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October 6, 2001

9-11 November 2001
Where a minion of evil will be speaking about anti-vaccination liars.

See Tim rant![_private/a_inclusions/mp/articles/2001/1006bolen.htm]

Some articles (6/10/2001)
I have written some articles for The Skeptic, the magazine of the Australian Skeptics. You can read my thoughts on Homeopathy and "Alternative medicine" here. Regular visitors here will probably not be surprised at what I had to say.

October 13, 2001

Administration stuff (13/10/2001)
Not much visible stuff has happened around here in the last week because I have been under the hood making some changes to site management. I will be paying some attention to mad Muslims over the next few weeks, so I will be expecting some interesting hate mail.

At least I'm safe from the anthrax (13/10/2001)
I will be fine when the spores start raining down, because I have been given some good advice:

How to protect yourself from BIOTERRORISM

The only Thing that will Protect you is Your God-Given Immune system. At this time of Crisis what we need is a balanced empowered Immune System. There is only one serious product designed to balance and support the immune system. It took 2 fortune 50 companies and over 50 million dollars to develop and is needed by every man, women and child on planet earth. It's all natural; it’s been validated by clinical trials at Harvard, Beth Israel hospital, On the US Army and aids studies in India. This product has over 112 patents and is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference under the New Category, "IMMUNE SUPPORT". At this time of Crisis, can you afford not to have a balanced empowered immune system?

October 20, 2001

Time to look in the filing cabinets (20/10/2001)
There are only 103 days to go until nominations close for the 2002 Nobel Prizes, so cancer curers should start collecting the records for the Cancer 100 Challenge. With the success these people claim (and the fees they steal from the gullible and desperate) they should have no trouble finding just 100 people cured of cancer. So come on Hulda, Sam, Stan, Leo and the others. Let's hear the success stories. What's that you say? Too busy? Don't have the records there in Mexico? Don't need a Nobel Prize? Come on, you can do it. Can't you? Don't let us think you are all frauds.

Speaking of Nobel Prizes (20/10/2001)
Yet again the Nobel Committee has missed the chance to overthrow conventional thinking and hidebound tradition by recognising the contribution to science made by homeopaths and other proponents of quackery. Still, The Millenium Project would like to congratulate William Knowles, Ryoji Noyori and Barry Sharpless for winning the Chemistry prize even though they don't know anything about the memory of water, and Leland Hartwell, Timothy Hunt and Paul Nurse for winning the Medicine award even though they can't cure cancer. See all the results at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive.

Speaking of homeopaths … (20/10/2001)
I am reminded of many things in Alice in Wonderland:

"In my Youth", father William replied to his son,
"I feared it might injure the brain;
But, now that I'm perfectly sure I have none,
Why, I do it again and again."


The mail just gets curiouser and curiouser (20/10/2001)
I get some strange mail. Here are some recent examples:

From someone who wants a web address:

please could you send me web page addressso i can pass it on david 88

From someone who apparently misunderstood the page about penis-enlargement spam:


From somebody who looked at this site and thinks I sell computer games:

hey man

hey my name is Dustin and I was wondering if u were the one who made dirt track racing?
Also i was wodering if u r the guy that made it an if u would make DTR 2 with mods on it?

October 27, 2001

Spam temptation (27/10/2001)
I usually flick spam email messages straight to the bit bucket, but I almost kept one this morning just because of the email address that had been forged for sending it out. It's hard not to be sympathetic to someone who uses the name "binladinsucks", but I don't need millions of email addresses to "market" to right now. Sorry.

Equal-opportunity dislike (27/10/2001)
Some people have complained that I seem to be anti-Jewish for listing some Jewish hate sites and not enough Arab sites. I added Hamas, Hezbollah and the PFLP to the list this week, so now the bombs and death threats can come from two directions at once. This reminds me – where is the Bin Laden web site? I suppose that when you live in a cave and think that fire is a new invention you would be a bit slow taking up the latest gadgetry.

Speaking of cancer quacks … (27/10/2001)
There was a trial in Alice in Wonderland over the theft of some tarts, and the goings-on there reminded me that I'm still waiting to receive the paperwork (both for the case and its dismissal) related to Nuremberg 2001, that great court case in which I was accused, inter alia, of terrorism, trespass and writing letters to public servants. I have even bought a new hat.

"Collar that Dormouse", the Queen shrieked out.
"Behead that Dormouse. Turn that Dormouse out of court!
Suppress him! Pinch him! Off with his whiskers!"



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