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No garbage here. Or garbage can lids.S.A.B.R.E.N.Y. Spiritual Activity Bureau of Research, Eastern New York added 31 December 2001
There are lots of things that we don't know, and that is why we do research. It is good to find out the truth, and I am pleased to see that this UFO research site states quite clearly that they "will not help perpetuate any fakes, phonies or garbage". This is an excellent philosophy, as many UFO and paranormal researchers seem prepared to accept quite flimsy evidence. Well sometimes the evidence is not so flimsy, like those garbage can lids on strings that turn up in photographs. I mean, what use would a flimsy garbage can lid be? It would blow off in the first big wind that came along and the neighbours might think it was a space ship or something. At least they wouldn't think the associated garbage from the can was extraterrestrial, because the could look at this site with its "no garbage" rule.

Ripples through space and timeThe Big Water Theory added 31 December 2001
I like a good scientific theory. For too long now, scientific creation scientists, the practitioners of Scientific Creation Science, have been handicapped by the lack of a cohesive and coherent theoretical framework to explain how the world is only 6000 years old. Oh, I know that there have been some attempts to force the Bible into the role of scientific textbook, but what was always needed was a Newton, a Galileo, a Harvey, a CrickAndWatson, an Einstein, a Pasteur, a Jenner, a Rutherford, a Bohr to make that next intellectual jump that opens up the truth to us all. Now we have one and, in fact, many of the people just mentioned are shown to have been mistaken in their ideas about how things work.

What sort of non-linear being will you be?The New Being Project added 31 December 2001
The creationists don't have it all their own way with scientific research, because here is a site showing how humans are evolving even as we type. The really exciting thing is that we seem to be about to make an evolutionary jump that will make the day that that monkey came out of the tree and invented calculus and swimming pool filters look like a picnic in the park. I can almost feel the non-linear intelligence around me. Come to think of it, IQ follows a normal or Gaussian distribution, which is definitely non-linear. But I digress ... I am also fascinated by the concept of "mind pretzeling". When I was studying psychology we did a lot of work with donuts, éclairs and the occasional sticky bun but nobody ever suggested the influence of salty snacks. I guess that's why I never became an edgeling.

Center for Online and Internet Addiction added 31 December 2001

Spending too much time on line? Worried that you might be an Internet addict? Worry no more, as help is only a mouse click away. Now you can get treatment for Internet addiction without leaving your browser.

I'm just out of the ppicture, on the right.Zeta Talk added 23 December 2001
I remember attending a Council of Worlds meeting once although, as I was only an advisor, I was not allowed into the inner sanctum for the Cabinet-level discussions. It was a fascinating experience just the same and some of the acquaintances made there have turned into life-long friendships, despite the obvious differences between us. Of course we can't take each other home to meet the families (one of my friends looks like a huge garden slug and my wife would hate the mess on the carpet) but the Internet has allowed us to keep in contact. It is good that Nancy maintains this site because one of the issues at the conference was the lack of communication between the major races. There was always the informal contacts between delegates and advisors, but something more general was required. Here it is.

Bune certainly has an egoExtra
TVCCCC Corner added 23 December 2001
Who am I? A reasonable question, but it depends on what you mean by "who" and "am" and "I". Do I stay here or am I attracted to my long ago ego ergo I go? But if it is ego, will I go. If it is will will I still go. If it is Will, will he go? If it is Hugo, will you go? All this thelemitism is too much for my mind, so I will (there's that word again) probably not go, and so I will forever fail to be a CHM.

You go. I go. Ego. It goes.
PB October 5, 2003

Christmas gift suggestions added 23 December 2001
If last-minute present buying was not a good idea, the shops would not be open on Christmas eve. There is still time to get that gift for the friend you forgot or to get a little something extra for the most important person in your life.

Human Bone Jewellery What says "I love you" better than a vertebra with an inset precious stone? Or a pair of earrings made from coccyx tips? Be careful when you order, though. A friend of mine ordered an ilium brooch and she didn't know how big a pelvis was until it arrived.
Leeches Christmas comes at the start of summer where I live, and the place is full of nasty biting and stinging things and the sunburn gives us all skin cancer. A first-aid kit is always a useful present so, as well as the French perfume, why not give your wife a bucket of leeches?
The Fish Bonker No, not what you thought! (Don't be so rude.) This is something that every fisherperson needs. Give one to the fish hunter in your life You never know when he might need to bonk a fish.

Blue moon of Kentucky?American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena added 23 December 2001
Every Christmas brings us new gadgets and ways of doing things. Now we store our music on CDs and MP3 players and such like, and the older technologies get forgotten. We keep the devices around the house for a while, but eventually they end up in the garage or attic, too good to throw away but too useless to sell. It is very encouraging, therefore, to find a use for that old reel-to-reel tape recorder that you paid so much for all those years ago. In addition, you can use the amplifier that you used to need before you got the new CD player and the microphones the kids had before they figured out that they were never going to be rock stars. Put them all together and you too can capture the paranormal sounds that permeate the aether. I went one step further and plugged in my old faithful Fender Stratocaster. I just left it all alone for a while, and when I played the tape back I could just faintly hear the beginning of a tune. As I strove to identify it, my daughter started to sing softly: "There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold, ...".

Loon of the Month

I hope the gentle thumb-suckers don't get too upset at being collectively awarded the Loon of the Month accolade. I suppose, though, if they do get a bit teary, they will have a good excuse to curl up in bed with their favourite little friends..
By the sucking of my thumbs, something sleepy this way comes.Adult Thumb Sucking added 16 December 2001
Everybody needs a hobby and we all need to feel part of a community. Some people play sports and get their social contacts at the tennis or golf club. Others spend time on the Internet, lying about their ages to people who lie about their gender. Some of us get our kicks from our jobs and the people we work with. Sometimes, however, we all need time alone for a solitary hobby but it is still nice to feel that you are part of something bigger - that other people enjoy what we enjoy. Here is the perfect answer, and now you are an adult you won't have your mother nagging you about how silly you look and why won't you stop that don't you know how much your orthodontic work cost and you are undoing it. And it won't make you go blind, either.

That's a lot of cubic cubits.Extra
The Rebuilding Of Noah's Ark added 16 December 2001

Global warming is coming and when the ice caps melt and Tuvalu is under water you will all stop laughing and want to get onto the ark. But it will be too late. The last pair of ocelots will be on board, the two macaques will be in their manger, the boat will start to float, the water will keep rising ...

Christmas gift suggestions added 16 December 2001
With more than a week to go you might think there is no rush, but deliveries can be slow at this time of year. Shop now.
Human Skulls The perfect ornament and conversation piece. Place them on the dining table with candles on top for that romantic occasion. Turn them upside-down to make unusual bowls to serve dessert to your guests. Put some on stakes in your garden to deter kids from taking a shortcut across your lawn. Thousands more uses.
The Original Alaska POOP
MOOSE Candy Dispenser!
You've just finished a fine main course, the sweeter wines are being brought out to have with dessert, you think you hear your hostess say "I'll just bring out the mousse", and you look forward to a bowl of smooth chocolate confection with perhaps a dab of cream on top. Then you realise she said "moose".
Under-Ease I know it's a bit personal, but so are socks and ties. I notice that the man in the picture is reading The Urantia Book. It has that effect on me too.
JC Penney EZ Internet Chair The perfect present for the person in your life who spends too much time researching content for encyclopaedic web sites (hint, hint). All it needs is a jug to boil up the water for coffee and a cooler to hold the milk and beer. Bliss.
Sadly, JCP have discontinued this fine product.

2+2=whateveryouwantTransegrity added 16 December 2001
Sometimes there is just nothing I can say about a site, because it says it all itself. This is just such a case. I knew I was beaten when I read "Our spine is the perpendicular male axis and the horizontal forehead is the female aspect of the ‘T bar’. The polarities are becoming more flexible and are starting to ‘move about’, seeking oneness with one another as their superconsciousnesses (superconsci) remember that they can’t move forward in evolution unless they are in harmony in their physical aspects. The male vertical axis moves north just as the horizontal position of the female aspect moves south towards the male centre, becoming ‘heavier’ and astrologically more masculine. The T bar is henceforth transmogrifying into a + as the two polarities seek unity; this completion is indicated in the form of the cross (+): perfect harmonization or union of the two aspects of individuals in their physical form as they rotate about and emanate from the central, immovable core of Truth or God (lX)".

This is real!  Really real!Matrix, artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and reality added 8 December 2001
The film "The Matrix" was made in my home town and I believe that the foreigners will be returning shortly to make a sequel (if they haven't arrived already). I must admit that when we gawked at Keanu Reaves we didn't know what sort of a project he was involved in. In fact I had a chat with him once in KFC (he was getting a couple of buckets of chicken for the crew and we had to kill some time because there was a two-minute wait on the chips) and I had no impression that he was working on a product that was so prophetic and so close to the truth. He could be a lizard, of course, in which case he was probably hiding the truth from me and just pretending to be polite. Do lizards eat fried chicken? Perhaps I would have learned more if I had met him at McDonalds, because it is a well-known fact that only reptiles eat the pickle.

I'm not sure how synchronicitist this is, but this site disappeared and the link then connected to eBay. It was originally called "freeyourbrain", perhaps you have to pay for it now. Very mysterious.

Christmas gift suggestions added 8 December 2001
It would be remiss of me not to offer some gift suggestions for the coming festive season. Some of these things will be perfect for someone you know.

Tourette Syndrome Barbie
Just the thing for the sweet little girl next door who is always dropping in to sell cookies or to offer to shampoo your cat.

Bumper Dumper Every travelling family needs one of these. It would also be handy to have one in the car just in case you get caught short in the shopping mall car park.
Philson Air Guitar I've got the Joe Walsh model and the sound is excellent. Be careful, though, if you get the StratoBlaster Plus model because you can hit your knuckles on the ashtray when you use the whammy bar and it can cause a nasty bruise.

There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is goldExtra
Australian Air Guitar Championships added 8 December 2001

Mentioning the Philson reminded me that the first ever Australian Air Guitar Championships will be held early in 2002. I won't be competing but I plan to be at the finals to perform some classical pieces, both on air cello as part of the Quintessence Air Quartet and doing a solo performance of John Cage's 4'33" on air piano.

See the holsters on them angelsA Call to Action added 8 December 2001
Back in April I mentioned that there was some concern about the future of the Great Pyramid because its power source, the Ark of the Covenant, had gone missing. It is encouraging, therefore, to find out that the Ark has been located, and it is is not in some hard-to-reach place but in Ireland. Even better, it is not in some vague location but in a specific spot only four square metres in area. I encourage everyone to drop a line to the Sile sheila asking her to allow Jah to get on with it. Being Irish, she could lean two shovels against a fence and tell him to take his pick, but I digress ... It is ironic, of course, that the Ark should be located in Ireland at this time when attempts are being made to disarm both sides in the perennial conflict in the north. After all, Jah tells us that the Ark contains God's quite specific instructions that everyone should carry guns.

The Ark might be in Ireland, but this site is in limbo. PB October 2003

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