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He's got the whole world in his hands!Gerry's Psychic Quest Page added 26 April 2001
The Great Pyramid is running down! This might come as a surprise to some of you, but it's obvious that you can't have a massive powerhouse like the big pyramid sitting around in the desert for all those thousands of years and expect it to keep humming along without the occasional tune up. The problem has been that a major component of pyramid power has been missing for some time. I speak, of course, of the Ark of the Covenant. I know, you've all seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, but that was fiction. Gerry knows what really happened because ark thief MOSEC has contacted him and told him all about it. It seems that when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt he did a bit of souveniring first and took the engine of the pyramid with him. You can't really blame him though, because he knew he would never be back and, in any case, Exodus 20:15 hadn't been written yet.

Is that animal making rocket fuel?The Chinese Pyramids - An Extraterrestrial Legacy added 26 April 2001
A few years ago, the Chinese used to try to copy things made elsewhere in the world and then manufacture them more cheaply. "Made in China" became a sign of poor quality. It was not always like that though, because it seems that it was in China that the first large scale pyramids were built by the extraterrestrials. This technology was later exported to Egypt and the Americas, although the ETs had to do it themselves because the Chinese did not like to travel too far. It is very significant, however, that the current Chinese government have chosen a pyramid site to launch rockets. Perhaps there are secret instructions for rocket power inside the pyramid. We will never know, because the area is off-limits. The US tries to hide Area 51, and have you noticed that there is almost never a Number 51 on the menu at the Chinese takeaway?

An Aussie ET.UFO Research Queensland - The Gympie Pyramid added 26 April 2001
You thought that all the ET pyramids were in Egypt or the Americas, didn't you? That was, until you read a moment ago about the Chinese ones. Well, here's more news. There were (and still are) pyramids in Australia. I haven't seen the Gympie pyramid because it is on private land and the owner doesn't want people wearing it out by looking at it. I would suspect that it was a myth except for the conclusive evidence of a petrified ET that was found near Gympie. Just look at that picture and tell me you don't believe that creatures like this once roamed across Queensland. Or perhaps they hopped. Maybe they taught the kangaroos how to locomote. Someone must have, things like that don't just evolve. Gympie has several fine Chinese restaurants. Think about it. By the way, if you add 666 to the first three digits of the Gympie postcode and divide the sum by 51, you get a number which is almost exactly seven times pi. Accidental? I think not!

Well, I'll be scared witless!!!Hell House added 19 April 2001
You know those "reality" shows on television where a bunch of misfits is left in some isolated place and have to fight to the death or vote each other away until only one is left. In some of these shows, the people are stuck in a house with cameras on them all the time and the viewers get to vote about who gets flicked. Well, here's my idea for a really good reality show. It's based on the Hell House concept, except that instead of just frightening the devil out of some people it could all be televised and the viewers could vote on who gets tossed out. You could run two versions of it - one where people could be voted straight to Hell with the survivor getting a million dollars and an absolution, or, even better, voters choose the survivors and the last one left is consigned to the flames in the last episode.

It looks like this site has gone to, well, ... PB October 2003

Smoking will get you to Hell faster!Update
Welcome To Virtual Hell! Come Take The Tour! added 26 April 2001

If you don't have time to take the Hell House tour mentioned last week, or if there is no Hell House establishment near your place, you might like to take a virtual tour of Hell instead. Make sure you have your sound card working well, because you wouldn't want to miss out on the hellish music. I want to know how the site author knows what sort of music they play in Hell. Just going to the basement car park in an elevator playing Barry Manilow isn't proper research, although it might be a pointer to the real thing.

T.Casey Brennan - the man on the Axminster knoll.T. Casey Brennan Homepage added 19 April 2001
This is just one of the many sites dedicated to T. Casey Brennan, comic strip writer and president murderer. When I was studying psychology years ago, I remember some lecturer asking "do you remember where you were when you heard that Kennedy had been shot?" and some fool in the class, trying hard for an "F" grade, thought he was funny and said "I wasn't born then". Well, Brennan, or "TCB" as he is known to his friends, knows where he was, because he was doing the shooting. Since then, it looks like the spooks have tried to control his mind. I think they were trying to make him forget, but he has thwarted them. The truth can be told. Forget the second gun, the grassy knoll, the rumours that Jackie did it. TCB knows! In an interesting aside, in 1989 Bill Clinton congratulated TCB for his stand against smoking. Little did Bill know that TCB killed presidents. Little did TCB know what Bill was later to do with a cigar.

More stuff here  than you can read in 36 hours!QUFD: Einstein's Legacy! added 19 April 2001
You may not have heard of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD), but, as it says on this site in magenta writing on a green background, "This document may very well be the MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU HAVE EVER READ IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!" And it only takes 37 hours to read it, and 135 million people already have! This is an extension of the work of Einstein, answering the questions that were too hard for him. I can't do better than quting the site where it says: "This is what Jerome has done! Father Jerome, theoretical researcher of the famous FIWD Institute, London (OA/OWB), using the very principles that were developed for condensed states of matter (corporeality), HAS NOW APPLIED THOSE same principles TO INCORPOREALITY, the Quantum Forces/Fields themselves! In doing so, Jerome does no more than to take Bose-Einstein's research (as well as that of other BEC researchers since Bose-Einstein), and, in applying it to a BIG PICTURE "model" of consciousness, has thusly created a PHILOSOPHICAL MODEL, and Formulation, OF that very same, elusive, solution which Einstein had sought - A QUANTUM UNITARY FIELD!".

"Words are all I have to take your heart away" B Gibb.PROPHECIES, a Word Art from Good Works On Earth added 13 April 2001
There are lots of clichés about words. "A picture is worth a thousand words", "weasel words", "you took the words right out of my mouth". Well, mark my words, the author of this site is a man of few words and believes that action speaks louder than words. For that reason he has decided from the word go that this page will not be a play on words but will be one-thousandth of a picture and only use one word. In a word, this page is about all the prophecies that can be made from the word "prophecies". A word to the wise is required, though. When someone says to you "I see prophecies rise so I hope prophecies sire hopes", these are not idle words. After all, remember "Seer is cohere". Mark those words.

Archbisop King. But Archbishop of which Church?The Aetherius Society added 13 April 2001
I like a good synthesis almost as much as I like a good conspiracy. Here is a grand synthesis of religion, yoga and UFOism. Not just any old religion, mind, you, but all major religions. It is remarkable enough to hear that the differences between Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism have been resolved, but it seems that Islam and Judaism have been reunited with Christianity into a single descendant of the traditions of Abraham and Moses. When the eastern religions are included, not to mention the animist, voodoo and other world belief systems then we can all go to Nirvana. Or whatever it will be called. I can imagine a Hindu Pope looking out across a sea of humanity in St Peter's Square, all of them with their knees behind their ears in the "Position of the Probe" as small, grey men with large eyes move among the congregation taking up a collection (and some subjects and samples). Simultaneously, 30 million Anglicans queue up to bathe in the Ganges while Taliban choristers sing hymns by Wesley and flying saucers full of saffron-robed monks swarm overhead. A lone Rastafarian is heard to say: "Ganges? What's this Ganges, mon? They told me the ganja was a mile wide here."

Loon of the Month

I am aware that people rarely expect the Inquisition (whether Spanish or not) but when it turns up, who am I to disagree with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith? If the official Vatican rule interpreters think that Vassula causes the faithful a small amount of amazement then I will also be sufficiently amazed to award her a Loon of the Month citation.
Actual letter from Jesus!True Life in God - Vassula added 13 April 2001
Some people tell us that the practice of letter writing is in decline. Before the invention of the telephone and the internet, people used to write to each other, and any good bookshop or library has books which contain the selected letters of famous people. Even collections of the correspondence of ordinary folk help to illuminate history for us by showing us what life was like in other times and what it was that worried, amused and encouraged people we can never speak to. One thing that has always been missing is correspondence that reveals the thoughts of some of the major influences on our culture. We know Shakespeare only through his published works, and we know Jesus only through the words of others, written years after the event and in many cases by people that never met Him. How lucky it is then that Vassula has been able to show us letters from Jesus. The wonderful thing is that she didn't have to search dusty caves in Galilee looking for 1st century filing cabinets. She corresponds with Him now. Vassula has aroused a "small amount of amazement" in the Catholic Church. She does the same for me.

Meat is Murder!!!!!The Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon added 7 April 2001
Everybody knows about Nostradamus and how his poems predicted the future. Here is a 20th century version of Nostradamus, but this time it is not some nobleman or courtier but a simple tunesmith. Here we have a writer of popular songs who laid out in advance for those without blinkers the terrible tragedy that was going to befall Diana. Elton John sang at the funeral, but he sang a song about the past, a modification of a song about a dead film star. Had Diana been friends with Morrissey instead of Elton, or had she even just taken time to listen to a couple of Smiths CDs before she and Dodi left their room at the Ritz that fateful day then there may have been no need for a funeral. Why do we never learn?

[You can buy the record with the awful prophecy here.]

This figure has four sides, but there are five elements!Prisms of Reality added 7 April 2001
I just had to add this site as soon as I saw it was talking about the five elements. That means it must be talking about quintessence itself. Therefore it is writing about me and my web site, and you get to this marvellous stuff by clicking on a link that says "Make up your person". Not only that, but there is science there, and dreaming. I took the test and it told me that I am an Air type. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't an Ether type, that being the fifth element, but I suppose the quiz was correct. Who am I to doubt this?

Zig, zag and swirl!Lawsonomy added 7 April 2001
I can do no better than to quote Martin Gardner : ALFRED WILLIAM LAWSON, Supreme Head and First Knowlegian of the University of Lawsonomy, at Des Moines, Iowa, is in his own opinion the greatest scientific genius living today. It's regrettable there isn't some sort of Nobel Prize which would recognize his fantastic career and incredible literary output. As proof, here are two testimonials from Lawson himself. "His [Lawson usually writes of himself in third person] mind responds to every question and the problems that stagger the so-called wise men are as kindergarten stuff to him." "When I look into the vastness of space and see the marvelous workings of its contents .. I sometimes think that I was born ten or twenty thousand years ahead of time." The challenge here is to find things on the site. The words of many of Lawson's books are in there somewhere, but you have to work out how to get to the material without links or a map of the site. Good hunting. Keep swirling!

[Gardner's fabulous 1952 book Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science is still in print, and you can buy a copy here.]

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