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Part 2

June 20, 2020

More lies than you could poke a stick at (20/6/2020)
Back in January I mentioned that a political party calling itself the "Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party" had applied to the Australian Electoral Commission for permission to change their name to a much more deceptive "Informed Medical Options Party". Objections to the name change were sought but didn't stop the change. The name change was obviously an attempt to get more votes. (The party received one, count them, one vote at the polling place where I served as an official at the most recent election. As there is no mental hospital in the town I hope and assume that someone just made a mistake.)

People wearing IMOP t-shirts have been appearing at 5G/Coronavirus/vaccination/Kill Bill Gates/take your pick protests across the country lately, so their true agenda is no secret. As long as other voters don't find out, of course.

A friend of mine received the letter below in his letterbox.

As it must be obvious to anybody who can think that this was written by someone pushing at the boundaries of sanity, I actually find it encouraging. By exposing themselves as unhinged lunatics they might cause sensible people to vote for someone else.

I'm a bit surprised that the mention of Antoine Bechamp wasn't accompanied by the traditional lie about Pasteur recanting on his deathbed and saying that Bechamp was right. This omission can be forgiven, however, after observing the claim that cereals and grains are harmful. As the domestication of grasses was the foundation for all agriculture, the human race must have been dying out for many thousands of years since the first person strayed from nature and mashed up some seeds for a meal. (Disclaimer – I had a wheat-based cereal for breakfast today, served with milk. Don't send flowers to my funeral, but make a donation to MSF instead. Thank you.)

I very much doubt that the writer of this bilge has ever seen an electron microscope, let alone "learnt how to use all the equipment". I always have a wry smile when someone denies the existence of viruses but when challenged will say that Royal Raymond Rife was a persecuted genius. Rife of course claimed to be able to see viruses through his optical microscope and his followers claim that his discoveries were suppressed and his microscopes destroyed.

Oh, and here are fifty photos of viruses as seen through electron microscopes. But IBM probably shares company directors with Big Pharma companies. And as everyone knows, the success of their PCs in the 1980s was due to something made by Bill Gates.

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June 27, 2020

A scoundrel appears (27/6/2020)
Many people have misinterpreted Samuel Johnson's famous quote "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" to mean that Johnson was critical of patriotism. He wasn't. The quote refers to scoundrels and how they wrap themselves in the flag to justify their actions.

Prominent anti-vaccination liar Larry Cook (or should that be C[r]ook?) has firmly identified himself as part of the scoundrel class with his new venture "Medical Freedom Patriots".

At least nobody can ever be unsure from now on about Cook's level of sanity or morality. There are only two things in the list (three if you count the redundant "Pro Medical Freedom" implied in the name) that have anything to do with medicine. The rest are either irrelevant to the conversation (God, prayer, Trump, political parties and the Constitution) or are signs of madness (Qanon).

But I'm sure that there are people out there who think that this moron has something worthwhile to say. And they will keep sending him money. It's sometimes difficult to believe that we live in the 21st century and not in some Dark Age of superstition and depravity.

Have I mentioned that you have to pay a subscription fee to look at Larry's new web site? Suckers aren't just things on octopus tentacles.

Well, I'm convinced! (27/6/2020)

I must have been away sick the day they taught this in Latin class because if I were to relate the word "COVID" to anything to do with Latin I would translate it as "100 Roman poets", but then Ovid did write a work named "Metamorphoses" so changing from one thing to another is relevant when talking about him. My years studying linguistics at university also managed to miss the fact that "C" and "see" were synonymous in the ancient language, something which is obvious to scholars of such matters because they rhyme in English. I suppose it matters which ancient language you are talking about. It is of course a fact well known to historians that Roman armies did not use a white flag to indicate surrender but instead displayed a sign with "XIX" on it. Arab armies would have shown "19", and this is probably the reason why battles between Romans and Arabs always ended in the total slaughter of one side with no prisoners being taken from the losing side.

Or something.


I found out some time after I'd posted the site update that the aforementioned Larry Cook had actually and consciously posted this drivel to his many followers. He did it with a straight face, demonstrating the contempt he has for the people who send him money. He is too smart to believe it himself, but even the biggest or most ridiculous lie can be used in the campaign against medicine and sense.

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Imagine there's no chiro, it's easy if you try (27/6/2020)
On June 11, 2020, the prestigious journal Chiropractic & Manual Therapies carried an article headed " Vitalism in contemporary chiropractic: a help or a hinderance?" written by two chiropractors, J. Keith Simpson and Kenneth J. Young. (The formal citation is "Simpson, J.K., Young, K.J. Vitalism in contemporary chiropractic: a help or a hinderance?. Chiropr Man Therap 28, 35 (2020)."). You can read the article here, but I'll just quote the Conclusion:

From the abstract:
Vitalism has had many meanings throughout the centuries of recorded history. Though only vaguely defined by chiropractors, vitalism, as a representation of supernatural force and therefore an untestable hypothesis, sits at the heart of the divisions within chiropractic and acts as an impediment to chiropractic legitimacy, cultural authority and integration into mainstream health care.

From the main paper:
We assert that until chiropractic abandons the outdated concept of vitalism, it will never become a genuine mainstream status health care profession, at least by a definition that includes the moral and legal fiduciary duties to patients, all of which are necessary for the profession to uphold its social contract requirements. So long as a vitalistic ideology remains within chiropractic, it will remain separate and distinct, on the fringe of health care, an easy target for legitimate criticism from organized medicine, and therefore vulnerable to further marginalization by government regulation and private reimbursement services.

Even though chiropractic displays many of the attributes of a profession, legitimacy and cultural authority will remain out of reach as long as there is no consistent, coherent and defensible professional identity that comports with generally accepted concepts of disease and health and uses a language common with other health care providers.

There is an Internet abbreviation "TL;DR" which is used to indicate that the reader gave up because the article was too long or had too many big words (it means "too  long, didn't read"). The TL;DR version of this paper (or maybe just a really short summary) is "Chiropractic will remain quackery unless the fundamental principles of chiropractic are abandoned and it becomes something else".

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But this isn't a joke! (27/6/2020)
As soon as we recover from the COVID-19 crisis, another threat to public health is set to emerge. The perpetually broke and always asking for survival money Australian Vaccination-[lie, lie, lie] Network has managed to find enough money behind the lounge cushions and in the car's ashtray to buy and paint a bus which will be touring the country spreading lies about vaccines. It doesn't look like a cheap second-hand bus and the signwriting wouldn't have come cheap.

Here's another look at the horror.

The sign on the side says "The People's Truth", but like almost all web sites which have "truth" in the domain name, there will be precious little truth dispensed by the bus. The AVN claim that a very large number of parents with vaccine-damaged children have responded to a survey saying they want to meet the bus and sign it, but as any claim from the AVN needs to be taken with a bulk ore carrier of salt I'm assuming that it's a lie. (I tried to register my interest but I was blocked from responding. How strange. Not.)

Part of the Procession of Perfidy will be to arrange screenings of the "documentaries" Vaxxed and Vaxxed II. No doubt there will be a nominal fee for being exposed to these excrescences, even though they can bee seen for free here and here.

I look forward to the bus arriving in a town near me. A few years ago someone suggested vandalising the Masonic Temple in my town in case I was a Mason (I'm not), so maybe I could return the favour by pasting copies of the Health Care Complaints Commission's public warning about the AVN on the bus. After signing my name of course.

The real beauty of this – my friend who goes by the name of Reasonable Hank (and who is coincidentally named Peter) is not me and neither is the Ken mentioned. I have met them both. The fact that we are conflated in the decayed "minds" of anti-vaccination liars is a testament to their investigative powers.

A reasonable (but not Hank) question (27/6/2020)

What is the collective noun for a group of morons?

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