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Royal Tongan Limu

One of the great frauds of medical quackery sold through a pyramid scheme. Not sadly, it has gone. Here is how the bad news was relayed to the suckers, sorry, distributors:

255 Premier Boulevard, Suite 500
Lake Mary, FL 32746

July 18, 2003

Re: Dynamic Essentials, Inc.'s Business Closure

Dear Distributor:

Dynamic Essentials (DE), Inc. ("DEI") is closing its business operations. It will no longer sell products or accept new distributors. In connection with the closure, all Distributor Applications and Agreements (the "Agreements") are terminated effective thirty (30) days from the date of this letter pursuant to the terms of the Agreements and DEI's Policies and Procedures ("Policies"). All commissions and bonuses earned through the date of termination will be paid to you. All final commissions and bonuses will be calculated as of today.

As you are aware, upon termination of your Agreement, you must abide by certain post-termination covenants including, but not limited to, maintaining the confidentiality of any proprietary and/or confidential information of DEI in your possession, and immediately ceasing the use of any trademark, service mark or copyright of DEI and representing yourself as a distributor of DEI. After receipt of the commissions and bonuses due to you, if any, as stated above, no additional commissions, bonuses or other remunerations will be paid.

DEI wishes you good luck in your future business ventures.

Very truly yours,


By: Gary Raser
Its: President

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