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You've got to hand it to him. Your money, that is.Inward Healing for the Great Shift added 31 December 2000
Tomorrow marks the start of the Year of the Lightworkers. I know this because Kirael tells us so. Actually, Kirael tells the Rev Fred Sterling, and the Rev Fred tells us. It is interesting to read on this site about the history of Australia and how there are secret populations of undiscovered people living in the wild jungles and deserts. Australia celebrates the centenary of its federation on 1st January, 2001, but perhaps the celebration is premature. There may be whole states and cultures hidden out there who have not been included in the Constitution and the political process and who would, if given the chance, like to join the parades and the barbeques. But enough of that. I have to get on with my plans for the first nine days of January, when the framework for the next millennium will be constructed.

See - here is a space ship just behind Hale Bopp.Kronia added 31 December 2000
As the 3rd millennium starts tomorrow, it is appropriate that we look at a site which promises that we can "Get rare information that shatters the prevailing view of the history of the world. Gain access to a powerfully holistic, testable model that explains humanity’s deepest wound, and overturns science in the process. Catch a glimpse of a fresh new science for the 3rd Millennium". I like to see science overturned from time to time, and now is just as good a time to do it as any other. Better in fact. As it says on the top of this site, we are on the threshold of a fundamental paradigm shift. Who knows, in the next millennium we may go from a superstitious dark age through plagues, wars, religious upheavals, agricultural, industrial, scientific, artistic and medical revolutions to a time where the peoples of the world have undreamt-of communication and transport capabilities and most can look forward to good health and nutrition and freedom from war. Humans may even have walked on another body in the solar system. Hmmmmm! Sounds familiar.

Loon of the Month

Loon of the Month was a lay-down misère. I know that means you don't win a trick, but that describes Wayne Manzo perfectly. It is really not fair to other potential monthly loons to include Wayne here, but now that he has won the field opens up again in future months. I feel sorry for the other sites that came up against him this month, but his arrival here was inevitable once Madonna said she was getting married in December. That announcement focussed the attention of the world on Wayne, and his garland is the result.
Wayne, illustrating the width of his ego.Wayne Manzo's AMERICA'S LINE: The Truth is Here! added 31 December 2000
I haven't seen the guest list, but I don't suppose Wayne had an invitation to the recent wedding of popular music diva, Louise Veronica Ciccone, better known to her millions of fans as "Madonna". You see, Wayne is suing Madonna and several other people, including his own brother, because they have been causing government instrumentalities to conspire to harass Wayne. I can't quite figure out how Madonna fits into all this, but maybe there are hidden messages in her songs. Perhaps the brother passes on information about Wayne's whereabouts to Madonna, she codes up the coordinates and puts them into songs, the songs get played on the radio and the CIA's testicle-kickers go round to Wayne's place with their rubber hoses. The only problem with this is that every time the local greatest hits station plays Like a Virgin, the FBI kicks down the door at wherever Wayne lived in 1984. (Wayne is looking for someone to share his life. Madonna will not be singing at the wedding.)

Looking for Professor Warwick's car keys.Kevin Warwick Professor of Cybernetics, University of Reading added 23 December 2000
I'm always misplacing my keys. Just about the only places they are never found is in the car or hanging on that hook in the kitchen. It would be really convenient for me if I could just wave at the car and have the door unlock itself and the engine start. Professor Warwick has this capability because he has a computer in his arm. He is hoping to add more electronic bits to himself over time and even to be able to communicate his emotions and feelings to similarly-equipped people. I must advise him, however, to use smaller images. The pictures used on this site are really big and slow to load. He may find that when he tries to send his emotions to his wife she will get sick of waiting and go and wash her hair or something.

Very important. Please read.Life after death ~ Is Heaven Real? added 23 December 2000
It's perfectly reasonable to worry about what is going to happen to you in the afterlife. Here in the earthly plane we think about our investments and our pension plans, we buy insurance to cover us in case of accident or illness, we send our kids to good schools so they can get good jobs, we exercise and eat right so bits don't wear out or fall off us too soon. All of this is understandable, but there is more. We all like to think we lead good lives and don't sin too much. We all want to go to Heaven. Now there is a place where you can remove all doubt. Here you can take a quiz to see if you are eligible. I took the test. Unfortunately the news was not good, and I hope it is not too late for me to change my ways.

I'm beaming the meaning of this into your head.U. S. Psychotronics Association added 23 December 2000
I like someone with the courage of their convictions. You will notice that this site publicises an annual conference which will presumably discuss Radionics, defined as "a method of energetic balancing at a distance by using intuitive/natural extrasensory abilities, a focused intent, and instrumentation". You will also notice that while the dates are give for this conference, no year is specified. You may think this is an oversight, but it is in fact pre-qualification for the conference. Any competent psychic will KNOW when the conference is on. Really good ones don't even have to go. They will know it all in advance and can save the registration fees.

How it all fits together.The Theory of Evolutionary Process as a Unifying Paradigm added 17 December 2000
I like a good philosophical argument. There's no sport quite like a team of Cartesian Absolutists lining up against some Euthanastic Ethicists, with teams of Moralistic Relativists, Kuhnian Popperists and Aristotelian Nihilists waiting on the sidelines to take on the victors. I'm not sure which side Frank would be playing for, but he would be the player to watch with material like "The first level is "point-like" or zero-dimensional in character, is "outside/beyond" space and time, and has complete (three degrees) freedom. Level I projects the "firelike" Ground of Being--the teleological impulse of potential/realization. The second level is "linear" or one-dimensional in character, "subsists" in time, and has two degrees of freedom and one degree of constraint. Level II precipitates and persists as the "watery" realm of becoming--the continuous charged flow of substance/force".

Why not, indeed?Why Freegan added 17 December 2000
With Christmas coming up next week, many charities are collecting money so that they can assist the less well-off members of our communities with food and clothing. Little do they know that the indigent are in fact better off than the rest of us because there is no real need to buy stuff and we have been brainwashed into consumerism. This site reveals the luxuries, the wealth and the fabulous lifestyle available to people who see the light and do their shopping in dumpsters. Imagine if we all did this. If we all got all our needs out of the trash, then there would be no need for money or greed at all. I don't know who would keep making the piles of garbage for us to pick over, but I believe that there are some places in the world where this system is working and children love the idea so much that they fight just to get closer to the best garbage.

A surfeit of suns.Dreams of the Great Earth Changes added 17 December 2000
Crop circles are called that because some of them are circles. The Sun appears as a circle in the sky. This would be enough to hint at a connection, but then you find that, just as there has been more than one crop circle, there is more than one Sun. This cannot be a coincidence. There must be meaning in it. Further examples of things that cannot be coincidences occur with the number 11. First there is the obvious fact that it contains two of the same numeral. A coincidence? I think not! Then there is the time 11:11 which occurs twice each day, the 11/11 date which occurs once each year (and yet is the same day in both mm/dd and dd/mm formats). Then there is the verse 11, chapter 11 which occurs in so many of the books of the Bible. It could not be a coincidence that there is a Revelation 11:11 and the eleventh character to be named in Hamlet is called "Voltimand". Lock up your lampstands.

There are bases on Mars looking at the bases on Earth. Truly, there are!Alien Bases on Earth added 10 December 2000
I know that's a picture of Mars, not Earth, but there are bases there too. It's a nice picture but, in any case, as I am a resident of Earth I don't want to give any more clues about here to the aliens by showing them pictures of the place. Let them get their own pictures. As it says on this site, we can find out "The places where the Aliens live and from where they operate. Also from where most Space Ships come and return after missions are accommplished (sic)". This is pretty exciting stuff, and I was pleased to find that there is an alien base doing agricultural research only about one day's drive from my house. I might go there for my next holiday. It's only a small town and grey people with big eyes should be easy to pick out as they accommplish things in the fields. I will have to go in winter because it's very hot there this time of year and they will all be sitting in the shade of the saucer and not accommplishing much at all.

The contents of this site have disappeared, leaving only an empty web page. I can only assume some form of abduction. Perhaps the aliens were annoyed at the spelling of "accomplished". PB January 2003

This what Quintessence really means. Really!The Language of Light added 10 December 2000
People often ask me what Quintessence of the Loon is about and I find it difficult to answer. Not any more, because I can now describe it in the language of light. The symbol at the right is the Quintessence of the Loon tone, and is made up of Tone Number 8, "Divine Union" which "creates the understanding that the active and passive modes of knowledge, awareness and beingness must join in purpose for a whole or complete consciousness to be created. All aspects are to be seen, understood and blended into completion" and Tone Number 44, "Unspoken Worlds" to "allow for truth beyond current boundaries in expanded awareness of self. Providing an actively changing creational environment, unspoken worlds create greater and greater opportunity for truth to expand. In blending with and surrendering to unspoken worlds, truth has the opportunity to become what it did not know itself to be". Is that clear now?

No, this is not a picture of a clothes line.Vandalism In The Sky added 10 December 2000
People worry about holes in the ozone layer. Well, it looks like we won't have to worry much longer because there isn't going to be any ozone layer once the military start experimenting with boiling the atmosphere and blowing it all away. There is a lot of surprising information on this site. For example, did you know that the military is interested in the weather? Did you know that there are companies in the electronics business who do work for the Government? Some of these companies are quite large and even have a lot of patents. I can only tell you all this because it is geographically impossible to see the sky over my place from Alaska, otherwise they could point this ray gun (Raytheon - there's a clue if ever I saw one) towards me and cause a big hail storm to drop ice on me and make little dents all over my car.

Is that cold enough for you?Cold Fusion and Plasmoids added 3 December 2000
Every now and then some scientist says that cold fusion is dead. Just to show that these orthodoxists fail to see what is really going on, here is just one of the many sites revealing that research into cold fusion is not only going on but is going strong. That's the trouble with scientists, you see. They keep asking for things like evidence and experiments that work and can be repeated. Is it any wonder that research in vital areas like free and unlimited energy are hampered when researchers have to comply with hide-bound rules made up by philosophers? Don't get me started on the conspiracy to prevent research. That's another can of worms entirely. A couple of other good points about this site are how easy it is to read and how it lists some bands. You don't find that on the Nature or Science sites, do you?

The orthodoxy has suppressed another pioneer, and this site has cooled to absolute zero. PB January 2003

It's all in the folding.Extra
A Voynich Manuscript (or VMS) KEY? added 3 december 2000

I had never heard of the Voynich Manuscript until recently, but apparently this book has been around for a very long time and nobody knows what it is all about. It has a lot of pictures and some strange words which might be a forgotten language, or might be some sort of code, or might just be drivel invented by someone to keep everyone busy. Well, someone has come along and cracked the code. All it took was a couple of hours and a visit from a mysterious being.

So secret nobody knows it.The CIA's Plot to Destroy Psychic Research - are the Skeptics Unwitting Dupes or Co-Conspirators? added 3 December 2000
Shhh! Don't tell anyone about this secret. Actually, it's not a secret because the owner of this site is shouting it all over the place, but I'm one of the co-conspirators so I want it kept secret. At least, I think I am one of the co-conspirators because he wrote to a magazine that I buy. Or perhaps I'm being duped and I want it to be kept a secret so that I don't get embarrassed. It seems that the author of this site knows things that are too hot for some people to handle and he is now being suppressed and persecuted by the usual suspects. The conspiracy even extends to refusing to print his letters to the editor. I would say it's disgraceful, but, of course, I am part of the problem and cannot therefore be part of the solution. The CIA knows where I live, too. I won't tell you how they know - that's a secret.

It looks like the CIA came around and fixed up the situation. Or maybe it was the skeptics. I'm not saying.
PB March 2002

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