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Some random pieces of history

Burzynski believer bellows (4/1/2014)
For some reason, nobody noticed when Eric Merola, producer of advertising videos for charlatan and thief Stanislaw Burzynski, launched into an attack on critics of his hero last June, and this gem only came to light in the last few days. It is beyond ironic that someone who makes advertising films while pretending to be an independent producer should accuse others of astroturfing, which is "the deceptive tactic of simulating grassroots support for a product, cause, etc., undertaken by people or organizations with an interest in shaping public opinion". Eric does it for a living.

Here is the title of this remarkable piece of literature.

For the search engines:

BURZYNSKI SKEPTIC - Intro to the Sociopathic Ranting of Bigotry and Hate by the anti-Burzynski Astroturf / "Skeptics" (aka "Thought Police/Status Quo Chauvinists")

It then goes on into a rant of epic quality, almost comparable to the craziness shown when Burzynski last employed someone to point out the faults of his critics. Here is what Eric had to say about me:

For the search engines:

Peter Bowditch aka "Rat Bags" is one of the meanest, sociopaths out there on the internet in regards to harassing people suffering from cancer. Dr. David Gorski aka Orac and Blob Blaskiewicz do not hold a candle to this guy. Orac/Gorski and Blob wish they would have been a part of Hitler’s SS brigade - but Peter Bowditch, he wishes he could be SATAN himself.

It's too long to put on a t-shirt, but I might get it printed on some mouse mats and hand them out at conferences.

You can read the entire serving of mouth foam here. Enjoy, but remember to put drop sheets down and wear a raincoat.

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Pure madness (11/7/2009)
EveryoneCaduceus must be familiar with the caduceus symbol, those snakes entwined around a staff that is sometimes a sign that medicine is nearby. (The actual symbol for medicine is the Rod of Asclepius which has only one serpent, but if Mike Adams gets something about medicine right it is an accident.) Well, you might have thought it meant that help was at hand, but "journalist" Mike Adams has revealed the truth at Natural News. Here is part of what he has to say:

So far, then, we have a staff carried by the Greek god Hermes, a protector of liars and thieves (who is also the guide of the dead), named as a staff or wand related to announcing information to the public, encircled by two serpents representing evil, and tied to yet another Greek myth about the female being beat to death.

This is the symbol of modern-day western medicine.

The part about the female being beaten to death is especially relevant, given how our male-dominated western medical system considers virtually all female physiology to be disease (pregnancy, menstruation, etc.). Women are treated like animals in many ways, through endless breast cancer screening and mandatory HPV vaccines. Female organs are considered useless or disease-ridden, such as when hysterectomies are performed to remove women's "hysteria" (madness). That's where the name "hysterectomy" actually comes from, of course.

That the two snakes representing evil would encircle the staff of public announcement could be an indication that the purpose of the staff is to announce evil (the propaganda of western medicine). At the same time, the mythological carrier of the staff is the protector of liars and thieves (the drug promoters and drug companies).

Once you understand the symbology, it becomes quite evident that this prominent symbol of western medicine was not chosen by chance: It sends a powerful subconscious message, much like the symbols of secret societies used on dollar bills, for example (the all-seeing eye floating above the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill). It might even be said that, through the repetition of this symbol which adorns the most important documents and texts used in the medical schools, doctors are, in a very true sense, being continuously indoctrinated with the powerful symbols of evil and death.

It would be funny if it wasn't so stupid. On second thoughts, things can be both stupid and funny. This is both. How could anyone take Adams seriously after this?

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