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This is an alphabetical list of the sites mentioned in Quintessence of the Loon.

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Irish UFOlogy November 2001
Is Deuterium Oxide Killing Us? Jerry W. Decker November 2003
Is the Magic Number 7 Relevant to Web Page Design May 2002
Is the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt a CPU? August 2002
Is this a picture of a soul catcher? Rayelan Allan March 2001
Jack Chick Jack Chick Religion
James Henry Graf James Henry Graf September 2000
JC Penney EZ Internet Chair December 2001
Jeff Rense Jeff Rense December 1999
Jesus Was a Vegetarian March 2001
Joseph Newman Mad Science
Kevin Warwick Professor of Cybernetics, University of Reading Kevin Warwick December 2000
Key Of Eden - Dedicated to assisting the Ascension Process Leah Ince February 2002
The Key to the Mystery: Thiaoouba Prophecy, future of humanity… Tom Chalko September 2000
The Kingdom of Landreth July 2001
Kirlian Photography November 2000
Kirlian Research Network November 2002
The Klingon Language Institute February 2000
The Koala Bear Asleep in the Gum Tree Karen Danrich Danrich November 2003
Kronia December 2000
Lady Morgana Starsinger's Realm September 2001
Landover Baptist Church February 2000
The Language of Light December 2000
Laserway Antigravity Research Division August 2002
The Last Adam Bayram Bala October 2002
Last Trumpet Ministries Online Pastor David J. Meyer September 2001
Lawsonomy April 2001
Learn to Be Your Own Psychic April 2002
Leeches USA December 2001
Leopard Geckos December 2002
Lesbian Studies Institute Steve Lashuk June 2002
Lettuce Ladies March 2001
Life after death ~ Is Heaven Real? A. Ray Stanford December 2000
Life Gem December 2002
Light, Atoms, Galaxies and Gravity John Sefton May 2001
Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation Christopher & Jeannine Marie Jelm April 2002
Linguistic archaeology Edo Nyland January 2002
Linus Pauling's Hidden Cure for Heart Disease Linus Pauling October 1999
Living On Light Jasmuheen 1998
The Lizardman May 2002
Loch Ness Monster Mad Science
Los Angeles County Coroner's Office Gift Shop // Skeletons in the Closet September 2000
Loving Soul: the OHC is closing, resting before reincarnation. November 2000
Low-Emission Computers August 2002
Lunar Embassy December 1999
macinTOSH November 1999
Mad Pride July 2000
Maharishi Global Construction: Architecture in Accord with Natural Law November 2002
The Majestic Documents Robert Wood Conspiracy 2001
Making Star Trek Real Jack Sarfatti May 2000
Man is as old as coal Ed Conrad Mad Science
Marie-José Perec September 2000
Marilyn Monrobot March 2002
Mars Anomaly Research Jeffrey McCann December 2002
The Mars Records January 2001
Mars Revealer Presents: A Martian Revelation!! Gary Leggiere June 2001
Marta Williams, Animal Communicator Marta Williams September 2000
Math, Science, Education, Ancient Egypt, and Atlantis William Lauritzen June 2001
Matrix, artificial synchronicity, language manipulation and reality December 2001
The McDaniel Report Newsletter Stanley V. McDaniel June 2001
The Measuring Stick Samuel Davids August 2001
Medical Astrology February 2001
Medical Marijuana Christmas Tree December 2002
The Merlin Foundation for Psychic Freedom December 2000
MetaSyn Media Master Access Michael Wells Mandeville July 2002
Metatech: Top class information on aliens, mind control etc Stephanie Relfe October 2002
Method for verifying human identity during electronic sale transactions June 2000
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy November 2001
Mike the Headless Chicken May 2001
The Millenium Virtual Stables March 2002
Millennium Ark Stan and Holly Deyo November 1999
Mind Control Forum March 1999
A Mind Control Incident in Ohio Carol Paliwoda July 2001
Mind Uploading Home Page Joe Strout May 1999
modelmodel.com September 2001
Modern Vastu (Energy) Science Kirti Betai July 2001
The MoJoMoon Magick Shoppe Jo Licciardi-Martinez May 2002
Monkeys of Eden - the telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth Andrew Hennessey December 2003
The Monroe Institute Out of Body
Moon Fakers? December 1999
More Messages from the Dead Joya Pope April 2000
Mothers 35 Plus - Placenta Etiquette! January 2002
Mulletsgalore.com July 2001
Mummification for Pets & Animals September 2000
Muses on the Born Again Fish Ellis C Taylor November 2002
Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health March 1999
Mushrooms and Mankind James Arthur May 1999
MusicAcupuncture - Listen your way to health November 2003
Mutant Watch February 2000
The Mysterious Life and Death of Philip Schneider August 2001
The Mystery of The Nazca lines and geoglyphs Alla Belokon February 2002
Nancy Nancy Luft January 2000
Native American Healing Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D. October 1999
The Nephilim Resistance Task Force July 2000
NetHypnosis Dr Bryan Knight October 2001
The New Being Project December 2001
New Initiations from Ancient Egypt - Attaining the State of a Vibrational Steward or Beyond Karen Danrich March 2001
The New King James Bible: Counterfeit Terry Watkins August 2002
The New Model Army: America January 2002
The Nibiruan Council Jelaila Starr February 2000

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