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The Quintessence of the Loon site was retired in 2020, but the mail to the site during the five years of its life was worth keeping. This page was retained from the site.

Lots of mail comes into Headquarters of the Loon. A lot of it contains suggestions for inclusion in the collection, and I am really grateful for these (I couldn't find all this stuff by myself). Many people tell me how much they like the site, and I appreciate this enormously because it is nice to know that the effort is worthwhile. I haven't published any of this mail because it always looks a bit silly and pretentious when you see someone publishing a load of praise of themself. A couple of authors of sites featured here seem to have added me to their mailing lists but that doesn't count either way.

Some correspondence seemed to require its own pages:

This is a general comment about the site. This email would have made it into Full Canvas Jacket if it had been sent to a newsgroup. You can buy the book mentioned in the email by clicking here.

To: <loon@ratbags.com>
Date sent: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 01:33:08 -0700

Read Coming To Our Senses,Body & Spirit in the Hidden History of the West by Morris Berman,to understand the processes and or dynamics with regard to those you deem loons and 'why' and 'how' these people indicate a radical process taking place that indeed must be paid careful attention to. You 'may' learn something! But then again you may not, for this book will indeed get you right in the gut so to speak with regard to all and everything youv'e ever been taught and learned through History and books. If you do comprehend and or understand this body of incredible information about the human being I assure you that you wont be so quick to dismiss and or deem people loons who can not and no longer buy into the neat sanitizied reality you are imprisoned in through bogus historical data fed on down through time to keep control and consistent watch for, and over the fears that beset and run your life in every which way but loose. Your 'truly' afraid! The entire contents of your site expose this blatenly, though you at this time can not comprehend nor feel or see this. Yes, there 'are' those who misconstrue and sound looney but I assure there is a reason, and the majority are not! This is an indication of unconscious processes taking place that indeed validate changes for the entire human growth development areas nessassary for new and better horizons to take place for all of us. In the mean time you'll find all kinds of tripped out weird stuff to publish on your site, but if you dare to educate yourself a little bit, you may not be so quick to condemn,judge and banish others for dynamics that have to do with evolution of the human mind and soul itself. Some of these people are on to things that may indeed be pertinent to your own betterment and or development, you have to separate the wheat from the schaff with regard to them all. Dont you know that a tree that will not bend, will break! In light of this, the new mellenium, and the vast advanced technologies upon us, and the obvious backward ill considered and ill informed it would behoove us to come at least up to neck and neck with the advancements of technologys rather than to end up being left behind in the dust with regard to ignorents. How you will take the information from this book could go two ways, and depending on how rigid,fixed and anal retentive you are will determine whether your I.Q. can be upped considerable notches from where you have condemed yourself to be now. I really do hope you learn something if indeed you have the care or interest to investigate areas with regard to your own let alone everyones survival. If nothing, you can deem the author, and those in the bibliography section loons one by one to add fuel to the fire of your site that really wishes to burn these souls down. I hate to talk to people this way, but somehow and sometimes really mean spirited people not only need to hear things like this, they indeed ask for it!

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