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This is a collection of books related to the various categories in this site. You can buy these books from by clicking on the titles and a small percentage of the purchase price will go towards the costs of running the site.

You may wonder why I have listed some books that are not recommended. There will not be many of them, and they are here because I don't want to be accused of ignoring opposing points of view and, as people are going to buy them, I rather like the irony of the situation anyway.

Book of the Week

Facts Versus Fears : A Review of the Greatest Unfounded Health Scares of Recent Times by Adam J. Lieberman and Simona C. Kwon. It seems that every time you pick up the paper there is another horror story about some health threat from food, the environment, vaccines, or any number of other sources. This book looks at the things we have worried about needlessly.

Some good reading

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