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April 12, 2008

Getting the car fixed (12/4/2008)
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had to have some repairs done on my two fine automobiles. I hope I used the right repair shops.

See more of Cectic here.

This week's idiot (12/4/2008)
Would you like to see the evidence for the conspiracy behind vaccination expressed concisely and lucidly? This dropped into an inbox near me and it almost has me convinced.

Your vaccinations that are nothing but filthy infectious matter that polutes your bodies carries a dark secret. The united states government are putting radio active isotopes in the vaccinations in cooperation with the medical establishments. They do this so they can track the worlds populations via satellite like viewing a human biological whether map. Different vaccinations are given different radio active signatures and ethnic populations and nations are viewed on their scopes which move about like waves so they can predict ethic uprisings and political unrest. This is not a conspiracy theory lie. It is actually being carried out on the worlds populations right now unsuspectedly. In third world nations their people are duped into going in and vaccinating people in the rural areas who are unvaccinated. Their children end up suffering by getting sick all the time who end up being bad consumers of pharmacuticals. Children who go unvaccinated are healthy in everyway and do not get sick. A provincial man in the philippines testified to this fact. All his children but one got the vaccinations or immunizations. All his children always got sick and they felt compelled to feed them pharmacuticals. His last child he did not get vaccinations for and she has never been sick in her life. The USA are putting radio active isotopes in the vaccinations to tag people so they can be tracked via sattelites in space. Individuals are not usually tracked in this manner but can be. Its main purpose is to track populations of people for the purpose of predicting ethinic uprisings and political unrest. The nations armies and people are being viewed on computer generated human biological weather maps. Different ethic people are given different radio active signatures of isotopes so that the worlds population classes are differentiated. Much intelligence information is gathered about the peoples and they use it to try to predict ethnic uprisings and political unrest. It is also used to track nations armies so that they can be defeated. YEHOVAH's Holy Spirit revealed it to me and I am obliged to tell everyone about it. Do you want to be a part of their human biological computer generated maps and at the same time have your health damaged in ways that you can not predict? I did not think so. It is vital that this information be spread far and wide.

I am severely criticised (12/4/2008)
This just in. I have flogged myself with a wet noodle and sent myself to sit in the corner for 10-23 nanoseconds.

From: "Wayne Schermerhorn"
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 16:37:03 -0700

You really should pull your head out of your ass

Do you have a specific complaint or is it all too much for you to take in?

And, surprise, surprise, I find myself in conversation with a Mannatech cretinoid:

From: "Wayne Schermerhorn"
Subject: Re:
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 14:58:47 -0700

Yeah, you either don't have a clue about glyconutrients or you're getting paid from an outside source to post all this garbage. Take a look at the latest medical texts. I'm sure you know that it's real. How does a person such as you live with himself ? Unfortunately there are plenty of weak minded people out there that actually believe the garbage you write. Perhaps someone should start a web site to directly combat yours. Or maybe the attention you're giving to glyconutrients and Mannatech is actually good even though it's negative. For those who aren't weak minded, maybe they'll research glyconutrients, and Mannatech for themselves, and find out the great benefits. So maybe you're doing some good work. Anyone with minute brain function can see that you have no proof at all about what you're spouting.

But Wayne, Mannatech have now told me twice that the stuff they sell is useless. Why should I believe you and not them?

Guest writers (12/4/2008)
Because Detail from Luis Quintanilla : Carl van Doren (Click for larger view)I am a bit slack I have invited some guest writers to submit articles.

The first is Why I Am an Unbeliever by Carl Van Doren.

Let us be honest. There have always been men and women without the gift of faith. They lack it, do not desire it, and would not know what to do with it if they had it. They are apparently no less intelligent than the faithful, and apparently no less virtuous. How great the number of them is it would be difficult to say, but they exist in all communities and are most numerous where there is most enlighten­ment. As they have no organization and no creed, they can of course have no official spokesman. Nevertheless, any one of them who speaks out can be trusted to speak, in a way, for all of them. Like the mystics, the unbelievers, wherever found, are essentially of one spirit and one language. I cannot, however, pretend to represent more than a single complexion of unbelief. [Read the rest here.]

Sir Leslie Stephen by Sir William Rothenstein. Chalk, circa 1903The second is by Sir Leslie Stephen, An Agnostic's Apology:

The name Agnostic, originally coined by Professor Huxley about 1869, has gained general acceptance. It is sometimes used to indicate the philosophical theory which Mr. Herbert Spencer, as he tells us, developed from the doctrine of Hamilton and Mansel. Upon that theory I express no opinion. I take the word in a vaguer sense, and am glad to believe that its use indicates an advance in the courtesies of controversy. The old theological phrase for an intellectual opponent was Atheist a name which still retains a certain flavour as of the stake in this world and hell-fire in the next, and which, moreover, implies an inaccuracy of some importance. Dogmatic Atheism the doctrine that there is no God, whatever may be meant by God is, to say the least, a rare phase of opinion. The word Agnosticism, on the other hand, seems to imply a fairly accurate appreciation of a form of creed already common and daily spreading. The Agnostic is one who asserts what no one denies that there are limits to the sphere of human intelligence. He asserts, further, what many theologians have expressly maintained, that those limits are such as to exclude at least what Lewes called ' metempirical ' knowledge. But he goes further, and asserts, in opposition to theologians, that theology lies within this forbidden sphere. This last assertion raises the important issue ; and, though I have no pretension to invent an opposition nickname, I may venture, for the purposes of this article, to describe the rival school as Gnostics. [Read the rest here.]

While he had the quill out and the ink bottle open, Sir Leslie also provided The Skepticism of Believers:

Good people sometimes ask why materialist and infidel doctrines spread in spite of the incessant and crushing refutations to which they are so frequently exposed. It is scarcely necessary to insist upon one very obvious answer. Many diseases are fatal to men ; one should be fatal to religions the disease of being found out. Hume died over a century ago, and grave theological professors are still trying hard to believe in the miracle of the swine. Is it strange that the authority of professors has become shadowy ? The old belief in truth has become weak, partly because it is so often a sham belief, and partly because it is chiefly a negative belief. No man makes converts who does not believe what he says, nor will he make them easily when his creed consists chiefly in denying the strongest and most fruitful convictions of his neighbours. A creed which is always on the defensive must be decrepit. I will not dwell upon the first of these explanations. It is not pleasant to insist upon the hypocrisy, generally unconscious, of the respectable world. But I propose to consider the other explanation, which is, perhaps, a little more in need of defence. [Read the rest here.]

Coming up soon (12/4/2008)
I have received a couple of emails which require a bit of detective work before I can do much with them. The first was from someone who claims a miracle cure from allergies using a form of quackery known as Advanced Allergy Elimination. Some of the things she was cured of were allergies to "acids, minerals, and even digestive enzymes". I am wondering how she managed to be still alive with an allergy to digestive enzymes (and who told her she had such an allergy), but the real question was raised by her claim that health insurance funds are paying for this nonsense, but only when the quacks record the treatment as acupuncture. I will be contacting the insurers to get their reaction to people getting refunds by deliberately putting the wrong codes on the claim form.

The second was from someone claiming that the anti-vaccination outfit Safe Minds isn't opposed to vaccinations but just wants the mercury taken out. As the mercury was taken out years ago one wonders why Safe Minds needs to exist. To find out their real attitude to vaccination, I will send Safe Minds a version of my questions for anti-vaccinators. (I need to change the question relating to baby-killer Alan Yurko, because all the anti-vaccination liars have forgotten him now that he is no longer useful to them.) If I get an answer at all it will be very informative.


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