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This entry appeared in September 2000. Mr Graf wrote to me about it himself, and it also generated the first and second pieces of hate mate ever received at Quintessence of the Loon.

James henry Graf - tortureeJames Henry Graf added 15 September 2000
Some would say that the new millennium is here. Others would not, but they can be safely ignored. Mr Graf is sure and tells us here about what is going to happen, and it is not a pretty picture. Harassed and hounded by the forces of evil, he stands alone in warning us that what happened (and is happening even today) to him could be the fate of all of us. Well, of all of you, because I am in Australia where things are safe. For the moment, that is, because who knows what secret deals and civil rights negations are being arranged and agreed by the rich and powerful assembled here for the athletics carnival? Why, the government issued me with a special identity pass only the day before yesterday. They say it is a ticket to the Olympic Games, but I know that it has a microchip in it.

At least one person likes being listed here.

From: "James Graf"
Subject: "Loons of September"
Date sent: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 23:07:23 -0500


This is to thank you for including my web site on your "Loons of September" page. I need all the publicity I can get.

They say God works in mysterious ways. Serendipity plays a significant role in human experience. There's no way of knowing how many persons may have visited my site via the link on your page, or how profoundly the literacy, logic, sanity, and sincerity present therein may have surprised and impressed them.

To assist visitors in abandoning their facetiousness and grasping the very real and urgent issues involved, I have placed on the home page a prominent link to "Please Make the UN Do Its Job" http://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/makeun.html. This summarizes my story and attempts to convey a simple reality. Discrimination, corruption, and coverup are the really big story. These lend credibility to the more sensational aspects.

Because my circumstance unites two powerful issues, the use of electromagnetic weapons as torture devices and the horrendous treatment that refugees face everywhere, many others have died -- will die -- because nobody will listen to me.

The situation deteriorates daily. In a surprise move, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has named former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers to succeed Mrs. Sadako Ogata as High Commissioner for Refugees, passing over, at the behest of an unnamed government, two other distinguished and well-qualified candidates http://www.earthtimes.org/oct/unitednationskofiannanoct27_00.htm. It was during Lubbers' tenure as Prime Minister of the Netherlands that the European Parliament passed its _Resolution on the Asylum Policy of Certain Member States_, dated 19 June, 1987. This noted "the flagrant violations of human rights and international law perpetrated by border officials who, in particular at Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and London airports, are forcibly returning ever increasing numbers of asylum-seekers to the countries through which they have passed previously or even those countries from which they have had to flee," and called upon Member States to desist from such practices. Lubbers was also in charge of the Dutch Government whose human rights offenses I report in "Hard Realities" http://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/hardreal.html. It is very unlikely that de heer Lubbers will advocate strongly for the principles and procedures set forth in the UNHCR's "Handbook on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status" http://www.unhcr.ch/refworld/legal/handbook/handeng/hbtoc.htm, which requires that asylum claims be processed fairly on their individual merits.

It may surprise you to know that your own country, Australia, imprisons and shackles juvenile refugees (see http://www.theage.com.au/news/2000/12/07/FFX48UM9EGC.html and http://www.theage.com.au/news/2000/12/04/FFXW9UXN9GC.html). Mindless, insensate cruelty has become the norm. My UN complaints against Denmark and the Netherlands just might turn things around. Without knowing it, you may have directed to my web site persons of essential decency who could play a part in that necessary reversal of inhumane policies. Who knows?

James Henry Graf
Unacknowledged Prisoner of Conscience ("confined to a village") and "non-person" trapped in "Virtual America," "A Nation In Denial."
James Henry Graf's Angelfire Home: http://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf JH Graf's Human Rights Forum (Delphi): http://www.delphi.com/jhgraf/start

Someone did not like it.

Date sent: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:10:23 -0700
From: Lisa Breshears
Subject: jhgraf

Dear Peter;

After reading your web-site I know why Bowditch rhymes with son-of-a-bitch.

Concerning your taking James Graf's picture without permission, and reprinting it to appease your sick, and twisted sense of humor; you're an educated idiot! Who wasted money on your schooling!!!

I don't care what James says in self defense, or what he doesn't say. He's too sick physically to defend himself against maggots like you.

So here, you sick twisted worm, take my picture, and put it up next to his if you have the balls, but if you use my name in anyway related whatsoever, I will call my attorney, I guess you call them solicitors, and sue you until you are old, and ugly, and more wrinkled than James could ever think of becoming.

I'd just like to tell you that before you do that, my solicitor has more vowels in his name than you could ever imagine, so you'd better get ready for a hell of a fight, because though my picture looks sweet, that was more than 20 years ago, and I've become one son-of-a-bitch myself because of cruel, and sick ass holes like yourself who enjoy tormenting others for no purpose excepting their own demented entertainment.

You want to hurt someone who has never offended you, you just come right on, you tasteless, cruel, bastard!!! You're just like Kerry Packer, and the rest of your lot: Vicious, jealous, and ugly right to the bone!!

You want to fight with someone, why don't you pick someone who is well enough to fight with you like myself. You just let me know the minute the bell rings, because I'm nasty enough to be waiting for you. You're probably so fucking ugly you'd never dare put any picture of yourself on the Internet, you slimy worm, jerk!!!

Why don't you just crawl back into that black demented hole you call a brain, and get-off-it!! You're a wasted piece of human flesh God wasted his time creating.

Fuck off, Peter!!!

The mysterious PeterBI must comment here about pictures. Firstly, I did not take Mr Graf's picture - I reproduced the one on his own site. Secondly, I can't put Lisa's picture here, not because I am frightened of her lawyer with all the vowels, but because she did not send it to me. Thirdly, the official authorised Internet picture of me appears in several places on the web, one of them being at the right of this very screen.

It seems that Lisa was even more upset than it would appear from the above email, and returned to the keyboard some time later. Again, unfortunately, her pictures did not arrive.

Date sent: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:59:55 -0700
From: Lisa Breshears
Subject: jhgraf

If you didn't prefer that picture of me calling you a dirty son-of-a-bitch, perhaps you'd prefer this one!!! Now, who did you say is a loon, you disgusting childish freak???! Would you like to call another sick person a 'loon' without their permission??? You left your emotions back in your adolescence, you filthy Cretan!!!

No doubt you're as ugly as you are cruel. Did they make fun of you in High School because you are so ugly, and such a nerd mis-fit that you had to comb the Internet finding someone who is ill so you'd have a picture to show that is uglier than you are???

I'm going to start a web-site calling it the "World's Most Vicious, and Ugly Computer Jerks", and your picture is going to be shown first. You probably don't even have the guts to post one on your own Web-site you slimy, vituperous, turd!

You have the guts to write me back, and defend yourself, you ugly, puke, you know the e-mail address:


Say hello to that shit breath Murdoch for me, he's just as ugly, and vicious as Kerry Packer, and you are. That's why you have to try to pick on the sick, and innocent. You think you're so gifted with a computer, but you're emotionally retarded little shit-head!!

Bye the way, what year was it that they let your ancestors out of prison, and ship you off to Australia???

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