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October 2002

Map of GalileeUFOs: A Biblical Perspective added 31 October 2002
There are five letters in the name "Jesus" and He is sometimes referred to as "The One". Five. One. 51. Area 51. What more needs to be said? Lots, actually, because the churches have been hiding the truth from us for centuries. They knew about the hidden messages in the Bible. Sure, we all recognised the references to spaceships in Ezekiel, but there is so much more that we didn't know. This site asks "What would Jesus do?" and answers "He'd tell the truth about UFOs". Well, of course He would. He wouldn't be the real Jesus if He didn't tell the truth.

Borley Rectory added 31 October 2002

Looking for somewhere peaceful for a holiday? Here's a perfect guest house. Just keep an eye on the other guests.

This will fix your magnetic fieldCosmic Beam Therapy in a Nutshell added 31 October 2002
I have been having problems lately with my aura. Sometimes the prana fluctuates so widely that I get exhausted just trying to keep up with the mood swings. It got twice as bad after last weekend when daylight saving started and my mana lost synchronicity with the qi. I will admit that there are some advantages to this because when my aura gets really bright at night time I can read in bed without having the light on, although my wife says that the constant hum of my collapsing energy cycles can cause a tickling sensation in her chakras and make her irritable. The cats are a bit disturbed by the hand mudra gestures, but I suppose everything will be fine as soon as I have an ascendant kundalini.

Paisley Print - Burn It - Don't Wear It added 31 October 2002

I once bought a paisley tie woven from goat hair. If only I had known!

Original Arthurian graffitiArthur, America, and the Comet --or-- The Invisible Kingdom added 31 October 2002
There's this old saying, "He doesn't know whether he's Arthur or Martha", which is used to denote indecision or confusion. I think we are seeing a case of it here with the real Arthur. The man was supposed to be looking for the Holy Grail, and any schoolperson knows that the most likely place to look for it would be somewhere near where the Last Supper was supposed to have taken place. Is it any wonder that Arthur and his friends failed to find it when they were looking in New York instead of Jerusalem? You would think that someone would have asked why it took so long to sail from Dover to Calais.

The Arthurian experts have issued a response. You can see it here. PB October 2003

Loon of the Month

For some reason, religion seemed to feature a lot this month, but it finally came down to a choice between Christian rock and Gibraltar rock. This is known in the trade as a "hard choice".
Some fashionable and stylish hairDune - Gibraltar, The Fremen and The Way added 31 October 2002
I thought that Dune was one of the most tedious books I had ever tried to read, and I watched enough of the film to see why Sting had a successful career as a singer rather than as an actor. Imagine my amazement, then, to find out that this cinematic void was really the sequel to Revelation. The Gibraltar connection caught my eye as well, because anyone with my name always has his attention piqued by any combination of "rock" and "religion" (that's mineral type rock, of course, not the musical sort mentioned below). There was more to learn from this site, though. I always thought that the Union Jack was called that because it was the jack flag of a political entity that united several countries. Now I know better.

Get the message?Galactic Messenger added 16 October 2002
One of the problems of modern life is that we are all too busy to do all the things that we need to do. It is just as well, then, that there are people who can take on the task of communicating with aliens and spaceships so that the rest of us can get on with the minutiae and the mundane. Of course, one day we will all be able to share the wealth of our planet if we follow the guidance of one who is "a cosmic adept whose ESP-telepathic organs of perception are opened to the degree of being able to balance the negative energies of this planet's aura in relativity, and thus channel the high gamma energies of synthesis affirmatives". I can hardly wait.

How to recognize Indo-Mongol-Satanoids added 16 October 2002
Have you ever wondered how you would recognise the Devil if you met him? Here are some clues. I hope more clues get added some day.

Unfortunately all the clues have gone. Maybe the Devil went down to Georgia. PB October 2003

The very last Adam you will see before it all ends in 2001.The Last Adam added 16 October 2002
It must have been a simple and peaceful life for The First Adam, who had nothing to do all day except to look for a root (he was a vegetarian). The First Adam probably never thought about how, 6000 years later, The Last Adam would look to the sun and see The Moment of Truth. Even when The First Eve came along to help The First Adam in his daily quest, the two of them probably gave little thought to the people who live in the sun, or to the UFOs that those sun people would one day use to travel around space. Living all those years ago, they would have been spared the worry of knowing that the world was going to end in 2001. It was left to The Last Adam and us to find out that awful fact.

Testimonies of Young People and Christian Rock added 16 October 2002

And when you meet the Devil, you can sing along with him.

Get your mind around this.Metatech: Top class information on aliens, mind control etc added 16 October 2002
This information really is top class, and I am pleased about that because there is a lot of second-rate information about and it is easy to get confused and misled. You have to be careful, of course, if you are going to give out top class information because there are people out there who might want to keep things hidden. Why else would all those UFO researchers have been assassinated, and why would the record stores be full of venomous CDs, and why would Hollywood be putting all that mind-control into the movies if there wasn't any plan to keep the masses cowed and controlled?

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