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A remote view of a unique location.Remote Viewing and Spiritual Healing added 31 October 2001
I hate driving in traffic. It would be much easier if I could just sit at home and see what was going on elsewhere. Even if I had to go out occasionally, it would be handy to be able to inspect the roads and bridges I had to use on the way to work, because the traffic reports on the radio are always useless. They tell you about problems when it is too late to get off the freeway or to take another road or they tell you that there is a big accident after it has already been cleaned up. This is why I am so excited about the progress being made in remote viewing. Now it is possible for someone, with the right training, to see what shape the buildings are on a university campus, for example, without actually being there. Not everyone can do this yet, but initial results are promising. After all, when someone says that he sees some rectangular buildings with trees and carparks nearby he has to be exhibiting some sort of strange power, because it would be a very lucky guess to describe a university that looked like that unless you actually knew the target. I just thought of another work-related benefit - you could remote view the carpark at the office to see if the boss was already at work, and this would give you time to make up a new excuse for being late.

I tried remote viewing this site, but I came up empty. PB October 2003

See the pretty lights. Watch them flash.The Full Moon Approach to the Hierarchy added 31 October 2001
It is a full moon in the next couple of days, so it is appropriate to think about what this means for humanity. After all, it is not every day that you see a full moon and it is a rare November when you get two of them. Once in a blue moon, really. We have all heard the stories about how crime increases at the full moon and how people in mental asylums go off the rails. That's off the rails even further than usual, of course. In fact, we know why they are called "lunatics". That is all very well, but curmudgeonly skeptics are always saying that this is all coincidence or that crime just goes up because burglars can see better when the moon is out. This site, however, gives us some more information about what really goes on when the moon is fat. Just read the first part, where it says "The time of the full moon is a period when spiritual energies are uniquely available, and facilitate a closer rapport between humanity and the Hierarchy. Each month the inflowing energies carry the specific qualities of the constellation influencing the particular month; these energies, playing sequentially upon humanity, establish the 'divine attributes" within human consciousness. As aspirants and disciples we seek to channel the spiritual inflow into the minds and hearts of men and women everywhere, and thus strengthen the link between the human kingdom and the Kingdom of God". If that doesn't convince you, then I don't know what would.

This hat keeps the brainwave in.NetHypnosis™ added 31 October 2001
This is convenient. Now you don't have to drive over to the hypnotist's office because you can send in your details and have the hypnotism emailed to you. Imagine the possibilities. If you are feeling a bit down at work you could get fixed up right there at your desk without having to ask the boss for some time off. When you are on holidays you could just duck down to the nearest internet cafe and pick up your hypnotism with Hotmail. If you are really up to date with technology you could even get hypnotised through your WAP phone or Palm Pilot. This is like magic. In fact, it's better than magic. There is a downside, too, of course. Unscrupulous men could use it to take advantage of unsuspecting ladies by requesting hypnotism and not using it themselves. So, ladies, if a man hands you a mobile phone in a bar and says "It's for you", be very suspicious and give it back as soon as you start to feel drowsy.

The hat slowly slipped over the site owner's eyes. He felt sleepy, sleepy, slee ... PB October 2003

Can't see any birthmark from here.The Britney Forever Network added 28 October 2001
This is horrible! Person or persons unknown are kidnapping young singers and replacing them with clones that look, sing and dance like them. Who is doing this terrible thing? Is it terrorists, trying to undermine the entertainment industry and destroy the role models for young women? Is it aliens? Someone should check Britney for implants. (No, not THAT kind. Don't be rude.) Could it be record company executives or porn czars looking for a market advantage by possessing the original? I'm sure it's not just music lovers trying to raise the quality of popular music, because then the substitutions make no sense. This problem has to be solved. We need to know that when we see a belly button, with or without a ring in it, we are seeing the real thing. Freddie Mercury might have sung:

Is this the real her?
Is this just smoke you see?
Caught by a birthmark,
No escape from reality.
Open her shirt, Look over her skirt and see,
That's not her real birthmark, She's not the real Britney,
Because the singing's off, don't you know, Little high, little low,
And the way she dances doesn't really do it for me, for me.

The top points the wayArchaeoastronomy, Astrology & Ancient Egypt added 28 October 2001
There are some amazing facts about the great Pyramid of Khufu. For example, the top of it points to a place in the sky immediately above Egypt, and if you drop a perpendicular line from the top downwards it not only passes through the point of the intersection of the two diagonals of the pyramid's base but, if extended, it would pass approximately almost exactly somewhere near the centre of the earth. If you measure the diagonal between two corners on the base and divide by the length of one of the base sides, you get a number almost exactly equal to the square root of two. The south-eastern corner is in an exact straight line alignment with the south-eastern corner of the neighbouring Khafre's Pyramid. If you divide the four lines between the corners of the base and the top using the ratio 2/pi and mark points there, at least two of these points will be in direct sunlight during all daylight hours, and all four points will be touched by the sun each day. Amazing!

Alison thinks that I do not understand her site, and wrote to me about it. You can read her words here.

Warning, Will Robinson!Extra!
Emergency on Earth added 28 October 2001

Things are worse than we thought. Perhaps even worse than we can think. Everything is going wrong. If I were the worrying kind (and thank the Lord I'm not, sir), this would keep me awake at night. If it was any worse, it would keep me awake at work.

USS Eldridge on one of its rare visible daysThe Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Survivor Accounts added 28 October 2001
The experiments carried out in Philadelphia in 1943, in which the USS Eldridge was made invisible, are an undoubted fact. Let's look at the evidence. First, there is a web site which says that it happened. This web site mentions Einstein, Tesla and John Von Neumann, all men of great talent and credibility. There is a time line, showing that some things happen after other things. There is the incontrovertible evidence that the Cameron brothers were transported through time (how else could they have got the hyperspace friction burns?). The clincher is, however, that the US Navy denies that the USS Eldridge was ever in Philadelphia in 1943. Why would they deny it if it were not true? Ask yourself that!

All these images go together like ham and eggsCoded Images Show Plans for Massive Germ Attack On U.S., Killing Millions added 21 October 2001
The CIA and the FBI must be sitting on their thumbs. How could they not have seen the predictions in Muzaffar Wandawi's paintings. All the biographical clues were there - born in Iraq (of all places) in 1967 (remember the Egypt-Israeli war?), goes to university in Baghdad then moves to Amsterdam, sees a lot of pictures by Goya and Dali (four letters in each name, like "Iraq") and starts painting pictures with horses and yellow flowers in them. On the other side of the Atlantic, children are being brainwashed by television shows starring Romanian counts and swarthy, yellow-skinned people with just one eyebrow. All the signals were there for any intelligence organisation which cared to look, but the spies were too busy. Doing what?

I would like to clarify that the site referenced here has nothing to do with Muzaffar Wandawi, and, in fact, he was shocked and annoyed when he found out that some conspiracy nutter was making him out to be some sort of spy. The original link no longer works, but you can click here to go to Robert Koontz's collection of nonsense. PB February 2002

Regie McVegie added 21 October 2001

Here it is, almost six years since the last great McWritein and McFax, and still there is no vegetarian burger at McDonalds. If it takes that long for McDonalds to develop the all-cardboard patty, I suppose I will never see the thing I really want whenever I drive thru the drive thru - Thai sate dog on a stick.

McDonalds are advertising a vegetarian burger on TV even as I type. Life imitates art, all good things come to those who wait, a cliché in the hand is worth two in the drive thru ... PB October 3, 2003

The Devil made them do it. And the Owl.Bohemian Grove Exposed! Alex Jones Brings Exclusive Video and More from Inside Bohemian Grove. added 21 October 2001
Where do you do for your holidays? Uluru? Vanuatu? Timbuktu? We know where the elite go. They go to Bohemian Grove, but up until now the rest of us have just had to wonder what went on there. Oh, there were clues. Presidents, princes, premiers, prime ministers, prelates, primates and even some prostitutes would disappear for a week and the only clue to where they had been would be the occasional owl feather that a flunkey would find when unpacking his master's luggage. There was always some specious, glib explanation for the feather and for the blood and smoke stains on it, but anyone asking too many questions just disappeared. All that is over, because now we know. Alex Jones managed to get in and has actual pictures of the actual sacrifice of an actual live skeleton! Apparently, part of the owl-worshipping ceremony involves owls alighting on the shoulders of a young female acolyte, whereupon everyone whispers "Look at the hooters on her".

Loon of the Month

Loon of the Month is rarely awarded posthumously, but how could I resist awarding it to someone who is not only dead but who has come back to life. Even better, this resurrected person goes for a picnic and who should he run into but Jesus? Talk about luck! What are the odds that two resurrected people would both be walking down the same country lane at the same time?
Is that really Him?Returnity: Has Christ Returned? added 21 October 2001
It's not very often that you get to read the words of a dead person. Of course, I don't mean reading things after they are dead that they wrote when they were alive. Anybody can write something while they are still alive and then die - just look at Shakespeare. Also, I don't mean reading that turgid stuff that sounds as if the writer was metaphorically dead when he wrote it. I mean people who write stuff after they are dead. Really dead. The author of this site starts his masterpiece off by saying "I am dead. Yet my 'life' continues on, as if I had not actually died. Some people claim to have died and come back, I claim to be dead. Presumably without annihilation of spirit, soul, self. How can this be? Not even I know". How lucky was he, then, to be feeling undead enough to go to wherever it was that he saw Jesus? What an opportunity! You would just DIE if you missed that!

Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the pigeon of love ...Radio Santec added 13 October 2001
Many years ago an Australian named Jimmy Little had a hit record called "The Royal Telephone" about calling up Jesus for a chat, and I know that there are many more such musical works stored in my memory just waiting for me to have a rummage. Radio Santec appears to be the new form of this where Jesus has a radio station, and I suppose they have talkback so that listeners can call in and ask questions or for guidance. I don't suppose Jesus Himself mans (or should that be "Gods") the microphone, but there is certainly a staff member there who has good access. I see that Gabriele has actually spoken to God and has passed on the message that if we continue to harm the small furry animals then we will be in trouble. Speaking of small furry animals, I wonder whether Adam called the platypus that name because he foresaw the time when God would speak in platitudes to Gabriele. But I digress ...

Huge three-footed wealth toad! Every home needs one.Geomantica added 13 October 2001
I have dismissed, retrenched, sacked, fired and pink-slipped my dowser. I used to have to employ this person on a regular basis to locate lost things around my home, and he would wander around the place with his divining rods and finally return with a cardboard box full of all those things that are never where you expect them to be when you need them. Now someone has combined the sciences of dowsing and feng shui to solve my problems. I have a little eight-sided mirror on a wall near the front door and there is a hook under it where I can hang my car keys. In my bedroom I have a small table placed in just the right relationship to the windows, door and bed so that when I get up in the morning my glasses are just where I left them. In the kitchen, the refrigerator has been moved from the middle of the room to one corner and the insides have been arranged so that I don't have to move the beer to see the butter. Entertainment has not been forgotten, either. Music sounds much better now that the feng shuist has placed the speakers and my chair in the right places and I have another little table which is in exactly the right position to make sure that if I put the TV remote control there it will still be there when I come back. Best of all, I have a huge three-footed wealth toad to stop me losing money.

A photograph of my turbochargerGravitics Among The Ancient's added 13 October 2001
I'm going to have to get a bit technical here, so I apologise in advance. We all know that one of the reasons that the ETs come here in their UFOs is to tell us about wonderful technology, but sometimes they don't tell us (or maybe don't know) about potential problems. For example, I have fitted many fuel saving devices to my car, but when I added the latest one (a coprolite crystal glued to the steering wheel) my car went over-unity and I had to vent the tank to let the excess petrol drain away, causing pollution and creating a fire hazard. We have our best people working on the problem. The owner of this site has combined ET knowledge with turbocharger technology to create an anti-gravity machine. I applied the knowledge back to the turbocharger on my car with spectacular results, and I now have much more power than before. The problem is that above a certain engine speed the anti-gravity action takes over and lifts the front of the car off the ground. As it is a front-wheel-drive car, this stops it going forwards until the wheels drop back to the road so I proceed in a series of alternating kangaroo hops and smoking wheelspin, giving much amusement to the neighbours. We have our second-best people working on it. One advantage, however, is that it has increased the fuel consumption just enough to stop the tank leaking.

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