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added 24 March 1999
I just had to include this because the site author confused <title> with <keywords>. Yes, that really is the title of the web page, and as it suggests, this has something for everyone. Someone told this person that you attract attention with colour and movement. The movement is in the strange face graphic seen at right. The colour - well, you will just have to see for yourself.

I listed the site above in March 1999. A small boy was not impressed.

Date sent: Wed, 5 May 1999 15:39:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bart Simpson thisoneguy@rocketmail.com
Subject: how long have you been on the net

Another question for ya... how many hits do you get to your website per day? I bet anything that watcher website, whom you have chosen to ridicule because of their site design instead of content, get many more hits daily than you do.

You stated that you included the page from watcher website on your loon list because, as you put it, the author has "confused" the title with the keywords. I advise you to change your explanation, lest you be exposed as the naive newbie that you are. It is clear to any webmaster who has been online as long as I have that the reason a person lists "keywords" in their title is not out of confusion, but rather out of knowledge of how search engines work. There are particular search engines which utilize a ratio of words appearing in the title, and how well these words match the content of the page. Not all search engines utilize the META tag "keywords", and so making the title a list of keywords, as you put it, can be beneficial. If you doubt this explanation, and still want to make fun of watcher website's webmastering technique, I suggest you put it to the test. Why don't you figure out what you think keywords would be for their page, and then go to your favorite "mainstream" search engine like Lycos or AltaVista or Infoseek and type in these keywords, AND THEN SEE HOW HIGH IN THE RANKINGS THEIR PAGE APPEARS.

You might learn something.

G'day Bart,

I love your TV show and I appreciate how busy you must be, so thank you for taking the time to write to me.

You ask me how long I have been on the 'net. The answer is "A long time, boy". (You don't mind me calling you "boy", do you? After all, it is what your father calls you.) I was around when a web was just something Marge swept from the corners of the ceiling. But enough frivolity - there are important issues to discuss here.

First, you accuse me of ridiculing the design rather than the content of a site. By implication, anything mentioned on the Quintessence site is having its content ridiculed. In this case there was nothing I could add which would make the content of the Watcher site appear more ridiculous than it already does. It is a self-inflicted injury, and to do more than just point to it would be spiteful.

Second, you lecture me about how search engines work and seem to suggest that it is quite usual to have a collection of keywords rather than a title. I see a lot of web pages every day (sometimes hundreds), but I have to admit that I rarely, if ever, see a page without a title. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places. I suggest that you offer your expertise to the major search engines and the big web users. I am sure they will treat your advice with the respect they always give to people mailing from anonymous accounts and pretending to be cartoon characters. I know I do.

Speaking of anonymous accounts and cartoon characters, you should have a look at Yahoo's rules about proper identification for users of their mail system. You might learn something.

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