Quintessence of the Loon

They laughed at Galileo, too!

A Quintessence of the Loon Special Edition to honour the Mad Scientists
September 2000

In the scientific world, there are two groups of loons. The fruitcakes who investigate the uninvestigatable and the crackpots who prove the unprovable. These are their stories.

Animal Crackers
Where strange beasts are sought. I have stuck with the big names.

  • Tym in actionTim, The Yowie Man
    You have to love Tim, the Yowie Man, especially when you find that he calls himself "TYM". Unfortunately this site is all about Tym and not about the Yowie, a mythical Australian beast. Tym is the country's number one expert on these creatures and is, as he says himself, a "cryptonaturalist and personality extraordinaire". I would like to have seen a bit less of Tym and a bit more about Yowies (you can see a list of sightings here), but I am sure Tym has more things he is yet to show us (like photographs, footprints, DNA sequences, etc). I notice that Tym has bought one of the anti-alien-abduction helmets featured in Quintessence of the Loon in August 2000. This is good, as we cannot afford to lose Tym and I am sure his brain would be of immense interest to alien specimen collectors.
  • Hugh Gray - picture taken in 1933Loch Ness Monster
    I don't know why there is any controversy about Nessie. The picture at right was taken in 1933 and obviously shows a sea (or lake) monster. What else could it be? I know that Nessie must be a bit old now if she (I like to think she is a she) was an adult in 1933, but one of the good things about lake (or loch) monsters is that they live for a very long time. Also, the water in Loch Ness is cold and slows down the aging process a bit. Anyway, everyone knows that there is really a breeding colony of the animals there. I am thankful that they only breed slowly, otherwise the loch would be a writhing cauldron of monsters by now and all the mystery would have gone away. I went to Loch Ness once, but Nessie didn't show. I was not too disappointed, though, because I saw Elvis changing a tyre on His Vauxhall in the car park. We shared a couple of Big Macs (and He throws away the pickle like everyone else does).
  • Bigfoot zips through the forestBigfoot
    Better documented even than Nessie, Bigfoot roams the North American continent in vast numbers, like the bison herds of yesteryear. Millions of the beasts are in every bit of forest, leaving tracks and droppings everywhere. The only problem is that they are shy. These beautiful, intelligent creatures have a culture of privacy (yes, we can talk of "culture", as these animals are obviously closely related to us humans). They do not like having their photographs taken, as they believe that each image subtracts from their soul (they have a collective soul) and reduces their chance of going to heaven or appearing in a television series. I thought I saw Bigfoot once, filling up the tank of an old Cadillac convertible at a single-pump gas station just outside Squashed Flat, Nevada, but it was just some big guy in a sequinned jump suit.
    Ray Wallace, the man who invented Bigfoot, died on 26 November, 2002. His family revealed that they knew all along about the special wooden feet he had made to start the hoax back in 1958. They also hinted at (but will not say) who was wearing the furry suit in the famous 1967 Roger Patterson film of the "creature". Now that the hoaxers have revealed the hoax, I suppose that all the Bigfoot believers will have a good laugh at themselves and wonder how they were fooled for so long. And pigs might fly, too.

Free at last!
Where boundless energy is available (or would be if the ideas were not suppressed).

  • Alexander V. FrolovAlexander V. Frolov
    It seems that there is an underground state of the hydrogen atom, which is a special state of matter necessary for matter to act as an energy transformer. "Scientists" may doubt this, point to the remarkable simplicity of the hydrogen atom, and wonder how they have missed the obvious over all these years. The problem with "scientists" is, of course, that they are hide-bound by tradition and conventional, orthodox thinking and cannot see that there may be things they do not know. As Frolov says: "So, we can assume the mechanism for energy transformation in any place of vacuum as transformation of longitudinal wave in plasma that is made of electron-positron pairs, to electromagnetic radiation. It is real free energy source of energy in any place of space, if there is any matter here or not. In stellar matter or in any plasma matter the frequency of electromagnetic radiation is depend of the concentration N but the principle is the same." I read that in the original Russian and it made just as much sense there.
  • Philo T Farnsworth fathering televisionPhilo T Farnsworth (The Father of Television)
    Billions and billions of dollars have been spent in the search for the ultimate in cheap power, nuclear fusion. For all the benefits received, we might just as well have burned the money in a steam engine. "What about cold fusion?" I hear you ask, but that was just a sideshow, an embarrassment along the way to the truth. That truth was known in the 1930s, when Farnsworth was able to sustain a fusion reaction for ten minutes. Why has this knowledge been lost? Why do we still burn oil, gas, coal, wood and currency? Why has someone with a name as wonderful as "Philo T Farnsworth" been forgotten? I propose that his name should be immortalised in the name of the unit of measurement for output from the fusion process. We will talk about power output in "philos", with a really good machine being rated in the kilophilo class.
  • Joe NewmanJoseph Newman
    It is a sure sign of the authority and worth of someone's ideas when they are published in a book. It compounds the value when the book is self-published. That proves to the world that the ideas inside it are too dangerous to be made available to the common man, because to do so would destroy reputations and fortunes. Book publishers understand only too well the reality of the crisis that would face the major economies if whole industries like coal mining, petroleum, electricity generation and distribution and so on were to be shown to be useless parasites, deriving vast profits from what should be free to all. Maybe the oil companies own the book publishers.

Heroes and Hagiographies
Where the giants of the game are recognised.

These people have disciples, and I would like to make it clear that it is the disciples that are of interest here. Rife, Tesla and Reich may well have been competent scientists who did good work then went a bit loopy, but they don't own the thousands of fawning web sites.
  • Royal R Rife at the coalfaceRoyal R. Rife
    Truly a man ahead of his time, Rife earned the scorn of "scientists" by inventing machines that changed the way the world looked at itself. Literally, in the case of his special microscope and figuratively with his discovery of the BX and its relationship to cancer. Rife's work lives on today in a plethora of cancer curing and treatment machines, but, alas, the secret of the Universal Microscope seems lost forever. It is probably stored in a vault at the electron microscope factory, but it's no use asking to see it.
  • Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla
    The pioneer of free energy and the inspiration for a whole search engine full of web sites, Tesla should be up there in the pantheon with Newton and Einstein. Instead, his ideas are suppressed and the world continues to listen only to orthodox scientists. Tesla is the lodestone that attracts the independent scientists (independent in thought as well as in academic affiliation) and the keystone to the potential for solving the world's energy crisis. If only those orthodox scientists would come out of their ivory towers and just for once apply the scientific method to the investigation of real facts ...
  • Wilhelm ReichWilhelm Reich
    Another spurned genius. What is so wrong with believing that the universe is full of a form of energy (it is blue) which can be collected and used for the good of mankind? Radio telescopes collect radio waves from space and so-called scientists say that they can use these collected rays to investigate far-off galaxies. Light is a form of radiation and we collect that in our eyes. Heat zooms across space at the speed of heat from the sun to us and we collect it in solar water heaters on our roofs. Why shouldn't there be orgone energy (it is blue) which gets collected in metal and cardboard boxes and then makes our cars run better and gives us better orgasms? It sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

The Lonely and Forlorn
Where lonely souls redefine the paradigm

  • Dewey B. Larson - Newtstein to the seventeenth power.Dewey B. Larson
    Here is a man who has all the answers. His research brings together sub-atomic particles and cosmology into a unified system of theory that not only explains the holes in relativity, but shows up such ill-considered "theories" for the houses of cards that they are. It was amazing that people were able to build atom bombs, space craft and computers with the little (and misguided) knowledge that they really had about space, time and gravity. Another thing that I like about Mr Larson (he holds no higher degree and eschews mathematics) is that he is a polymath. Not only has he reinvented physics (without the maths), but he has answered the great problems in economics, unemployment and the business cycle, again without all that useless mathematics. And there's even more - he is a philosopher as well. I'll bet he could play the violin, too.
  • Well, I'm convinced!Brunardot's Reality: a Paradigm Shift!
    Another synthesis of physics and metaphysics, but this time with lots of mathematics. So much mathematics that it would make your head spin. Here's a sample: "with radius "r" and vector "v" as squares of integers; and, diagonal "d," perigee "p," and Brunardot Iteration "i," above the first iteration, as Natural Prime numbers; also, force "F," energy "E," and the Harmonic Ratio "HR" are integers; soliton "s" is an even integer and Light "L" is an integer divisible by 4; and also, included is a simple series and a right triangle; all components, so described, are generated by . . . any, single integer . . . with limitless iterations. (Except for "0" and +1, which generate the quaquaversal axes of Reality.)" I don't know about you, but any theory in physics which ignores the quaquaversal axes just looks incomplete.
  • Ten quaquaseconds after the big bang ...Advanced and Obscure Science
    Here's someone just starting out in the reinvention of physics world, and he needs all the encouragement we can give him. It's a lonely life being a pioneer, struggling against the dominant paradigm, but remember, Joshua, salmon have to fight their way upstream against all the odds (and those bears in the National Geographic) to make the future of their species. Of course they die then, so maybe that's not such a good motivational analogy. Here's a better one - Edison tried 8000 things before he found the best thing to use as a light bulb filament. He believed you could build an anti-gravity machine, too. And he invented the phonograph, the forerunner of the singing email.

History is Bunk!
Where the past is rewritten and reinterpreted

  • Are scientists afraid?Ed Conrad - Man is as old as coal
    Scientists have good cause to be afraid of Ed Conrad, because Ed has proved beyond all doubt that the history of humankind goes back to the times when the great coal beds were being laid down. He has destroyed the edifice of Darwinism by the simple method of proving that, as man has been here for hundreds of millions of years, we cannot be the evolutionary descendants of other life forms. On the contrary, if man preceded the emergence of frill-necked lizards, then many of today's animals must be descended from man. The dolphins truly are our cousins. Creationists should take no comfort from Ed's comprehensive destruction of the Darwin myth. Ed quite clearly states that he is at the boundary where "pseudoscience meets honest science" - he says man is as old as coal, not the creationist version where coal is as old as man.
  • Back we go, back, back ...Time Travel Research Center
    There is a simple answer to the argument that we can only guess at history, and can never know for sure what happened and when it happened. The answer is to go there and see for ourselves, and the way we do this is by time travel. Oh, I know, closed-minded, hide-bound conservative Einsteinists and addle-minded philosophers will give us any number of reasons why time travel is impossible or illogical, but that doesn't mean it is not true. I mean, there's no law that says I HAVE to kill my grandparents just because I go back to way back then. Or kill Hitler's parents. Or not shoot JFK. I know this is true because I read it in a book in the library at Alexandria.
    This web site is now for sale. Perhaps they should travel into the future and see who will have bought it.
    PB January 2003

  • 2012?All about 2012
    It's not really scientific, but this site is about research into the history of the future. It contains links to other sites that mention the year 2012. Why this is so is not immediately obvious to me, but I guess I could tell them that this page links to their page and so is itself a reference to 2012.
  • A point at the top and a square at the bottom.The Great Pyramid
    I could not talk about history without mentioning the real purpose of the pyramids, especially the big one at Giza. So much research has been done on this structure that it can no longer be doubted that, whatever it is, it is not what the "scientists" say it is. How can we believe that ordinary Egyptians built this thing and that it is just a big pile of rocks made in honour of some dead ruler? The truth is in there, but only for those with the courage to look without prejudice. The pyramid is so important and its purpose so obvious that I have included three scientific examinations of it here, not just one. There is total agreement that the pyramid is a pump, an energy generator, and an observatory built by aliens.

    Someone has tried to patent the pyramid!

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