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Kind and Gentle Correspondence 2022
Hate mail received during 2022

Some random pieces of history

The SIDS and Vaccine Seminar (3/3/2012)
On March 1 I attended a talk about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the horrors of vaccination, presented by Stephanie Messenger from Healthy Lifestyles ... Naturally, author of a bizarre children's book called Melanie's Marvellous Measles, a book designed for young children to teach them about the cheerful benefits of measles. Remarkably, nobody in the room, including Ms Messenger, thought that vaccines cause SIDS, but it was all downhill from there.

I might write a full report here next week. I had to order in a bulk pack of yellow highlighters from the stationery store and there was just too much material to work through in the time available if I wanted to do a good job. It is probably sufficient to say that I can't think of any standard anti-vaccination lie that was not presented, although I'll know more after I have gone through my copious notes from the event.

Another reason for waiting is I want to have a good read of Stephanie's newsletter, which appears to contain samples of all sorts of woo, from cancer cures to organic foods (with an article on this written by a homeopath who allowed his wife to die instead of getting her to a doctor) to the purity of water, plus the usual lies about vaccines.

The night wasn't completely wasted because I was able to get a free sample of one of the products Ms Messenger sells ( although I couldn't get a free sample of the $30 negative-ion toothbrush). It was a packet of ten negative-ion-charged feminine hygiene pads.

These things emit negative ions which can cure a range of medical and physical conditions. It almost goes without saying that they cure PMS, but it is the other things they work on that make them worth every cent of the price. They came with an A4 page covered on both sides with testimonials in very small type. The first one of these is from "Garry", who put them in his underpants to take away the pain and discomfort of diverticulitis. Not only that, but Garry had a PSA reading of 14.2 (doubled in a year!) and the pads took away the incontinence and "irritating pain" caused by his enlarged prostate. (Note – while PSA is not a terribly reliable indicator of prostate problems, most doctors start twitching if they see a reading above 4. Seeing 14.2 on the scale would have most competent doctors reaching for an oncologist referral form.) Stephanie provided her own anecdote of a man who had a severely swollen and discoloured leg as the result of a septic spider bite. A pad on the sole of his foot and another on the site of the bite had him back to normal in minutes. And they are cheaper than a trip to Lourdes. Stephanie suggested that the pads should be included in any well-equipped first aid kit.

Can you see why I needed more yellow markers?

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Strange mails indeed (31/1/2015)
I do Search Engine Optimisation for a living so it is no surprise that I receive a regular stream of spam offering to do SEO on my web sites. (When I was sued by a pyramid scheme operator in 2005 one of their formal complaints to the Court was that a search at Google for their company name had my page exposing them appearing above their corporate site. True story!) Strangely, I often get spams offering to improve the rankings of the web site belonging to ex-Dr Rebecca Carley, one of the few anti-vaccination liars to be actually and formally declared to be insane. I wondered why this would be and I have now found that not only does ex-Dr Carley mention me by name but she also exposes my email address to spammers. Ex-Dr Carley doesn't choose to reveal her own email address, so all I can do to return the favour is to suggest that spammers harvest and start filling the inbox there with many offers of wonderful things. (It would be beyond irony if SEO spammers pick up that address from here and send messages to it offering to improve the ranking for The Millenium Project.)

The correspondence has moved beyond offering SEO services to ex-Dr Carley (and a look at her web site indicates that a good dose of web design wouldn't go astray), and now I have been offered products to sell.


My name is Sally, a sales from Huachuang Industrial Co Ltd., I got your email from website: Huachuang Industrial Co Ltd., is a component solutions provider and supplier of rubber and plastic for a wide range of industries. From aerospace, automotive applications, and electronics to HVAC and medical manufacturing.

There's more, but I don't want to expose people to too much amusement (and I'm laughing at ex-Dr Carley, not the rather attractive Sally (she included a picture of herself) who sent the misdirected email.)

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