The Millenium Project 

Harassment Assistance Tool

Inspired by the actions of the Gutless Anonymous Liar, I created the Millenium Project Harassment Assistance Tool. Using this free service, you could abuse people and tell them lies while hiding your identity in a cloak of cowardice.

For obvious reasons I didn't want to be in the anonymous remailer business, so I deactivated the form as soon as the joke wore off. You can see what it looked like below, but filling it in and clicking won't cause any messages to be sent.

Step 1
Enter the email address of the person you want to lie to:
Step 2
Enter the email address that you want to pretend the lies came from:
Step 3
Who do you want to pretend to be?
Step 4
Enter the title for your pack of lies:
Step 5
Type in the lies: