The Dog Diaper Home Page
"The woman was screaming and holding her head. I pushed past her and looked into the room beyond, unprepared for the shock. There was blood everywhere, on the walls, on the carpet. In the middle of the room was a human hand, an expensive watch on what was left of the wrist. In three corners of the room sat three dogs – a Doberman, a Rottweiler and a pit bull. All were licking their lips, and in front of each dog was a red cloth object like a turban.

"I turned to the woman, who had calmed down a little, and said 'What happened here?' Through sobs, she said 'My husband was going to take the dogs for a walk. He just went in to put the diapers on them'. I understood. Dogs can stand only so much embarrassment."
(Extract from my new novel "Cerberus: Dog Psychiatrist")

Sadly, this site seems to have been picked up in one of those little plastic bags that responsible dog owners carry when they go walkies and dropped into the appropriate receptacle.