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Conspiracy Month
June 2001

In a long tradition going all the way back to 1999, Quintessence of the Loon spends the month of June looking at conspiracies. This is done to honour the memory of Earl Gordon Curley who held the dual distinctions of being the world's greatest psychic and the net's nuttiest loon. Earl died on 26 June, 1998, having confidently predicted that the Pope would die during that year. Earl did not, however, predict the death of Earl. It is people like Earl who make sites like this possible, and we all owe him a great debt of gratitude.

Comment: While doing research for this page, I looked at a lot of sites with lists of conspiracies. An inordinate number of these conspiracy sites were missing or closed down. We all know what this means ...

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The eye spies! The nose knows!The Chandra Levy Affair
Everyone knows how Monica Lewinski was trained by Mossad and planted by the FBI, but now we find that these evil organisations have gone even further and are now disappearing people. Not only are they disappearing people, but they are coordinating the disappearances with executions of bombers. It cannot be a coincidence that Levy's parents first reported her missing just 10 days before the first date planned for Timothy McVeigh's execution. Had it been 9 or 11 days we might accept it, but 10? Ten? And then four days later the FBI say that they have found another filing cabinet full of evidence. And Chandra's mother and father use a lawyer who worked for Monica's mother and he comes from Texas like Dubya. And Chandra's mother, Monica's mother and the lawyer's wife are all women, just like Hillary Clinton. This is all too much for me. I think I will go and lie down.

Lots of words here. Good words. Some are even in sentences.Invisible Personnel and criminal Life Control Surveillance System
Alan Yu is on a mission to save politicians. I think. Here is what he says about it: "an independent research report on invisibility technology of Philadelphia Experiment, invisible personnel, and their criminal activities. Invisibility technology and illness/death inducing techniques have become the common knowledge of most countries' involved LEO/police of surveillance station/system (including Communist countries) to unlawfully control over everyone's life/health. These technologies have been kept the top secrets by involved LEO/invisible personnel without others'' knowledge. Some invisible personnel become criminal cowards and are subverting US Constitution because they unlawfully induce illness/death on anyone whom they dislike. Not only they have murdered Governor, Senator, judges, witness, but some local police/invisible personnel and their operatives have driven violent students to cause Oregon, Mississippi school shooting". I'm convinced.

As if anyone could shoot someone from here!Extra
Dealey Plaza Cam

Here's something you don't see every day - a sniper's viewpoint. See real pictures from the place where Oswald would have been when he shot Kennedy, if he had shot Kennedy. Really, this site is a scam because it shows the view from the sixth floor of the book repository and everyone knows that Jackie shot Jack from across the car using a gun hidden in her garter. John had just had a haircut and Jackie was reading Catcher in the Rye while she waited. Hang on, that was someone else ...

Actual photocopyographic proof!Freemasonry is… Corruption is… Injustice is… Freemasonry
What would a conspiracy collection be without something about the Masons? From the look of this page, everyone in England is a Mason except the author of the site and a couple of people at the top of the Catholic Church (the archbishops probably are closet Masons but they can't admit it because their job descriptions say they have to oppose Masonishism). This site also has a bonus, because not only does it demonstrate the ubiquity of Freemasonry, but it manages to get in the fluoride conspiracy as well. Of course, this is not news to all of us. I was at a Royal garden party once and shook hands with the Queen. Our eyes met and as I looked into those reptilian eyes above the strong, fillingless teeth I felt her thumb press on a certain knuckle ...

Art gives us the evil eyeHour of the Time, Veritas News Service & William Cooper
It takes a great conspiracist to see the real conspiracies. We all know about the Illuminati, the Masons, the UN, the alien body collectors, and so on, but it takes a master of the art to identify Art Bell as part of a great New World Order conspiracy. Most observers would think that Art was part of the solution, not part of the problem, but there is no doubt that Bill Cooper has exposed the truth. Who else would have looked at Art's logo and thought: "Did you notice the hidden messages, "A.L." and "R.T. Bel"? Can you decipher them? Did you notice that a "capstone" is in place? Did you notice "Bel" is placed above the capstone by the flying arrow? Do you know what that means? I'll give you one clue... A.L. is the abbreviation for the Latin which translates "Year of Light" referring to the year 6,000 A.L., (which occurs on or shortly after the year A.D. 2000) when the Illuminati believe Lucifer, Baal, Bel, Satan, the angel of light who was cast out of heaven, will triumph over God and mount the throne in the north. All who say they are "Light Workers" are engaged in the battle against God on Lucifer's behalf".

Prove McVeigh is in the hearse. Go on, prove it!Extra
William Cooper takes the prize for the first sighting of a "Timothy McVeigh is Alive" conspiracy site. He posted the news three days after the "execution". I predict aTim and Elvis - together again large turf battle in the future between the "Tim is alive and in witness protection" believers and the "Tim was sacrificed to hide the truth" cadre. Someone has already linked McVeigh up with Elvis, and it's true that neither of them was the same after he got out of the army.

[Serious note: people may accuse me of tastelessness by joking about McVeigh. Nothing I could do could be as awful or as tasteless as the way maniacs are going to try to make a martyr and a hero out of a mass murderer who should have been executed 167 more times.]

On November 6, 2001, William Cooper confused himself with Gary Cooper in High Noon and had a gunfight in the street with the police. Cooper lost badly and is now an ex-militiaman. I guess this means that his site will not be updated very often in future.

If you read this the CIA will tap your phone.The Pegasus File
It is hard to imagine a conspiracy without the CIA. That is why I was so pleased to find this story by an ex-CIA person revealing all the truth about this organisation. It was very fortunate that the main character here was able to so fortuitously run into the head of the CIA and be told all about it. Then again, how is it that someone can tell all this truth and still be alive? Perhaps this is all false and is just a smokescreen to hide the real truth. We will never know. One thing we can be sure of - if this is true the CIA was grossly understaffed as one person had to work everything from Cambodia to Colombia. Perhaps the CIA thought it was easier to keep secrets if only one person did it all. Didn't work, did it?

UFO's should not be secret!Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
No listing of conspiracies would be complete without CAUS. Luckily, their web site came back to life earlier this week after being away for a while. I don't know what the problem was, but I could speculate. Let's see - they were shut down by Clinton and had to wait until Bush had been president for a while and had not been assassinated. Maybe they had to wait until the start of the week where the solstice, a total eclipse of the sun and the closest approach of Mars for 13 years all happened on the one day (the Sun, Moon, Earth and Mars were almost in a straight line today, 21 June), because that would be a good day for ET's to navigate around while astronomers looked at something else. In any case, they had to be back before 24 June to celebrate the anniversary of the first UFO sighting. Fifty-four years, and still the gubmnt hides the truth!

It's obvious when you see it mapped out.The History of the Development of AIDS
The best sort of conspiracies involve people that you would never expect to see together or get to agree on anything. The power of a good conspiracy, however, is that it can overcome these natural animosities and cross boundaries. After all, it wouldn't be a good conspiracy if you knew who was in it. What I especially like about this one is how it united the President of the US and Nikita Kruschev for common cause at the height of the cold war. We thought that they just wanted to blow each other up. At least, that's what they wanted us to think ...

Scary stuff near my place!Fortress Australia - Hidden Agenda
This one is close to home. Well, close to my home, anyway. The problem with having conspiracies in Australia is that there aren't very many of us so any good conspiracy has to involve a significant proportion of the population. Also, we all live on the edges of the island so anyone trying to turn the place into a fortress has to get around the problem that people looking out their windows at the ocean are quite likely to notice a Berlin wall going up along the beach. This works two ways, of course. It is lucky for the gubmnt that we live on an island because we can't just jump a border to get out. Also, they only have to fly a Qantas plane from Cairns to Melbourne (with a bit of a diversion to go over Sydney and Canberra) to put a contrail over about 80% of us.

A small committee of only 28 people.The Majestic Documents
Things were a lot better in Washington in the old days. Today, a President can't even share a cigar with an office worker without the story getting into the papers, but 50 years ago you could have committees with large numbers of people on them and they could discuss the truth about UFOs and nobody ever knew what went on. I put it down to the way smoking has fallen out of favour. Back then, a man could come home with a cigar in his pocket and his wife just assumed he had been smoking the things. But I digress ... I notice that this site features one of my favourite scientists, Stanton Friedman Nuclear Physicist, who proved the existence of UFOs by the simple method of asking people to vote on it.

[Note: For those who doubt the power and reach of conspiracy, I assembled the photo of the committee from two pictures on the site. When I finished, the joined image was 666 pixels wide! A coincidence. I think not! Click here to see for yourself.]

It's looking at you right now!FLASH 3/3/1 - 3/7/1
I like a conspiracy. I like it better when it is a conspiracy of conspiracies - a metaconspiracy. Here is everything rolled into one. Contrails, CIA, EMF, population control, mind control, Kennedies. I rather like the idea of controlling the population through the weather when the EMF, the foot-and-mouth, the contrails and the fluoride all fail. Not only can you knock their houses down with big winds, but they won't even notice the rays coming from the Tesla towers. The sheeple will probably think the big sparks are just lightning.

Secret Headquarters.Xenophobic Persecution in the U.K.
I read recently that the most respected journalist and source of news in the country was the man who read the 6 o'clock news. This would have come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the contents of this site. It should be obvious to anyone that the TV news people must be in touch with public opinion if they are reading it directly from our minds as they beam the news into our lounge rooms. I didn't know it was as bad as this, though. Mind reading is one thing, but actually watching the viewers is something far worse. When you also find out that radio announcers can see you as well it gets even more worrying. Just yesterday I was driving along in my car and I passed a bad accident with lots of police, ambulance and fire persons all standing around some crumpled wreck. The man on the radio then told me what had happened. He knew where I was! Scary. Just as well my mobile phone was switched off.

A chip off the young block.Psychological Operations News
I studied psychology at university, but nothing prepared me for the way it was to be used in the great campaign against the common man. As we trained rats to run in circles and tested how quickly first-year students could react to flashes of light we thought that we were doing real research into what goes on in the mind. Little did we know that the government, sorry, gubmnt was planning to use the results of our research to attack the populace. Now we find that not only has psychology been perverted, but it has been allied with biology to develop mind-control techniques like mad cow disease and now I see that someone wants to put electronic chips into babies' brains. We used to be able to teach a baby to crawl through a maze and push a little lever every time it wanted a food pellet and we didn't need no stinking computer in the baby's head to do it.

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