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A kinder and gentler 2021

At the start of 2004 I instituted a "kinder and gentler" policy for dealing with people with whom I might not normally be friendly. During 2004 the policy was reactive – I was kind and gentle when replying to critics. I extending the policy for 2005 to become proactive, and regularly reached out to people with whom I might not be in agreement.

The Proactive Policy takes the occasional holiday, but it's back for 2021. Under the policy, I write to people to ask them questions to clarify their positions or to point out problems with their arguments. By doing this I hope to establish a dialogue and to demonstrate my commitment to tolerance of their views. Here are the 2021 efforts at diplomacy and friendship.

Kind and Gentle email collection
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I think this email falls under the "Kind and gentle" rubric. I'm not criticising the Council, just warning them of impending danger.

I inform the authorities (26/6/2021)
In June 2020, when the COVID-19 scare was raging, anti-vaccination liars decided that it was an appropriate time to tour around in a bus promoting their lies. The bus didn't get too close to my place (a neighboring Council banned them from parking it anywhere in their area) so I didn't have to go and be a nuisance.

Now that COVID is back in the news because of  a low uptake of vaccination, some scare stories about one of the vaccines and idiots refusing to wear masks or keep their distance from other people, the bus is back on tour. The closest the thing is planned to be near me is the city of Orange (about 100km from my place), so I thought I would notify Orange City Council. I was restrained in my comments, as usual, but if the bus manages to get there so will I.

Impending threat to public safety

On July 22 a bus is scheduled to appear in Orange which has the sole purpose of spreading lies about the almost non-existent dangers of vaccination in order to deter people from doing the right thing. It is a project of the Australian Vaccination-risks Network, an organisation devoted to the elimination of vaccination against any disease. The spokeswoman for the AVN is Meryl Dorey who has gone on record as denying the existence of AIDS as well as any other diseases. She is of course currently denying any threat from COVID-19 and opposes the use of masks as well as spreading the usual lies about how dangerous the vaccines are.

The name "Vaxxed" on the bus comes from an execrable movie that was released in 2016. It was produced by discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree, famous for wearing a yellow star to imply that vaccine opponents are analogous to Jews in Germany in the 1940s.

The times and location of the bus will only be announced shortly before people can turn up. This is the normal practice so that venue and locations can't be warned in advance. On the last tour of the bus they did such things as lie to a school about the purpose of the bus and get themselves thrown out of a caravan park.

I request that the Council does everything it its power to stop this threat to public safety from doing its business anywhere in Orange.

A history of my interactions with the AVN can be found at

In 2011 and then again in 2014 the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission issued public warnings against the AVN –

A promotion of the bus tour coming to Orange can be found at


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