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A sentient Being with both a physical form that is our planet and spiritual, etheric forms that exist in layers of consciousness back to her connection to Universal SourceLightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation added 30 April 2002
I was doing some light work at the weekend trying to tune up the manifestation of the empowerment of my energy construct, when the lady next door, Nada Sananda, came over to ask if she could borrow some etheric density. I was admiring her subtle body when my wife came into the garage and informed me of a potential descension of my higher self if I forgot the divine virtues. I was also warned that I could forget about maintaining my spiritual lineage because she would be giving my chakras a good channeling if I didn't get back in the house immediately, and it would be no use expecting any clearing or healing from her for at least a week.

Aren't these the sisters from The Coors?Satanic symbolisms on Irish TV added 30 April 2002
I'm very worried about Ireland. My ancestors came from there, and every day I get gladder that they didn't stay there but instead chose to migrate to the land of taipan snakes, funnel web spiders, box jellyfish and other cute and cuddly creatures. In November 2001 I reported on the way Ireland was becoming infested with aliens and in December 2001 I noted that the Ark of the Covenant was buried there, but now things have got worse. When I saw the title of this site I thought "Satanic symbolisms on Irish TV - must be lines of ladies tap dancing with their arms still while some mad midget dervish does somersaults in front of them to the sounds of Enya singing Van Morrison's arrangement of Finnegan's Wake". But I was wrong, very wrong ...

Like the Riverdance phenomenon, this Irishness has moved into history. PB October 2003

Religion Drug Legalization added 30 April 2002

Then He took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, He blessed them, and brake, and gave to the disciples to set before the multitude. And the multitude did say "Give us more. We need chips and nuts and salted snacks, for we have the munchies". And a pillar of smoke rose above the multitude, and giggling was heard in the land.

Doug's blackboard full of wisdomthis is dougmoon.com - accept no limitations added 30 April 2002
What could I possibly say about Doug that would say more about Doug than what Doug says? Doug tells us about religion, science, medicine, ethnography, knowledge. Here is Doug on chemistry: "What is water? Water is actually three (3) Hydrogens coupled with Oxygen, not two. Ergo, water is actually H3O, not H2O. What causes Hydrogen and Oxygen to bind and become water (H3O)? Electricity. Three (3) volts per volume millimeter of gas mixture is all it takes to disrupt nucleic pressure and create the bond. There is a three percent tolerance (+/- 3%) for voltage measurements. Distilled water only requires Magnesium to taste good - use one part per thousand (1:1000). Magnesium needs to diffuse in the water for about ten (10) hours". And that is just a start.

Blood from an Ansett frequent flierChemtrails - Contrails added 21 April 2002
There has been much upheaval in the Australian airline industry over the last year. One of the oldest and biggest airlines has disappeared into bankruptcy after a long, drawn out death process that involved many promises, false starts, finance attempts, rescue packages and large fees to accountants. To the general public it appeared to be a normal business failure brought about by changing market shares, costs exceeding income and some bad capital investment and asset acquisition decisions. The truth can now be revealed. The Ansett fleet was a bit older than its competitors' fleets, but the planes weren't crashing and the leasing costs were reasonable. The real problem with this older fleet, however, was that Ansett did not have the finances available to update to newer planes which were compatible with the government's post-September 11 contrail spraying requirements. Without a massive investment of capital, the airline could not comply with the new, secret rules for "national security". A national icon was sacrificed for political expediency. Don't get me started on why Swissair went broke!

Learn to Be Your Own Psychic added 21 April 2002

Here's a book you can buy that will teach you how to become a psychic. I recommend that you only deal with the best, so when you order a copy leave out your credit card number and let the psychic at the other end fill in the blanks. If he is any good this will not be a problem.

An Xray of an implantee's headAlien Implant Removal and Deactivation Method added 21 April 2002
It must be awful walking around with an alien implant inside you. Every time you went through security at an airport the alarm would go off and you would have to explain all over again how you should be let onto the aircraft because it was the hardware put into you by the ETs that was causing the problem. Some of them set off the alarms at the exits of stores, so you would always be telling shop assistants that you were not stealing clothes or CDs, it was just the metal in your nose. I knew someone once whose implant interfered with his mobile phone so that every time a call came in while he was in a restaurant or movie theatre he had to shout to be heard. At last help is at hand for all these unfortunate people.

The site owner has removed and deactivated this site. PB September 2005

A Corn God - (or "X marks the spot", using the true meaning of the words)ET Corn Gods Language and Game added 21 April 2002
I am fascinated by language. I also like a synthesis of ideas to explain other ideas. Here we have just such a synthesis and it reveals to us what is hidden in the language we use every day. One of the most impressive parts of this revelation is the role of the Bible. Linguists and etymologists have long recognised the influence of the Bible on English usage, but this site goes further than just looking at the stories, quotations and figures of speech that shape the way the language is used and which form, in essence, part of our shared consciousness. The breakthrough was in noticing that the number of books in the Bible has mathematical significance in understanding the true meaning of the words we use. It could not have been coincidence that the translators working for King James produced a work with exactly 66 books in it. It is surprising, however, that it took the Corn Gods to point out this fact about some other God's sacred texts. Perhaps the ET's can explain it to us one day.

Lillith spending some time at the workshopThe Witch's Workshop added 13 April 2002
When I first saw this site I misunderstood the word "workshop". I thought it would be a place where you took your witch to get her tuned up and have her oil changed, or maybe it was somewhere that did maintenance on brooms and cats, but I was mistaken. There is much more here than that. There is witchcraft, wicca, the story of Lillith, and a positive plethora of prolific profundity about pagan practices and procedures (plus some possibly prurient pagan prose and poetry). As I read a mist enveloped me, its tendrils passing across my skin like weightless, translucent seaweed, and I heard faint voices speaking the Anciente Tonguee, just audible above the gentle purring of Bruxis, the cat sleeping between my keyboard and the screen. Suddenly, the mist cleared and all sound stopped. I sat in darkness, aware of the faint sliver of light in the sky signifying the day after the new moon. Somehow I knew that it was time to plant the millet seeds so that we could have new brooms in the spring.

Banana jars to keep bananas in?Extra!
The Washington Banana Museum added 13 April 2002

What attracted me to this was the idea that someone could be a "scholar of banana consciousness". Do these fruit think? Are they self-aware? Do they have feelings? We need to know these things.

Is that all there is to a circus?Transhumanist Resources added 13 April 2002
One of the great questions in philosophy is "Is that all there is?". Who could forget how Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller got the late great Peggy Lee to ask that question of us all, but the answer they came up with was no answer at all. Sure, we could just keep on dancing, but where would that take humanity? At last an answer seems to be here for this ancient conundrum, as we are told how to prepare ourselves to go beyond humanity into a transhuman state. I, for one, can hardly wait to move on to a postbiological existence, passing through transbiomorphosis until I can join my friends in a borganism where we can break out the booze, have a ball and await the fulfilment of the Dyson Scenario. As that other great singer, Frank Sinatra, told us: "The best is yet to come".

Send a picture of your star in for analysisExtra!
Rumpology added 13 April 2002

Everyone in the world must have seen at least one movie with Sylvester Stallone in it. Sylvester has a mother. Jacqueline is an astrologer. Jacqueline also reads arse prints. Do you need to know any more?

Loon of the Month

I usually don't let people influence the Loon of the Month award by lobbying or writing to me, but I thought I would make an exception in the case of George Hammond. Anyone who can prove the existence of God using a method which can only be understood by six people on Earth (not, apparently, including me or Stephen Hawking) is a candidate for Loon of the Any-time-period-you-can-think-of.
That's it! It's that easy.The Discovery of a Scientific Proof of God added 13 April 2002
I'm sorry that I had to give away the formula by putting it in a picture, thus spoiling the surprise, but I thought that this breakthrough was so important that people should not be expected to wait. This is particularly interesting to me because I studied psychology at university and, even with all the work I did on the behaviour of white rats and first-year psych students, I never noticed that the brain was a three-dimensional structure. Who would have thought it? George Hammond also noticed the amazing coincidence that cars have four wheels and horses have four legs. (Some of the horses I've backed at the track have run as if they only had three legs, but we are talking general principles here.) When you add to that the facts that a magazine rejected an article and that George has written to Stephen Hawking, you just know you are looking at real science.
Mr Hammond had this to say about my comment about car wheels and horses' legs:

I don't call it a coincidence, I prove its caused by the Euclidean structure of space, your the moron who thinks its a "coincidence". Anyone calling it a "coincidence" is a certified moron. You haven't got the intelligence of a sixth grader.

And here are some comments he made in response to other things I said:

You're not only a snot nosed asinine and boring writer, you've got an ugly smelling contempt and ignorance for the higher levels of scientific ability. It's scum like you who need to be cleaned out of Science and put back in uniform where you belong. It's time that the academic community stopped mollycoddling loudmouthed yuppie scumbags like you. You're a disgrace to your family name.


No asshole.... I'll TELL YOU what the f--- is going on. Retrograde loudmouth criminal vandals and morons like you have been harassing a serious, competent and dedicated scientist on the Internet for 3 years now... and WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN because of your reckless, criminal, indefensible behavior is that somebody is going to get accidentally hurt just like when you start playing Chicken with a freight train, you stupid basteds. Someone is going to get hurt, and it ISN'T going to be me because I'm the freight train. It's going to be one of you. In this case it may be Mike Varney Keep up your criminal, vandalistic, loudmouthed, wiseass harassment and abuse of a serious and dedicated scientist trying to present a serious scientific discovery and sooner or later one of you will accidentally get himself killed, you "fuckin moron".

A very sad loss indeed
Alas, Mr Hammond flew too close to the Sun and his wings melted. All four of them. His work lives on in Google Groups.

He's back. The new web site is here.

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