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There are some amazing facts about the great Pyramid of Khufu. For example, the top of it points to a place in the sky immediately above Egypt, and if you drop a perpendicular line from the top downwards it not only passes through the point of the intersection of the two diagonals of the pyramid's base but, if extended, it would pass approximately almost exactly somewhere near the centre of the earth. If you measure the diagonal between two corners on the base and divide by the length of one of the base sides, you get a number almost exactly equal to the square root of two. The south-eastern corner is in an exact straight line alignment with the south-eastern corner of the neighbouring Khafre's Pyramid. If you divide the four lines between the corners of the base and the top using the ratio 2/pi and mark points there, at least two of these points will be in direct sunlight during all daylight hours, and all four points will be touched by the sun each day. Amazing!

The owner of the above site, listed here in October 2001, took pains to point out to me my lack of understanding.

Hi there,

I just wanted to say that I welcome the flow of traffic from your site to mine, especially as a recent addition to your list. I'm a great advocate of free speech and don't mind bearing the brunt of constructive criticism. I don't even mind any other kind of criticism either, as it makes me look good. It is such a shame, 'though, when people don't take the time to thoroughly investigate a subject before commenting. They tend to damage themselves rather than the object of their derision. Considering my sites have been up and running for years, I'm surprised it has taken someone associated with the skeptics association, traditionally associated with such activity, so long to aim their barbs at me. However, I certainly didn't expect my archaeoastronomy site to be the target, considering my reseach findings won the academic support of a deep space physicist at the University of Newcastle (Australia), the head of the Department of Classics and Archaeology at Monash University (Melbourne) and an Egyptologist from the University of Wales. Not to mention the favourable expressions of interest in my work I have had from other academics across the world, via email.

Let me guess: you saw astrology in the title, didn't really take much time to read the info on the site, which was probably a bit beyond you anyway, and decided to add it to your list. If you had thoroughly investigated my site, you would have stumbled across the link to my ASTROLOGY site!! Now that says heaps. You can add it to your list if you like , because the proof is always in the pudding. Now that is a site that should give you and your fellow skeptics enjoyable moments to savour the security that comes from unenlightened ignorance. I presume you know who Sir Isaac Newton is, as well as Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Pythagorus, to name but a few. I bet you didn't know they were all Astrologers. Sir Isaac Newton, when questioned on his involvement with Astrology said "Sir, I have studied it and you have not." Enjoy your reading! If you class me as a ratbag, I'm proud to be one, especially considering the honourable company of astrologers I keep.



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