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September 2002

Where all the inventing and love-making takes place.700 Shuttles to End War on Earth added 30 September 2002
A long, long time ago, I can still remember how the warfare used to make us sad. We old and decrepit hippies remember when we took to the streets chanting "Make love, not war", and this site brought it all back to me. Here is a man who is not only looking for a cure for breast cancer and a way to travel at warp speed, but he wants to stop war. What makes it even more special is that he wants to find some wifes to make love to while he is stopping war. These brave women can't just be any old wifes, but must meet certain specifications, as they must be "women who are 50 + years old. MD or Ph.D. women who want to find the cure for cancer before we die. They must be Anti-War in General as General Orwell has suppressed light year travel and moon bases for war and oil money". When you also read that "Cruise ship orgies and nudists visits will add spice to the sex lives for us over 50 years old, working on a warp speed Shuttle" you know that this is a project that all women will want to be a part of. I have locked up my wife and daughters.

Signs of life are everywhere if you know where to look.~ GUTH Venus ~ added 30 September 2002
It's the first thing to appear in the sky after sunset and the last to disappear before sunrise. Scientists tell us that we can see Venus so clearly and brightly because it has high "albedo", but perhaps there is "libido" there as well among the creatures who lived there in the past (before the greenhouse effect set in) and may even be there today. Of course, government instrumentalities like NASA are not interested in the prospect of life on Venus. Or are they? Perhaps they know the truth and want to hide it from us, which is why they explore the place with high-powered lasers "offering little if anything towards humanitarian communications worthy aspects, is obviously having little if anything to do with calling upon our lizard folk neighbors, as those situated on Venus".

Sonya Fitzpatrick Animal Communicator The Pet Psychic on Animal Planet added 30 September 2002

Do you ever wonder where your dog is or what it is thinking? Sonya can help.

More proof than you could poke a stick at.History Of Moshakia From The Deluge To Columbus added 30 September 2002
Anthropologists studying the Australian Aborigine tribes have long known about the hegemony over the continent granted to Ham in 1569AA, and the hundreds of aboriginal language groups have always been accepted as evidence of the confounding of language after the fall of the Tower of Babel. When I was reading anthropology at university we looked into the oral legends of a great ship filled with kangaroos, koalas, platypuses, wallabies, bilbies, echidnas, emus and funnel-web spiders which had run aground on Mount Kuring-Gai after the big wet one year. It is good to see this site expanding this scholarship to show how the sons of Noah dealt with the rest of the primitive world.

Hebrew National Suicide added 30 September 2002

Now, there's a meaningful title. What's your hobby?

Loon of the Month

I had to select the professional paranoid as Loon of the Month so that he wouldn't think I was picking on him. Then again, I suppose I was paying him some attention. Oh well ...
The circling government operatives spiral in for  the kill.The Professional Paranoid Home Page: WWW Conspiracy search engine, TWA Flight 800, Crimes of the Intelligence Community, Police State Issues, Oklahoma Bombing, Books/Movies by H. Michael Sweeney added 30 September 2002
I like a site that lets you know up front what it is all about. When that title pops up in Google, you know immediately that this is serious stuff. I was a bit confused when I found that the page about the Nigerian letters that we all receive on an hourly basis was called "The Professional Paranoid's Page on Disinformation/Disinformationalists, featuring the 25 Rules of Disinformation and 8 Traits of a Disinformationalist", but finding out that the CIA were really behind the scam explained a lot. After all, if the title described what the page was really about, shadowy government figures would come around and remove the page. There are already several links on this site which lead to disappeared pages ...

A map of someone's intelligence?Super Intelligent Beings added 16 September 2002
In the same way that drummers like to hang around with musicians, I like to hang around with smart people. Not too smart, of course, because we have to have something in common. I once had lunch with a certified genius who had done all this impressive work with computer designs, but when it came to football he didn't know a leg bye from a slam dunk from a cue ball. I would be very worried if I had to have lunch with the people who run this site because they are super intelligent, not just ordinary, run-of-the-mill intelligent like me. If you tried to talk to them about baseball, they would have no idea what a field goal, a chukka or a penalty shoot-out were. I suppose, though, I could always talk to the salt shaker or the pot plant. Someone from the FBI will be listening, and they must know something about sport.

Animal Genitalia as Aphrodisiacs added 16 September 2002
I ordered coq au vin in a French restaurant the other evening, and my dinner companion got this far-away look in her eyes ...

This site has gone beyond detumescence, into the realm of flaccidity. PB October 2003

A pyramid and its cousinEarth/matriX: Science in Ancient Artwork & Science Today added 16 September 2002
One of the theories about why the pyramids were built is that they were the tombs of rulers. Well, it looks like Egypt didn't just have impressive political rulers but it had some awesome measuring rulers as well. How else could you explain the fact that the sides of the pyramids can be accurate to within one ten-millionth part of a foot? Of course, the Egyptians had to have this sort of accuracy if they were going to be able to make pyramids with square bases that were exactly the same area as some circles, because nobody else can make a circle and a square with the same area because they all think that pi is transcendental or something. Then there's the Aztec calendar ...

Ethical Raw Veganism added 16 September 2002

I feel sorry for plants, and now people want to eat them alive! If it wasn't plantist talk, I would say that this is nuts.

A lion passant gardantwww.exorcist.ws added 16 September 2002
Here is a site so dangerous that it has no name, other than the extremely self-referential use of its address. This site dares to reveal the truth behind the news, the truth that those in power would hide from us. The mention of the number 322 reminded me that next Sunday is 22 September, a date referred to as "9/22" in some parts of the world. You might say that 9 is not 3, but 9 is 3 times 3, and this will be the third 22nd of a month since the northern part of the world experienced the longest day of the year. It is also the equinox, when the length of the day is the same at both the north and south poles, and it is the birthday of some significant people. It is also a day which strongly reminds us of the passage of time, as it marks 100 days before the next new year and the average length of a human pregnancy since the last happy new year party. Could this all be coincidence? I think not.

The words of the prophets are written on the cathouse wallsAre cats for true Christians? added 16 September 2002
As I sit here typing this, a cat is watching me. It is sitting in a cardboard box. I do not know why this cat will sit in any box that is left on the floor, but there is a lot about cats that I don't know. I have another cat who climbs into sinks and wash basins to drink from dripping taps. This cat does not sit in boxes. There is a third cat here somewhere. One day I found it in front of the television, apparently absorbed in watching a rugby union match. One of the teams was the New Zealand All Blacks, who wear a black uniform with a small silver fern on the front. The cat has black fur with a small silver patch on its chest. We suspected some form of spiritual connection, perhaps even reincarnation. What I have never seen a cat do is read the Bible.

Well, that didn't take long, did it? This site disappeared within a week of being featured here, apparently because it violated Angelfire's terms of service for web hosting. The list of things you can't do with an Angelfire web site seems to include most human activities which are even vaguely interesting, but I didn't see explicit mention of saying that Christians should not own cats. A mystery. PB October 2002

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