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A tear from Isis or some other part of her? You be the judge.Pheylonian Beeswax Candles added 31 January 2002
I have always been fascinated by Atlantis and ancient Egypt. Imagine my glee when I found this site which links candle-making back to the times of Atlantis and even talks about when the Pyramids and the Sphinx were underwater. Those were the days, and, if global warming keeps up, they might even be the days again some time. Actually, the little-known fact that the Pyramids were once submerged may help to explain something about how they were built. There has always been this problem of explaining how the ancient workers got the stones up to the top, but now we can consider the hypothesis that the stones were floated into place and lowered down from boats. If the boats were made of beeswax this would explain why no boat relics have been found. When the locals were looting the dry pyramids after the water went away they didn't just steal the casing stones, but they would have grabbed any broken bits of beeswax boats to make their own candles. Thus a tradition was born.

Angelic Consciousness Network added 31 January 2002

I don't really know what this is all about, but Victor has some nice photographs in the family album.

Saw an eyball peeping through a smoky cloud behind the green door.Related-Images: Paralell Worlds All Around Us added 31 January 2002
It has always been a great disappointment to me that I have never been abducted by aliens. Some of my friends have, and they tell fabulous stories of long mental conversations with mighty intelligences, love affairs with delicate grey entities, food that is literally out of this world, and many more amazing experiences. Sure, there is the probing and the minute examination of abductees' genitals, but this is not much worse than what you get at airports in these security-conscious times. I am so envious of these friends that I have to pretend not to believe what they say. I keep a little bag next to my bed, packed with pyjamas and a toothbrush just in case, and I have another similar bag in my car for when I drive along long deserted roads at night. One day my ship will come!

Checking next week's share prices.The International Society of Business Astrologers added 31 January 2002
It would have been good to have been a client of a Business Astrologer during 2001. US clients would have been told to sell their Enron shares, and Australian clients would have been warned about Ansett Airlines and HIH Insurance before they collapsed. The clients were warned, weren't they? The astrologers did predict the failures, didn't they?

Lots of language in these patternsLinguistic archaeology added 31 January 2002
Language is an essential element of human existence. It is what separates humans from other animal life. It is very important when using language to use the correct words, and this can only be done if we know where the words came from. It's all very well for speakers of English to think that a lot of the words in the language come from Indo-European roots or from the classic European languages like Latin and Greek, but this belief may lead to misunderstandings. Similarly, philologists have looked at languages like Italian, German and French and have come up with plausible etymologies, but everyone has been missing the point. When you see the truth, that all these languages came from the Sahara, things just fall into place. Now I know why English has thousands of words to describe sand but nothing except an obviously made-up word to describe rain.

I've got mail!
Someone wanted to be paid for being listed here and demanded that the hosting ISP close the entire ratbags.com site. Neither is likely to happen. Read all about it here.

An extremely tasteful piece of web designThe New Model Army: America added 31 January 2002
We all know three indisputable facts about the news media - everything is muzzled by governments so that the people don't get told the truth, the world press is run by a small cabal of superrich people (some of whom are not related to Rupert Murdoch) who take orders from no government, and the real conspiracists who run the world tell governments what to allow and Murdoch what to print. Bill Gates, the Queen and the Pope look on and smile to themselves. It is good, therefore, to see this brave media outlet which not only tells us the truths that we are not supposed to see, but does it in type so large that we can see it across the street. There is even a special report on the New World Order containing information so explosive that it is a wonder that the owners of this web site have not been disappeared yet.

An Indonesian summer?Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found added 15 January 2002
I have a vested interest in this because I have a business connection with the travel industry and we are always looking for new and exotic places to send people for their holidays. My associates will be very pleased to hear that not only has Atlantis been located, but also the Garden of Eden, the true location of Troy and the site of the New Jerusalem. Actually, if I were the person running this Atlantis site I wouldn't mention the other places I had found because it takes away the impact of the great discovery of the lost continent. It looks as if it is easy to find lost places and civilisations. In any case, surely the Garden of Eden deserves its own web site.

Start with a head-shaped head and ...Baby Beautiful: A Handbook of Baby Head Shaping added 15 January 2002
Remember the Bonsai Kitten? Well, now you can do the same sort of thing to a baby. This is much more interesting, because you are not confined to sticking the child in a jar and making it cubical. With the techniques that I am sure you will find in this book you will be able to produce children with any shaped head you like. Long, pointy heads. Heads with both eyes on one side like a flounder. Heads with a flat top that Aunty Rhonda can rest her cup of tea on when she visits. Eyes on the top of the head and the nose at the back for a future champion swimmer. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Mothers 35 Plus - Placenta Etiquette! added 15 January 2002
There was this serious web site devoted to the problems and issues facing elderly primigravidae, then one day the webperson decided to add a section called "The Fun Stuff". The rest is history.

Loon of the Month

Loon of the Month was easy this time. Those breasts!
John is bustin' out all overGM and Aspartame added 15 January 2002
Terrible things are happening to our food. Chemists and other practitioners of black arts are adding chemicals, and we all know that there are no chemicals in natural foods, just plain, simple nature. Biologists are fiddling with the very meaning of life itself, putting badger genes into potatoes so the tubers will dig themselves into the ground, combining the genetic material of forty-seven mammals, molluscs and reptiles in an attempt to breed a single source for hotdog meat, and crossing cows with gherkins so nobody will know which bit of a Big Mac to throw away. I even saw a packet of fish fingers in my supermarket and fish didn't have hands when I was a boy. It's just as well we have people like Mission Possible to alert the world to the danger at the bottom of the slippery slope. It is tragic that some of them have to suffer as they have, but perhaps their experiences will save us all.

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