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Answer me this, anti-vaccinators

July 2002

Someone asked me for a set of questions to put to some anti-vaccination liars to see why I call them liars. I offered the following list, but he chose to ask another question instead. I posted the list to some vaccination-related Internet forums in mid 2002 and some typical responses are shown below. I haven't bothered to include the response which addressed none of the questions at all but just gave me a lecture about homeopathy.

1. Of the vaccines in the current schedule, which ones do you believe can safely be given to children? 2. Of the vaccines in the current schedule, which ones do you believe provide protection against disease? 3. If a new vaccine could be produced tomorrow against a fatal or disabling disease, which disease would you like it to prevent? 4. Do you believe that the benefits of any vaccine currently in use outweigh the risks associated with it? 5. What would it take to convince you that the benefits of a vaccine outweigh the risks? 6. I have been told that homeopathy can be used to "reverse vaccine damage". As homeopathy is essentially distilled water, how can this work? 7. AIDS kills millions of people each year, but so far no vaccine has been developed. Do you believe that research into an AIDS vaccine should continue? 8. I have read about a man called Alan Yurko who is in prison in Florida for murdering a child. The evidence against him looks convincing and he has a criminal record for violent crimes. People are saying that the baby died from vaccine damage, not from being shaken. Do you think Alan Yurko is innocent? Why do you think this? 9. Dr Andrew Wakefield looked at a small number of autistic children whose parents believed that they had been made autistic by vaccination and found what he believes is a connection between MMR and autism. Very large studies examining the records of millions of children do not suggest any connection other than a coincidence of timing. Could Dr Wakefield be wrong? 10. Of all the vaccines currently given to children, which do you think has saved the most lives?


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