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[Full spectrum dead in October 2921. An opportunity lost to the world.]

Sometimes I hate my conscience (30/5/2020)
ome of the things my parents did to disadvantage me in the pursuit of great riches were to teach me about ethics, morality, truth and respecting others. If they hadn't done that I could have started a pyramid scheme or sold magic cures to gullible people for a lot of money.

I'm a member of a local community writers' group, and at the most recent meeting I gave everyone there a USB thumb drive containing my four published books. For free! I could have charged them, of course, but the real missed opportunity was what I could have done with the $2 thumb drives.

As these things contain "proprietary holographic nanolayer catalyst technology" it is obvious that they must be expensive. The web site promoting these things offers them for only £283 each (at the exchange rate at the time of writing this was about a month's rent on my flat), a definite bargain to get all that technology and protection.

The BBC wasted time and money actually taking one of these things apart and to nobody's surprise found out that they are USB drives available at any stationery store with a piece of plastic glued to them.

There is no possibility that the people selling these things are not aware of the fraud they are committing. If someone went into a bank wearing a ski mask and carrying a sawn-off shotgun the courts would laugh at them if they said they didn't know that stealing was a bad thing to do. There is an old saying in the law, "Ignorance is no defence", but there is no way that these thieves could be ignorant of the fact that they were deliberately stealing money.

But wait, there's more! If you get together with your neighbours you can take advantage of a special offer to protect three houses.

I can think of one good use for these things and that would be to use them as suppositories to protect the thieves from accidental exposure to morality. At least three units would have to be inserted for each treatment so the bulk price is a real bargain.


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