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Because of the atrocity in New York and Washington on 11 September, 2001, there was no edition of Quintessence of the Loon that week. Instead, there was a special joint issue of The Millenium Project and Quintessence of the Loon which contained an essay about skepticism. Click here to go to the special issue

September 11 was a great opportunity for all sorts of Quintessence candidates to demonstrate their abilities. Everyone from the Albanian Cricket Club to the Zurich Harpsichord Collective was blamed. David Icke blamed it all on lizards (but he would), Jerry Falwell thought that gay abortionists did it, Australian politicians suspected refugees in leaky boats, lots of psychics apologised for not knowing who did it and for not noticing it coming, every organisation with three letters in its name was part of the conspiracy (eg - the CIA uses IBM computers and connects to the FBI via AT&T). The three entries below are a random selection of quintessentiality.

Allow me to introduce myself ...World War III added 30 September 2001
Do you want to know the really frightening thing about the oncoming world war? It is what it is going to be called. The first one was called "The Great War" at the time (they didn't call it "World War I" because the Illuminati/Masons/Catholics didn't want people to know there was going to be another one). The second one was called "World War II" unless you were a Russian, in which case it was "The Great Patriotic War". Just look, however, at what the people who run things have engineered in preparation for the next one. They will pretend that calling it "WWIII" will just be an abbreviation, but those of us with eyes to see will recognise the significance of the expression "Dubya, dubya". I have heard that the butterfly ballot was invented by a Masonic Cardinal ...

[Horror story - I typed the word "masonic" and my Microsoft software told me that it needed a capital letter. The conspiracy is deep in our spell checkers.]

Pastor Meyer blowing his own trumpetLast Trumpet Ministries Online added 30 September 2001
Here's someone who saw it coming. Not only that, but God showed it to him. Some people may wonder why anyone who knew that 6,000 people were going to die didn't pass on the news until after the event, but I suppose this must be one of those cases of God acting in mysterious ways. Well, actually it seems that Pastor Meyer did tell people about it, but, unfortunately he wasn't able to tell them exactly when it was going to happen or who was going to do it. Ah, but of course! He didn't tell all the secrets because a voice had said "Tell it not until you return", and Pastor Meyer knew that this meant "until you return to New York", and he never went back.

Two buildings side by side, unlike in any other city in the world.You'll never think the same way again. . . The Revelation added 30 September 2001
There are 11 members in a soccer team. 2 to the 11th power is 2048, the real "2K" in geekspeak, and therefore the year in which the Y2K prophecies will all come true. 1 to the 11th power is still 1, something which cannot be a coincidence. Nostradamus died in 1566. Add the first two numbers and you get 666, which has all the same digits in it, just like 11. A 767 aircraft has one engine each side, just like 11 has 1 each side. I was born on the 22nd day of the month, which is not only a multiple of 11 but also 11 days after the 11th. The first job I had in the computer industry was on the 11th floor of a building next to the tallest building in the city. If you order a dozen donuts and only get 11 you will be annoyed. There are 11 months in a year which are not September. I could go on, but someone has just pointed out that there are 11 letters in "It's bullsh**".

One of the loons above cited the song "Pigs of War" by Black Sabbath. Here is my version, dedicated to the conspiracists and opportunists:

Idiots gathered in their masses
just like witches at black masses
Stupid minds exploit destruction
slavering at death's construction
In their heads the neurons burning
(the rest of us, our stomachs turning)
disrespect to all mankind
flowing from their brainwashed minds . . . Oh lord yeah!

Isn't this pretty?Awakening Rainbows of Light added 23 September 2001
It's just too easy to get advice from people who live on this plane and on this planet. How can we expect to get new knowledge if we keep looking at the same old scenes around us without the historical background of the universe and the infinite wisdom of creatures greater than us? This site goes part of the way towards solving this problem by reproducing the thoughts of some angels (although I think that Hilarion should possibly use an alias in future). The best part, however, is the interview with a whale, because whales have seen it all. Here is an excerpt: "Whales, have much knowledge encoded within, about the beginnings of this galaxy, and this earth, and the many beings and energies that have visited, or lived here. We have the ability to transmit information, through sound, telepathy, and vibration. We have served as guardians of knowledge, and peace, for all mankind, as well as the earth, releasing what we hold, little by little. The dolphins carry the energies of transformation and joy, and they have served as teachers, demonstrating movement and fluidity, utilizing the energy, of light".

Now you know what a pager is for!Extra!
PursuitWatch Network - Get notified during live TV police pursuits and high speed chases! added 23 September 2001

The title says it all. Who hasn't had the unfortunate experience of finding out too late about a high-speed chase on television? Now your troubles are over.

Loon of the Month

In a month so full of tragedy it was a bit hard to think of loons, but there is something so quintessentially silly about someone thinking of making a rabbit that glowed in the dark. Then he actually did it.
This evolved from blue-green algaeGFP Bunny added 23 September 2001
A third part has been added to that famous saying by George Bernard Shaw by Robert Kennedy. It now reads: "Some see things as they are and ask why. I see things as they could be and ask why not. All of us sometimes see things and go HUH?".

I feel a song coming on:

Glow little rabbit, bun of fire
Glow like the flame under the frier
Glow for the dull ones of the species
Turn on the AC and the DC
Now there's a use for this GM caper
Light up and let me read the paper
When you gotta glow, you gotta glow
Glow little lagomorph, glow

Picture of astronaut with bicycle pump.modelmodel.com added 23 September 2001
You would think that the government would be eternally grateful to the person who invented the inflatable space station. You would not expect a continuous program of mind control, even extending to people who look at this web site (there are instructions there on how to reset your browser), and, worse still, spreading out into a campaign to kill or experiment on everyone. At least, that's what I think is going on. It could be worse, because this site says "People are being exterminated. You have to read all of the site to truly grasp that it is true. The site IS a nationwide investigation. The author himself is under life threatening attack as well. If you dare to step out of the box and rise to the occassion so be it. Men,Women and Children are being experimented on and tortured in PUBLIC, its obvious from viewing history in hindsight that we are being attacked in public on purpose because they are about to do something big to the public at large (that means you and everybody else too). Hold on its going to get intense; with some surprise it appears that the next step is to be nationwide/worldwide sterilization of women using spraying, such a test was apparently covertly done on Kentucky throughbred horses with extrodinary effacy just a few days ago from May 15 2001". But wait until you come to the really scary part - at the bottom of the long page there is a link to, wait for it, a second page!

A remote view of Uri Geller's cutlery drawer.RVIS - Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. added 7 September 2001
If this site won Loon of the Month it would be really convenient for them because they could just remotely view my computer to look at the prize and they wouldn't even have to turn their own computer on. I am impressed with the information that almost anyone can be taught to remote view (is that the verb?). I spend a lot of time sitting in traffic and it would be much more convenient if I could remote view my clients' computer screens. I could teach them to remote view back so they could see what I meant when I pointed at the screen and said "Click here". It would save me a lot of money because I wouldn't have to pay to see movies - I could just remote view them at home before they went to video. I would always know what the kids were doing. The best use, however, would be what should probably be called metaremote viewing. Think of the most losable thing in the house (except the car keys). It's the remote control for the TV and video recorder. With the right training, you could remote view the location of the remote. Now, where's that packet of microwave popcorn ... ?

Starsinger? It looks like moonsinger to me.Lady Morgana Starsinger's Realm added 7 September 2001
I think I will have to create a Quintessence Book of Shadows. It will contain much magiqual stuff which will guide us as we bring the merry meat to the barbeque, as we mix magiqual potions by pouring spirits over water crystals, and as we allow the gods of hops and barley to take our minds to other places. I will have to be very careful with my spells, however, so that when I describe the procedure for forming a magiqu ellipse it says something like: "Remove all animals and samll children from the area and any furniture that you do not want to be inside your circle. Set up your alter before you cast your circle. Locate magntic North with a compass and holding the wand out from your body, go into alpha and see the wand's aura extending out from it, especially at the tip. Visualize the tipe of the wand creating a circle of light and energy, like a laser, as you walk clockwise three times around the area. The circumference drawn by the wand's tip will be the edge of your circle. Project white light out from the wand to create the circle as gemoetrically perfect and say to yourself that it is". How's that for spelling?

[Note: This site has a section showing the current phase of the moon. When I looked at it on 7 September 2001 it said the next full moon was on 2 September. They must be using a very old calendar.]

Let the good times roll. Again.Reincarnation. Dead And Life / Live. Your Past, Present And Future. added 7 September 2001
Past-life regression is excellent fun. In past lives I have been the illegitimate step-son of Queen Elizabeth I, I was the quill-sharpener for St Thomas Aquinas, for a short time I held the position of Plenipotentiary Herpetologist to Queen Cleopatra (the junior staff used to call me "asp wrangler" behind my back), I had a taste of Roman politics as the dagger armourer for the Friends of Brutus Party, and I was a musician in a brothel (I don't remember where, but it was wherever they play zithers). With a background like that I thought I would only have disappointment to look forward to in future lives. I was lucky, therefore, to come across this site where I can be future-life progressed. My only problem now is to decide whether I use Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings to stay in this life or let it go and take on new challenges.

It seems that the author of this site couldn't see far enough into the future, and it now appears not to have one.
PB March 2002

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