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All text. Pictures can have embedded, secret information.Radiation Health Foundation added 31 August 2002
Radiation is all around us, but until now the information has been fragmented. Oh, there were places where you could read about mind control, and there were warnings about mobile phones and microwave ovens. There were places where you could buy tinfoil hats and, one assumes, there were places where you could buy mind control machines (although the many abbreviation agencies would have had teams on permanent standby to stamp them out). Now there is someone brave enough to put all this information in one place. Don't forget to cover your monitor with aluminium foil before looking at this site, or the YKW* will know what you are doing. (* YKW = "you know who")

The Pentemple of HorusIs the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt a CPU? added 31 August 2002
We all know how clever and advanced the ancient Egyptians were. After all, they could build pyramids with such mathematical precision that the diagonal of the base was almost exactly what you would get by multiplying one of the sides by the square root of two. There has been much speculation about whether they had help from people from other places, specifically other places not here on earth. It has been easy to ridicule these ideas, but now we have firm evidence of the Egyptians' knowledge of highly advanced technology. It just took someone with the insight to crack the code. Speaking of code, if you take the first two letters of the name of the river Nile and reverse them, then do the same to the last two letters, and then place the two new pairs of letters on either side of the initial letter of the word "transistor", you will get a big clue. Think about it.

Thar she blows! The Cloud of Glory!I Am Christ and The Messiah and The Great I Am added 31 August 2002
Many people claim to be the representative of Jesus here on earth, or to have special knowledge of what He taught. Whole churches have been built on these teachings, and innumerable theologians have agonised over and analysed scriptures to determine their true meaning. In various parts of the world, people fight each other over the fundamental truths of religion. Now, none of this is necessary, as Jesus Himself has made it known that He is here among us and is willing to help.

The decoy Antichrist and friendsPowered by Christ Ministries added 24 August 2002
I was following a truck the other day and it had a sticker on the back that said "Powered by CAT". I wondered what it meant for a while but Dolly Parton's latest song came on the radio and made me think of other things. Later, at a truck stop, I saw the truck driver and I was going to ask him about the sticker but he was obviously a religious man and was swallowing some small blue communion wafers and mumbling prayers to himself, so I left him to his devotions. I think I now have the answer, though, because it looks like "CAT" is an abbreviation. The "C" must stand for "Christ", but I haven't worked out the "AT" bit yet. I told you the truck driver was religious. It's a pity Bill Clinton wasn't a bit more religious, but what do you expect from a decoy Antichrist?

Low-Emission Computers added 24 August 2002

People worry about radiation from mobile phones, but what about all those rays coming out of your computer? At last, there is an answer to this serious environmental and health problem.

Loon of the Month

I thought the Provisional wing of  the Presbyterians was a rough crowd, and no bus was safe when the Popular Front for the Liberation of Methodists was in a blowing things up mood, but the Gnostic Liberation Front was the most feared of all.
Lots of bad things hereGnostic Liberation Front - Astrology for the People added 24 August 2002
Gnostics have always fascinated me. I remember my old Greek Professor at Oxford explaining about how the word "gnostic" itself came about. He wasn't actually a Professor of Greek, he was an old Greek who taught calculus and it had been a long time since he had been in Greece and he had forgotten most of the language, so his answer of "a coating on cookware to stop stuff sticking" was somehow less than satisfactory. While on a visiting fellowship to Princeton I asked the lady who issued the parking permits about it and she pointed me towards this site, where I can read "that man, as we know him, is the product, the outcome, of a genetic experiment by alien beings who needed slaves for their gold-mines in Africa and who therefore used DNA manipulation of already existing semi-humans to create what we know now as homo-sapiens". I backed out of the room slowly, thinking that catching the bus to work would not be too much trouble.
Holger, who owns this site, says that it will be back in November 2003. We can only wait and hope. PB October 2003

A very old map, so old that it has become fossilisedGenesis 6 Giants added 24 August 2002
Everyone is familiar with that old saying attributed to Isaac Newton about seeing further by standing on the shoulders of giants. But what if it was the other way around? What if the giants were standing on you? You might think that this is not possible as there are no giants any more, but you would be wrong. They are there, hiding and waiting, and they are not kind. When they come back, being stood on will be the least of our worries. Perhaps the giants were responsible for those ancient nuclear wars mentioned in the research section of this site, and if they could make maps like the one in the picture 120 million years ago, there will be no place to hide from them.

Very special added 16 August 2002
Today is the 25th anniversary of the last official sighting of Elvis Presley. As is the custom, I rented a Cadillac and drove down to Burger King. When I returned, there was a message on my voice mail singing the following words.

Well, the contrails are still streamin'
And Uri's still bending spoons
There's a place at the URL ratbags com
That's chock full of loons
You'll never be lonely, baby
You'll never be lonely, baby
You'll never be lonely while there's loons.

Though there's lots of faeries
I still can find some room
For conspiracy lovers
To warn us about doom.

There's perpetual motion engines
And ETs calling back.
But talk to the Popes about 666
Or be a chupacabra's snack.

The New King James Bible: Counterfeit added 16 August 2002

Don't be deceived. Just because it says "Bible" on the cover don't think you are getting a Bible. The Bible warned us about Bibles like this.

An Egyptian JavaScript programmerLaserway Antigravity Research Division added 16 August 2002
It really is amazing what those Egyptians knew and could do. We sit around wearing our Alex Chiu Immortality Rings and think that this is something new, but the old Egyptians were using neodymium magnets centuries ago to drive space ships and free energy devices. It is well known today that nobody today knows how the points were put on top of the pyramids. Various theories have been put forward, the silliest of which is that the points were put on last, but here we have real evidence that the Egyptians had anti-gravity technology available to do the job. There is also a clue on this site about why it took so long to build the pyramids - it was the JavaScript code used to write the embedded software for the anti-gravity machines. We still can't get that part right.

The red arrow points to the brothels - the troops must be kept amused.America, WAKE-UP! "Quadrant Sign Code"--EXPOSED! added 16 August 2002
Do you ever get lost? Have you ever been to a strange town and wondered why the road signs are never exactly right? There always seems to be a compromise, where the signs are close enough, but not as close as they should be to describing reality. Now we know why. It's because the accuracy that must be in the signs is that which is necessary for troop movements, military logistics, forced evacuations of the citizenry and access by UN soldiers, many of whom will come from foreign countries and be unfamiliar with the terrain. A sign pointing to a suburb or a shopping mall or a hospital only needs to point in approximately the right direction, but signs that show where the ammunition and crowd control equipment are located have to be precise. There must be no room for error when the citizens have to be rounded up, and the interrogators have to know where the camps are.

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