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What's wrong with this picture?train up a child biblical action figures added 27 July 2001
I'm all in favour of training up your children, and I like it when you can get some good action figures to help in the training. When I am training my child to retrieve things, I throw an action figure down the yard and he catches it in his mouth and drops it back at my feet. But I digress ... The significance of this site is the revelation that noted characters in the history of religion may not be what we all thought. I was surprised enough to find that David and Moses may have been of "African Heritage", but then I find that Adam and Eve may also have the same lineage. I thought Genesis 1:27 said "So God created man" before all that begatting began.

Is that a big psiball in the background?Secret of Honest E-Business Guru added 27 July 2001
Some people want to take the easy way through life. They look for shortcuts and tricks to help them avoid the hard work necessary for achievement. Oh, yes, some people can get lucky and win the lottery or have rich parents, but for the rest of us the only path to success is working for it. Take the example of a psiball, for example. There are any number of gurus who will tell you that you can just pick one up tomorrow, but this site shows the hollowness of such promises. How could it be said more clearly than: "It is a lie that someone says this way can make you a strong beautiful psiball soon and easily.The more invisible(subtler), the stronger(more beautiful). We can kill our psiballs easily if we stop practice something useful to make a strong and beautiful psiball for at least one hour or few or several hours everyday"?

Time's running out for this monkey.A Mind Control Incident in Ohio added 27 July 2001
I spend a lot of time on the Internet (I really meant to say "alot", of course, but the ghost of my old English teacher would haunt me), but this site has shown me the true worth of the system. Without the Internet, it would not be possible for people whose minds are being controlled by the government as part of a pattern of systematic torture of the citizenry to tell others of their plight and enlist their help. It is not good enough to just ignore it when you hear your neighbour screaming out as the targeted rays drill into what is left of his brain, and there is no excuse now that the secret has been exposed. But wait a minute! Wasn't the Internet started inside the Pentagon? Does that make it part of the solution or part of the problem? Could those email attachments carrying viruses be a way of attacking us from below? Just look at the number 50659, which is how many viruses Norton AntiVirus knows about today. That is really the date May 6, 1959, the day that the British government chose to control cod fishers. Further significance of May 6 for government mind control is that it is Sigmund Freud's birthday, the anniversary of issuing the first postage stamp to control communication and the day on which the loan to establish Washington DC was made. A coincidence. I think not.

Vastula or fistula - you be the judge.Modern Vastu (Energy) Science added 19 July 2001
Mr Kirti Betai seems to have discovered a new form of science, one which replaces and transcends all those other outdated paradigms that have presented a confused view of the universe to us over centuries. This science has pyramids in it. Even better, Mr Betai has developed a method of detecting snake poison in a plate of cooked vegetables, and even offered to take James Randi's million dollars for doing this. Unfortunately, Mr Randi felt that something a bit more challenging was required if someone wanted to collect the money.

(Serious note: There is something on the Vastu page which makes my computer run very slowly. This could be a) Mr Betai's way of getting back at me for being one of the people who pledged money for the Randi challenge, or b) an example of the new science affecting the electrons in my motherboard, or c) some bad Javascript programming.)

Loon of the Month

Young folk should be encouraged to be independent and make their way in the world. That is why I have chosen LlaŽl (whose first name rhymes with "Gail" and whose last name does not rhyme with "ostrich feather") as Loon of the Month. I will not have to tell her, as I am sure one of her many spirit friends will let her know.
A colourful collection of spirits.Psychic Kids Spiritual Experiences added 19 July 2001
It would be terrible being the mother of LlaŽl (whose first name rhymes with "Gail" and whose last name does not rhyme with "antelope"). Every time you asked her to do something she would go "I know", birthday presents would never be a surprise, she would always be telling you what her friends' parents thought, and you could never take her to the movies because she would always know how the picture ended. I won't tell LlaŽl I have said anything about her here, as I am sure that Celentien will be able to take a few minutes out of learning on the 12th dimension to let her know
When I was just sixteen
It was a very good year.
It was a very good year for psychic girls
With their spirit guides
We'd take dolphin rides.
Angels could be seen.
When I was just sixteen.
But now racoons are rare
I email weasels too.
And now I think of my life as finger paint
Like some mud pack
On a mother's back
And I gave it a smear.
It was a very good year

And the music goes round and round and it comes out here.Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely's Sacred Science added 19 July 2001
John Keely is famous for inventing perpetual motion, although nasty people pointed out things like the fact that his machines did not move perpetually and even needed a bit of hidden help at times. All that is forgotten in the excitement of Keely's discovery about the nature of music. It seems that music has something to do with vibrations. I am not sure why nobody else has noticed this, but as it says on this site "This complex and dynamic STATE of energy is really a neutral state which manifests with bipolar (positive/negative) characteristics. Motion or liberated force comes from the interplay of these three states all of which originate from the Full Harmonic Chord or what I call the Grand or Prime Neutral. This is also the so-called Zero-Point energy state, again a poor descriptive. The word vacuum is good as long as one does not forget there is no such thing a no-thing. This Prime Neutral State, manifesting bi-polarly, is superconductivity in essence brought about by the dynamical characteristics of sympathetic vibration which of course is a result of harmonized propagated vibrational phenomena". Got that?

Friday the Thirteenth fell on a Friday this month, so I thought I would feature some cases of bad luck. Elvis is dead, and you can't get much more unlucky that that (except to have your face on a key ring). The apes have lawyers, which is just as bad. Ashtar is a long way from home and colour-blind, and people have hair named after a fish.

She looks good for someone so far from home.Universe people, Ashtar Sheran, Pleiadian, AN10 added 13 July 2001
Ashtar Sheran is described as "The high spiritual being, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron of 10 million spaceships, with the high command on the Cosmic station SHARE". Ashtar also, it seems, speaks for Jesus, although there is much more here to warn us about where we are going to end up if we don't listen. When you read words like "But emotional impressions of recollections of stressing situations with connected depreciation of ďfeeling needfulnessĒ to forgive would not be eliminated by that. Smouldering pieces of coal are still set up to inflame blaze of humiliation and of accusing oneself and others" you realise that the translators of the King James Bible would have produced even greater literature had they translated into Czech first before going on to English.

Hunka hunka burnin' religion!Extra
24 Hour Church of Elvis added 13 July 2001
Tell me it isn't so. This is a blasphemy to all true Elvis worshipers. Even those who have experienced Graceland must be aware that there is a limit to tackiness, a limit to tastelessness, things so garish and cheap that even the King himself would not have used them for a hood ornament on a Cadillac. (But I really would like one of those plastic coffee mugs, especially when I know that it's really a chalice.)

Once again, Elvis has left a building. Now I will never get my plastic chalice with the portrait of The King. PB February 2002

A lawyer already working on the case.The Great Ape Legal Project added 13 July 2001
I was hanging around with a bunch of lawyers the other day and the conversation turned to ambulance chasing, as it does in such company. We had been discussing the problems of the environment, such as whether it paid better to be a lawyer for Greenpeace or for a nuclear power company, when someone pointed out that there was a looming crisis much like the imminent extinction of the scaly-tailed craknuth. Soon, every single person would be suing someone and be being sued by someone else. There would be a shortage of new litigants and the economy would stagnate, bringing desolation as it destroyed the expansive marketing plans of luxury car dealers, wine merchants, escort agencies and tax accountants. A hush fell over the gathering, then movement was noticed in the corner of the room. A shadowy figure was seen to swing from one stool to another, and then it paused in a pool of light to scratch its armpit. Someone whispered "Now, there's an idea ... ".

There's a nice 'do!Mulletsgalore.com added 13 July 2001
Everyone knows the expression "bad hair day". Imagine having a bad hair life. Imagine collecting pictures of people with bad hair. Around where I live, the mullet hairdo (together with a few amateur tattoos) used to be the insignia of a graduate of Razor Wire Academy. It would be a brave (or unlucky) person who would approach a mulletee and say "Excuse me sir, but could I please take your photo for my web site?".

What an escutcheon!The Kingdom of Landreth added 5 July 2001
It's all very well to live in an ordinary country like the ones you see arguing at the United Nations, competing at the Olympics, trading with one another, creating literary and artistic traditions, and so on, but what about all those taxes and politicians? Then there's the problem of countries that don't like each other so people from one place can't travel feely in another because they might not be welcome. Well, here's the answer. A country of the mind, complete with its own passport and honours system. Naturalisation is easy (just pay $150) and you don't even have to give up the citizenship of where you are now. Perfect.

It looks like the Kingdom of Landreth has sunk beneath the waves, has been conquered by an enemy, or didn't have enough credit on the treasury Visa card to renew the domain name and hosting. Perhaps it will come back some day. PB 15 December 2001

Mothers all the way back!Extra!
Oxford Ancestors - the Seven Daughters of Eve added 5 July 2001

Just what you always wanted. Forget about finding out who your grandparents were, you can now find out which cave you came from. Trace your ancestry back 150,000 years to the time when there were no ancestors. I really like the certificate you get telling you about your ancestor's life and times. I can see her diary entry for each weekday now: "Gather".

This logo would look nice on an armband.Prometheism: The Church of Prometheus added 5 July 2001
I'm all for going forward, making improvements, and building a better future. Who could argue with the idea that humans are not perfect? Certainly not me. One only has to look at day-time television talk shows to see that some humans are bizarre parodies with weird hairdos, bloated bodies, disgusting dress sense, insane opinions and grating voices. Some of the guests are strange, too. At last someone is doing something about this and is planning to breed a new species to take over from humans. I admire their courage, especially when they mention eugenics and the need for a homeland which "must be sought for by any means available". Now, where have I heard this before?

An angel pointing out fundamental rights.Angela Kahealani - Clairvoyant Psychic Healer and Teacher added 5 July 2001
Here's someone who has figured out how human rights should work everywhere. Apparently, you decide what is right for you and then you live accordingly. This principle applies everywhere and overrides any pretend laws made by other people. Angela has comprehensively proved that all laws are illegal, and, if she believed in such things, would probably like a law to be passed to ban laws. I chose today to add her to the list because it is the day she is going to appear in court to argue that when she was driving without a licence she was not driving without a licence because she was not driving when the police stopped her car and they had no right to stop her car (which she was not driving) because she has no contract with them because she revoked all contracts with the government and she was not in the traffic because "traffic" has two meanings. What a lawyer! She would have got O.J. Simpson off.

I've got mail!
Ms Kahealani was not pleased, and decided that some laws applied to her even if I had not entered into a contract with her. She said:

Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 22:00:29 -1000
From: Angela Kahealani
Subject: CopyRight Violation

Cease and Desist on: <URL:https://ratbags.com/loon/jul01/> the use of my copyrighted image in violation of my copyright notice is hereby noticed to you as constituting damage in the amount of US$500. The image reference is: <URL:https://ratbags.com/loon/jul01/angela.jpg> an illegal copy of my artwork. ISP: you should terminate this abusers access to the internet in TOTO, for violation of your terms of service: <URL:http://www.webmail.com.au/home/legal/aup.html> Damages are to be sent to: Angela Kahealani % 6510 Olohena Rd. Kapa`a, Kaua`i, Hawai`i, u.S.A. [96746-8712] Postal Zone Exempt Non Domestic Mail

-- ©2001 Angela Kahealani, All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice, UCC 1-207. All information and transactions between the parties are private and non negotiable. <http://www.kahealani.com/>

As the picture is only being used to refer people to Ms Kahealani's web site, its display here is obviously what is meant by the expression "fair use". Ms Kahealani should not spend too much time standing by her post box waiting for payment. Should Ms Kahealani attempt to assert copyright over the above email message she would run the risk of the exchange spilling over into public discussion forums where it would be beyond my power to prevent her being exposed to ridicule.

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