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Pastoral Symphony?Sonic Bloom added 8 April 2000
"Stephie, Stephie, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells and big speakers all in a row."

Back in January I mentioned that there was a relationship between music and crop circles. Now here's more news about music and agriculture. Most of this site is your normal health fraud stuff, but this page caught my eye. Who would have thought that you could fertilise plants with sound, but apparently sound makes the little holes in the leaves open up so that the plants can breathe better and soak up the other stuff you sell to make them grow. You have to be a bit careful about the sort of music you play, though, because another page on this site tells us that rock music makes mice more aggressive. I suppose you just have to arrange the musical program so that the mice get aggressive enough to kill each other but the music isn't loud enough to damage the delicate stomata (or attract alien spaceships).

This page also mentions the late Christopher Bird. Remember him? He was the one who first told us to talk to our plants. A true icon of the loonity movement, and one who will be missed.

I listed the site above in April 2000. Someone must have been listening to rock music and just had to tell me about myself.

Date sent: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 01:43:42 -0400
From: Bill & Linda Clayborne
To: loon@ratbags.com
Subject: What kind of critical thinking are YOU lacking?

Dear Master in Lunacy,

It seems that you have a categorically mis-informed perspective on many legitimate topics. It is obvious that you obsess over concepts and theories that you so smugly and pompously dismiss because of lack of "evidence", do have more than anecdotal evidence in confirming them as "real". The site you say "most of this page is normal health fraud stuff", has many legitimate alternatives to what is normally prescribed for some common chronic conditions. It wouldn't surprise me if you have a doctor that knows very little or nothing about basic nutrition. Putting all your personal "medical trust " in them while unbeknownst to you, they are slowly poisoning you with a barrage of "medicine".

Your way of rationalizing and packaging what you don't understand via orthodox scientific dogma, has you coming across as a victim of pseudo science. I hope for your own sake that you at least avail yourself to some of the alternatives to the stubborn body maintenance paradigms that still persist. You are not a "skeptic". You are wearing blinders. An obedient slave to absurd lies . It's easy to see who you're serving and the dung you are being spoon fed.

Yours Truly,

P.S. , Leave David Icke alone,

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