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Being spirited away.AstralVoyage.com added 30 March 2002
Travel is a difficult business. To go anywhere useful you have to have tickets, passports, credit cards, vaccinations against exotic diseases and time off from work. There are security problems at airports, airport parking is too expensive (if you can find it), there are never enough taxis when you get to your destination, room service brings daiquiris when you want margaritas, and so it goes. Even travelling on business is a pain, although someone else is paying for it all. Luckily, the answer has been found. This site gives much information about astral travelling, where you don't actually travel personally but send some kind of spirit version of yourself instead. I am going to take lessons because it will be really handy at work. If the boss complains that it looks like I am asleep I will be able to say that I was just out astrally visiting the branch offices and some interstate clients.

[I notice that this site has a Spanish version. This would have been very handy for Christopher Columbus - see below.]

The Millenium Virtual Stables added 30 March 2002

Have you ever thought you were really a horse? Neither have I, but, as Destrier says "It's lonely, wishing to be a horse". The phalanx of lawyers retained by The Millenium Project muttered something about suing over the name, but cooler heads prevailed and when it was put to a vote the "Neighs" won.

He was a long way from home.Ancient American: Archaeology of the Americas before Columbus added 30 March 2002
One of the great mysteries surrounding the story of Christopher Columbus and his "discovery" of America is why it took him so long. Spain was a great sea-faring nation but it seems that every other place in the world that had ever had even a canoe had got to the Americas before Columbus. It is hard to work out why the Spanish were not aware of what was going on. Nobody would have expected them to know about the visits to the Americas by the Nesians (Indo, Micro, Poly and Mela), the Maoris, Australian Aborigines, Japanese, Vietnamese, Papuans and other people who approached from the left-hand-side, and they may have missed the Africans, Indians, Ceylonese and Madagascans who crossed the Atlantic in the south, but the traffic of Phoenicians, Cretans, Greeks and Egyptians in fleets of artefact-laden ships going past Gibraltar each day should have been a clue.

The coolest mouse in town.Extra
RottaFlekti/MouseFan added 30 March 2002

Here's the best computer accessory you will see this year. Every home should have one. I have been told that they are particularly useful for people who surf adult sites because you need something to keep your palms dry while looking at all those pictures of men and women in unusual positions, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

Loon of the Month

It takes a lot of style and a lot of self confidence to have a house that is radically different from the others in your street. It takes quintessence, however, to have the only cheese house in the street. It was a small house, so I suppose Cosimo used cottage cheese.
That's not a Chesterfield lounge, it's a Cheddar!Cosimo Cavallaro added 30 March 2002
Cosimo was sitting in his lounge room one day looking at the television when he noticed that the walls could do with a bit of maintenance. There were some bad finger marks around the light switches, a stain on the ceiling from some water that had leaked in during a particularly nasty storm, a rectangle of slightly brighter colour where the bookcase had been, and, of, course, that big dent in the plaster where he had missed with the hammer while trying to hang a picture. He decided to paint the house next weekend, so he rang up the hardware store and ordered some paint. Unfortunately, he didn't have his glasses on at the time and he rang the wrong number and got the corner delicatessen instead. The person who answered the phone misheard the order and made it worse by entering the wrong figures into the computer. The next Friday, 10,000 pounds of cheese turned up at Cosimo's place. The rest is history.

Leaping Christed dolphins.Ashtar Lightwork Center added 30 March 2002
I think it is wonderful that Commander Galimai and Alisha have taken time out of their busy schedules to create and maintain this site so that we all (and I mean ALL) can be an active part of the all that we are all part of even if we don't all know it. One of the problems with conventional religions is that they put people apart from God, but as is wisely pointed out here, we are all part of God. The Commanders put it much better than I ever could when they said "This is, dear Divine Lights, because we all have decided it is time for an aspect of the energy of connection between all of us to be highlighted on and into this plain of existence. It will enable you to keep in your minds and hearts always that no one is separate or alone ever, but ALL ONE! The energy flows from one aspect through another, carrying unifying, healing and Christ Consciousness energies. It spirals and flows from the ships to you and to all who are aspects of us continuously. It does not contaminate your energy with that of another Commander, for it is set only to carry the most pure God and Christ Consciousness vibration. You can connect extra strong to it if you request extra Self Empowerment, re enforcement of your body system, or when you feel alone and just want to connect to your other aspects in a stronger way". You will feel much better when you are attuned to the Christed YOU within.

Look at the picture. You are getting sleepy.Tifareth.com added 16 march 2002
This is just what I have always wanted! In fact, it is better than that. Now I can sit here at my computer and control the minds of people who are somewhere else. Of course, that doesn't mean that I can already control the minds of people who are here. Far from it. I am hoping, however, that as I learn to use the software I will be able to reduce the range. I will start off by trying to control the minds of, say, people riding bicycles around Chesapeake Bay, and then gradually reduce the power until I can get the neighbours to turn down the stereo. I like the software to create a shield around me, too. I don't have much trouble with black magick, sorcery and psychic attacks, but the goetia keep getting in and moving my car keys and glasses.

Grab a handful of this vrility generator.Onelight.com & The Hollow Earth added 16 March 2002
Have you ever thought about the real reason that underground nuclear testing was discontinued? It was obviously wrong and dangerous to test in the atmosphere, but who cared if some rock got melted a couple of kilometres under the Nevada desert or under some Pacific atoll? Well, the governments cared, and it was because they knew something that we didn't. They knew about the people inside, and they knew that if we kept on letting off bombs down there, the insiders would revolt and then we would all know that the governments knew about the insiders. To protect this conspiracy, testing had to stop. On another matter, I really want one of those Vril Generator machines. The Vgra isn't working as well as it used to and I could use some generated vrility.

A telegram from beyond containing only one word.Instrumental Transcommunication added 16 March 2002
Well, it's all settled now. There can be no doubt that, with the proper training and equipment, people can talk to dead people. Actually, when I come to think of it, people have always been able to talk to dead people. What I really meant to say is that dead people can talk back. If you look at the picture at the right using a magnifying glass, you will see incontrovertible proof of someone talking from beyond the grave. In case you can't find your magnifying glass, or one of the kids is using it to burn ants, or it's one of those tacky plastic things you get in boxes of breakfast food, I will quote some of the message for you. Who could argue with this evidence?


A charming china chalice.The Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire of Francesca De Grandis added 9 March 2002
Can you imagine what life would be like if there were no faeries? Nothing would get done around my place if there weren't these little sprites running all over my desk and flittering from bush to bush in the back yard. Who would clean the gutters, change the tap washers and put new batteries in my Palm Pilot, for starters? One of the reasons that I adopted Wicca as my chosen form of spititualistic superstition was that it has relevance to today's problems. Rather than give us rules about what to eat if you have to wander in a desert for forty years, we get useful stuff. As an example, just take the advice from Native American Ian Lurking Bear who gives us a "spell to free oneself from excessive computer enchantment". The only problem I had with it was that I needed to have two white sage smudges and three calming baths after I had gone through the registration process for Windows XP.

Marilyn Monrobot added 9 March 2002

You didn't know you needed one of these, did you?

Are you lookin' at me?Remote-control roach added 9 March 2002
The tabloid newspapers are always telling us stories about weird research that seems to have no point. It is good, therefore, to see some scientists using grant money effectively to solve some real problems. Every home needs a few of these insects to do all those fiddly jobs like getting coins that have fallen under the couch and you could use them in the office to get the little bits of torn paper out of the laser printer. There was talk of programming the remote control for the VCR to control the cockroaches as well, but the first time they tested it all the roaches froze and the little lights on top of their heads just started flashing "01:01" over and over. Must be a bug in the software.

It seems that the roach went behind the stove and nobody knows where to find it now.

Shari as she is (and was)Crystallized In Tranquility added 9 March 2002
You know those books you see with the stickers that say "This book will change your life"? Well, this web site needs one of those stickers. As Shari says on one of her archive pages "These Are Deep Philosophical Truths. Many People In Ordinary Reality Cannot Understand These Truths Yet. Remember That You Are Reading Words From A Chemist/Physicist/Philosopher/Futurist/Programmer To Whom The Cosmic Computer Is Child's Play". I'm lucky because the research I do to collect the stuff for my site means that I spend a lot of time outside ordinary reality, but the rest of you will just have to catch up. Take two of Shari's essays and call me in the morning.

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