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Wile E Coyote Goodbye Chuck and Spike
The last week of February 2002 saw the deaths of two people who brought enormous pleasure to many people for a long time. They are relevant here because Spike Milligan raised loonity to an art form without ever losing the ability to make us laugh with him, and Chuck Jones gave us Wile E. Coyote, who symbolises the obsessive futility that fuels so many of the sites here. It may be a cliché, but it is true to say that we are richer for having known them.

Don't get sucked in by fake gravity pictures.Gravitonics added 28 February 2002
That picture over at the right isn't just any old picture. It is very special. If you print it out on your inkjet printer and then burn the paper near a crystal, the crystal will start to emit gravitational waves. If you use the picture as your computer desktop background you will gain great benefits and you will "feel much more comfortable working on the computer". There is even a little version that you can download into your mobile phone to stop the EMF frying your remaining brain cells. This last fact is particularly important to me as the gravity from my mobile phone has been causing a big tidal bulge on one side of my head and people are starting to notice and stare. All of this is true - you read it on the Internet!

For further information about related matters, you can go here to read about the speed of gravity.

For mind control, first get a mind.Trance Formation of America : WARNING!!! added 28 February 2002
This is awful! Just read where it says "On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA's TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK-Ultra. On February 8th, 1988, a top-level MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O'Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY. TRANCE Formation of America exposes the truth behind this covert government program and its ultimate goal: psychological control of a nation". How could you not be convinced? As an additional bonus, this site hints at the reason why Dick Cheney is always called "Dick", never "Richard".

Primate Tips : How to diaper a monkey added 28 February 2002

Do you own a monkey? Here's something you need to know. Pay attention to what to do with the tail.

Now there's a real face!The Cosmic Majority added 28 February 2002
At last someone is taking things seriously. Apparently a referendum has been held and the majority of people on earth believe in UFOs. Not only that, they believe that these space ships are really space ships. There can be no doubt now, particularly as the new face on Mars is so much more life-like (human life-like, of course) than that old pile of rocks, shadows and spots that we have been looking at for the last few years. The truly amazing thing is that the face is so face-like that it even looks pink in a black and white photograph. Another thing to think about is how human-like the face is. Perhaps the aliens aren't little grey people with large eyes but look just like us. Well, just like me because now I'm not so sure about you.

A rare picture of Lemuria before the inundation.Shamballa Multidimensional Healing added 23 February 2002
Atlantis gets all the attention, and the sister continent Lemuria just gets pushed into the backgrounds of everyone's minds. This is not fair, because, as it says on this site: "The Lemurian resonance was always a holding frequency during all times of Atlantis for those who were guiding this stage in the evolution of the Earth and humanity. From all of the twelve Creator star systems, There were many landings here, Light ships as well as ships containing the representatives of the Trinities of Alliances from Galactic federations". I always preferred Lemuria anyway in past lives because of those really interesting animals with the big eyes that used to run the place. The crystals were always bigger there too. Or maybe they just looked bigger because my eyes were so big and round. Who knows?

You will believe that a man can fly.Antigravity Propulsion, Levitation added 23 February 2002
It has always been a dream of mankind to be able to fly, to be free of the invisible shackles which bind us to the ground and cause us to look at birds with envy. Well, not at emus, but you get my point. It is good to see that so much progress is being made in the offensive against gravity. Why should gravity be the only force we cannot control? Just because we don't really understand how it works doesn't mean that we should give up and let it have its way with us. I don't know how my toaster knows when the toast is cooked but that doesn't stop me eating breakfast. Speaking of toasters, the people who make them must know how to overcome gravity because the toast pops up when it's just the right shade of brown. Maybe that's the answer - to defeat gravity you just need to wear toast-coloured clothes.

Offenders of The Faith added 23 February 2002

I like people who address the big, important matters that face humanity. This is one such issue.

Loon of the Month

I was trying to decide who was to be Loon of the Month and it came down to a contest between defeating gravity and printing gravity. It all became too hard, so I decided to give the award to someone who wants to employ an anti-gravity device sideways to repel money.
Would you be allowed to give money to this man?Who can and who cannot give money to The Family Values Party added 23 February 2002
Most political parties are after you all the time for donations. It is refreshing to find a party that has rules about who can give money to them, but I feel that they may have been a bit too restrictive. When you rule out tattooed homosexual dope smoking abortionists who like to have a bet on Saturdays and then go drinking in karaoke bars where maudlin drunks sing "My Way" and who probably voted for Bill Clinton and his adulterous cigars (and anybody who might know someone who is just one of those things) you are down to only a handful of people in Florida, and that's not enough to get a president elected.

By the way, if you think that Tom is a bit harsh on the song, have a look at how this evil piece of popular culture can kill people.

St Francis with ascending pigeonsKey Of Eden - Dedicated to assisting the Ascension Process added 9 February 2002
From time to time, my life goes one-dimensional and I find that the stargates are hard to find (and closed when I get there). Sometimes I miss out on an evolutionary root or find that my blueprints of higher unity have faded away to sepia images of confusion. It's at times like these that I turn to experts like Leah to get me ascending again. As she says: "The recoding process brings the soul/spirit to a new level of advancement on the spiritual path. Codings may be codings of unity, trinity, I have been dispensated to bring through very high frequency and advanced codings, that are usually lost here on earth. There are so many variations as to bringing them through, from advancement to mastery, from unexpected completion of mission - requiring new codings for the new mission ahead, some may have lost some on the spiral into duality, or for other reasons it is decided to bring them through after incarnation is part the way along". Perfect!

Puppetry of the podiatryExtra!
Toe puppet added 9 February 2002

Here's something to provide hours of entertainment for the children. Be careful, though, because it's a patented device and you could get into trouble if you make one yourself. I was really impressed by this patent, because it shows how inventive some people are.

A crystal for your PerusalThe Mystery of The Nazca lines and geoglyphs added 9 February 2002
I was talking to my recovered-memory therapist the other day about why I, alone among my acquaintances, don't remember being abducted by aliens. For some reason, I was drawn to a cabinet in his office which contains a collection of old mathematical tools and teaching aids. I picked up a green-covered book of logarithm tables and I was suddenly overcome by a vision of swooping across the plains of Peru with a strange, metallic voice speaking from behind my left shoulder, saying things about the relationships between numbers. An image of a huge spider appeared before me and I shuddered, dropping the book on the carpet. I stumbled back to the couch, but a strange calmness descended on me when the therapist said: "You look concerned, so we will resume with an easy question. What is the next number in the series 4,5,6,7,...?"

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