVec technology in the PowerPC Apple systems could mean higher end processing capabilities that Intel’s older system will never be able to reliably match. I realize a mass defection of the Wintel platform to a new system would show a profit loss for manufacturing companies, but we’re looking at a possible shutdown of many businesses without a true workable alternative to meeting the short timeline left to us. Could this not be a low cost alternative to the trillion dollars that is proposed to make most(?) of the pc machines Y2K compliant? Hopefully this is a real, workable option for those businesses looking for a magic bullet that will not cost them their shirts to implement before the millennium bug hits us. Could the Macintosh systems work for the entire planet by truly “Thinking Different?”

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