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This is a list of the authors who can be identified for sites featured in Quintessence of the Loon

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Author SitePage
Douglas Webb Pooley FLASH 3/3/1 - 3/7/1 Conspiracy 2001
Joya Pope More Messages from the Dead April 2000
Lloyd Pye Everything You Know Is Wrong December 1999
Steve Quayle Genesis 6 Giants August 2002
Gene Ray Time Cube March 1999
Stephanie Relfe Metatech: Top class information on aliens, mind control etc October 2002
Jeff Rense Jeff Rense December 1999
Dennis Paul Richardson Today's UFO's March 2001
Ronald Roose Postal Inspectors On The Rampage November 2000
Dr Amber Rose Bee in Balance May 2000
Michael C. Ruppert From The Wilderness June 2002
Joe Russa SUNEYE - The Ultimate Out-of-Body and Lucid Dream Guide February 2001
Vassula Ryden True Life in God - Vassula April 2001
Michael E. Salla PhD Exposing the Clandestine/ET Agenda to Control Human Consciousness October 2003
Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Blood Predator February 2001
Anders Sandberg Transhumanist Resources April 2002
Jack Sarfatti Making Star Trek Real May 2000
Robert Sarmast The Discovery of Atlantis February 2004
George T. Sassoon The Ancient of Days: Deity or Manna Machine? June 2001
Michael Scheifler Antichrist, 666, and the Harlot Church Dressed in Purple and Scarlet June 2002
John Sefton Light, Atoms, Galaxies and Gravity May 2001
Rupert Sheldrake Rupert Sheldrake Online March 2001
Ishvar Alora Sheran Ascended Earth May 2002
David Shoemaker Crash Debris June 2001
Jack Shulman Reverse-Engineering Roswell UFO Technology August 2000
Cui Silong Theory of Analytical Space-Time November 2002
George Simpson ET Corn Gods Language and Game April 2002
Joseph P. Skipper Mars Anomaly Research December 2002
Sherman H. Skolnick The Chandra Levy Affair Conspiracy 2001
John Ennes - SOLLOG Bill Gates is a SATANIC worshiper June 2002
Reice Sosoe Reice Sosoe's Metaphysical Website Out of Body
Shari Soza Crystallized In Tranquility March 2002
Jacqueline Stallone Rumpology April 2002
A. Ray Stanford Life after death ~ Is Heaven Real? December 2000
Jelaila Starr The Nibiruan Council February 2000
Fred Sterling Inward Healing for the Great Shift December 2000
Todd Strandberg Rapture Ready March 2001
Jennis Strickland Access to Cheops: The Well of Light March 1999
Joe Strout Mind Uploading Home Page May 1999
Jan-Ove Sundberg Global Underwater Search Team May 2002
H. Michael Sweeney The Professional Paranoid Home Page: WWW Conspiracy search engine, TWA Flight 800, Crimes of the Int September 2002
Ellis C Taylor Muses on the Born Again Fish November 2002
Gary V. Tenuta Gematria Research May 2000
Champion Teutsch A.T.I.M. Academy November 2000
Kerry Thornley Watergate - Confession to Conspiracy June 2002
Susanna Thorpe-Clark Susanna Thorpe-Clark August 2001
David Trosch Could October 5th be the day death and destruction begins? November 2002
Brenda Tucker 100 Year Old News: Theosophy and the Human Dino January 2001
Dr. A. Van Beveren Dr. A. Van Beveren - Biochemist/Physiologist October 1999
Dr. Bertha L. Veronneau, D.D.,D.Sc. Alternative Medicine October 1999
Stella Vidal The Dog Diaper Home Page April 1999
Neale Walsch Conversations with God January 2001
Kevin Warwick Kevin Warwick Professor of Cybernetics, University of Reading December 2000
Terry Watkins The New King James Bible: Counterfeit August 2002
Rev. Dr Dianne Weinberger B.Msc. M.Ms Ph.D International Academy of Vibrational Therapy May 2001
Tom Wells Who can and who cannot give money to The Family Values Party February 2002
Jon Whale Ph.D. Whale Medical October 1999
James Whisler Powered by Christ Ministries August 2002
Marta Williams Marta Williams, Animal Communicator September 2000
John Williams The CIA's Plot to Destroy Psychic Research December 2000
Dore Williamson Spirit of Prophecy, The Second Coming of Christ November 2001
Alan Wilson Arthur, America, and the Comet --or-- The Invisible Kingdom October 2002
Dan Winter Crystal Hill MultiMedia and School for Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion November 2000
Robert Wood The Majestic Documents Conspiracy 2001
David Yallop In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I June 1999
Ed Yardeni Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network November 1999
Alan Yu Invisible Personnel and criminal Life Control Surveillance System Conspiracy 2001

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