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Part 1

April 4, 2020

This week's excuse (4/4/2020)
Slim pickings this week. I've decided to mothball the Quintessence of the Loon site. It hasn't been updated since 2004 and there are a lot of links that go to places that no longer exist. I'll continue to post reminiscences from there each month for a while, but the big job will be bringing over the hate mail from there and integrating it into the collections here. It's not difficult work but it takes time and my multitasking ability is now being dominated by how I have to live my life in the face of all the restrictions on personal activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. You might think that being told to stay at home would give me plenty of time to do everything else, but life isn't like that. Like most of the people I know I'm stir crazy with cabin fever (how's that for a mixed metaphor?) and I spend most of my time being electronically sociable to avoid shouting at the trees outside my house. My other hobby, standing in forests being showered with dust and rocks (and mud when it's raining) to do media reports on car rallies, has been suspended until Deity knows when and that doesn't add to my happiness.

Also, I'm exhausted. When I moved to the country I had the sundial from the grounds of Ratbag Castle brought out to where I'm now living. The Council gave me permission to install it in the park near my house on the condition that I'm responsible for adjusting it for the start and finish of daylight saving time. It's mounted on a big sandstone plinth and because of the restrictions about how many people can be together at any one time I had to do the rotation by 30 degrees by myself. I can just say I'm glad I'm not one of the maintenance team at Stonehenge.

The lies and nonsense about coronavirus continue, so I'll mention a couple of them from some of our old friends here.

Quintessence Nook (4/4/2020)
More historic quintessentiality from April, 2000.

By April 2000 we had figured that everything that was going to go wrong because of Y2K had gone wrong and it was safe to resume normal life. Computer people could breathe a short sigh of relief before being reminded that all accounting software had to be rewritten (again!) because a new consumption tax was only three months away. Preparation for the Sydney Olympic Games was yet to descend into chaos and madness. It was a time for quiet reflection.

Contrails - Chemtrails
Like many people in the world, I live in a city with an airport which is too busy and everyone has to put up with too much aircraft noise. Like many of those cities, politicians keep talking about building a new airport. Like everywhere where someone wants to build a new airport, everyone agrees that it is a real good idea as long as it is not near them and they don't have to listen to any more planes. Out in the country, however, nobody ever complains about aircraft noise. I wondered about this, but now it has been explained. In the cities we get noise. Out in the country they get chemtrails. I always thought that the reason people in cities got more upset about planes was just the noise but now I know that the real difference is because outback folk are subdued by the chemicals in the chemtrails. I had a scientist friend of mine examine the photograph with special equipment and he reckons those trails are largely made up of powdered dihydrogen monoxide. The liquid form of this stuff can kill you if it gets into your lungs and the gaseous form can make your skin peel off.

"So what's all this got to do with building new airports?", you ask, and it's a good question, too. The answer is that the government has found a way to keep everyone happy and keep them all voting the right way. The new airport gets built way out of town, so city folk are happy that it's not in their backyard. Country folk don't care because they have been subdued by the chemtrails. You might ask why the government doesn't just subdue the city folk, but there's only so much fluoride you can put in the water before it starts to glow in the dark. And the politicians live in the city.

The link now goes to some strange, archived research institute that might be crazy but I'm too old to read everything to find out.

David Icke – The Biggest Secret – Reptilian Agenda – Freedom Road
A few months ago I featured some conspiracy sites, and I mentioned that an all-encompassing theory was needed to bring together all the conspiracy threads out there. A sort of Grand United Conspiracy that would have a bit of everything. Well, I think I have found it. David Icke has brought together all the old favourites – the Illuminati, the British Royal Family, the CIA, big business and bankers, most US Presidents (living and dead), Commonwealth Prime Ministers, the churches, Jews, Nazis, Communists, newspaper publishers, and just about everyone else. In fact, the hard part is figuring out who isn't part of the conspiracy. I'm not, and David Icke isn't, but that's all I am sure of.

Is this a member of the British Royal Family?So far, you're all saying "So what? Sounds like conspiracies of the past." Wrong! The difference here is that Mr Icke has established that a large number of the conspirators are shapeshifting reptilians. That is, these "people" have reptile ancestors and can switch between human and reptilian forms at will. They also eat babies (sometimes they kill them first), but that is incidental to their plans for world domination. I was really pleased, though, to hear that nobody has observed Princess Anne shifting shapes. Then again, she is a member of the International Olympic Committee, and they could show the Illuminati a thing or two about running the world.

More Messages from the Dead
Joya Pope channels an entity called "Michael". This Michael has remarkable abilities and can contact the spirits of dead people. And Lassie. Yes, you read that correctly. Joya has spoken to the spirit of Lassie, the film dog. Actually, Joya has spoken to the spirit of the 15 or so dog actors who played Lassie over the years, and then averaged the responses. I was relieved to hear that the male dogs who played Lassie were unaffected by the experience, but they probably just felt comfortable in the company of other great male actors such as Jack Lemmon, Dustin Hoffman and Terence Stamp who have famously dressed up as women in films. Of course, makeup and costume would be more of a problem for dogs. There is, after all, that old expression "Stands out like …". You know what I mean. And people reckon I make this stuff up. I wish I could.

[The wonderful picture of a blow-up plastic Lassie ride-on toy came from a Lassie fan site, sadly now demised, and I thank them. No, I didn't believe it at first, either, but I felt it was more Quintessential than just a picture of a collie dog. Or 15 pictures.]

I suppose this is a Message from the Dead in a sense, but nothing lasts forever (or even twenty years in this case)

Energy for inquiring mind
I was just watching a Formula 1 race on the television, and one of the problems facing the teams was when to schedule pit stops for refuelling. It would be a real advantage for a team to be able to go the whole race without having to stop to put more petrol in the car. Despite all the fabulous technology and huge amounts of money these people have they seem blind to the obvious solution, which is that they need a perpetual-motion engine. This site is a bit rough, but it contains enough information for the clever F1 engine technicians to get started. I don't suppose Ferrari will be able to use it (they are sponsored by Shell, who will just want to suppress the idea), but McLaren could use some help at the moment. (Memo to McLaren: You know how to contact me. Hotels should be five-star, and I prefer to fly Qantas (business class is acceptable).)

Alas, it looks like the perpetual motion of this site was not so perpetual. It has gone away, or maybe the French have bought the idea to use in the new Peugeot 404 car.

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It's inexorable, like a glacier of frozen sewage (4/4/2020)
One of our old friends here, Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination- (lies,lies,lies) Network, has been as happy as a pig in excrement about the COVID-19 outbreak. It has given her the opportunity to declare that it's "just a bloody cold", that it is killing fewer people than the 1918 flu epidemic so why worry, that viruses don't really exist and if they did they would be harmless (she forgets this mantra when telling us how bad the flu is in comparison, but consistency of thinking is never a strong attribute of medicine deniers), and her latest trick is to ask her followers to break quarantine and the rules about non-essential travel by going into hospital emergency departments and taking photos of the waiting patients. It is true that the load on EDs is down a bit, because people are avoiding going there for a very good reason (or without a very good reason). My GP's waiting room has been far less busy than usual, but this is probably because, like hospitals, patients are being triaged over the phone or before they come in the door. I had my semiannual diabetes care plan meeting this week, but it was done with me in my home and the GP and diabetes educator in their offices at the medical centre, because that's what phones are for. They are not for taking photos in hospitals to try to prove that the current pandemic is a hoax.

I saw someone unkindly suggest that Ms Dorey might change her mind if she caught a dose of this "bloody cold" but I would prefer that she came to her senses before that, even if such return to sanity is unliklely.

Ms Dorey was very unhappy with a newspaper story about this and tried denying that she had suggested that her followers do anything. This is consistent with her asking her followers to contact my family and then asking a court to place a restraining order on me for saying that they should not do that. If she stopped being a hypocrite she might have no personality left.

So let it out and let it in, Hey, Jude (4/4/2020)
Another old friend is Judy Wilyman, who somehow managed to get a real university to award her a doctorate based on a mass of opinion and misinformation. She has become a hero to the anti-vaccination liar community and pops up everywhere. She is also a great believer in conspiracies. Here is an extract from her latest newsletter (links have been disabled for obvious reasons).

"The greatest flaw of the human species is the overwhelming tendency to mistake agreement for truth" (Richard Powers).

1) Essential Viewing'Coronavirus: Is COVID-19 even real?' (16 Mins) In an age where faulty and simplified science is being used by corporations to write public health policies that are removing human rights, it is necessary to investigate the actual evidence (not manipulated statistics that predict a 'global pandemic') to determine the risk from this new mutated strain of coronavirus.

A Medical Tyranny is being used to Remove Freedom in Society Based on Faulty and Simplified Science.

I will make this quite clear – the social distancing and restricted gatherings that are currently being enforced for healthy people are not necessary to control this current outbreak of disease. This is because it is not a global pandemic and I have summarised the main strategies that can be used to manipulate the appearance of an increase in a disease in Newsletters 247 and 248. This is done by changing the surveillance of a disease and gathering notification statistics that do not represent the risk of that disease to the community..

The case-fatality data is significant to risk but this can also be manipulated by not providing transparent data on the cause of death. There are usually multiple infections present at the time of death and this allows doctors to make a subjective decision on the cause of death. The medical/industry complex has a monopoly on determining the cause of death and the context of these deaths is never revealed in the media reporting of these statistics. Hence we are left to 'trust' that governments and the media are providing information that is in the public's best interest.

Please watch this video "Is Coronavirus: COVID-19 even real?" to understand the simplified and faulty science that is being used to remove our human rights in society. This video also reveals the real reason for this manufactured pandemic and the drastic measures that are being taken to prevent dissent against the removal of our rights.

You will note also that the government is constantly telling the public "only to get their information from a medical doctor". This is because medical doctors get their information about vaccines and infectious diseases in their education that is sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies. In Australia, the medical professional board de-registers doctors who provide information that is contrary to the 'accepted science' as determined by the professional board.

This 'accepted science' is influenced by the pharmaceutical companies who have a goal to use more and more vaccines in the population and this is why the historical control of infectious diseases, that is described in my PhD research, has been removed from their education. It has also been suppressed from the public debate. The history of infectious disease control has been re-written to claim that vaccines play a major role in the control of these diseases – when they did not.

The medical profession has also down played and not investigated the serious damage that these drugs are causing in genetically diverse populations. The medical/industry complex is now determining the public health policies of every WHO member country through the GAVI alliance. It's influence in the WHO is constantly being hidden from public scrutiny.

So there you have it. The restrictions on movement and assembly are part of some great plan (New World Order, Illimunati, Freemasons, …? Judy never quiet spells it out, although she does express distrust of Bill Gates) to control the hearts and minds of the sheeple.

I mentioned back in February that I am apparently doubly evil because as a union card carrying journalist I'm a member of the Fourth Estate and I'm also a member of Australian Skeptics Inc. Judy has reminded me that I'm actually triply evil because I'm a member of the Stop the AVN Facebook group as well. Judy, like other anti-vaccination liars, seems totally impervious to the fact that Australian Skeptics and SAVN are not in any way related except for some commonality of membership. One is a legally constituted and and incorporated non-profit organisation and the other is an amorphous collection of strangers on Facebook. Of course, it's no real surprise that someone who denies the value of vaccines should find such a simple distinction difficult to understand. And she always refers to both ASI and SAVN as "lobby groups", as if that's a bad thing.

We did ask the University of Wollongong to "rectify the academic record to the public" by disowning Judy's pathetic attempt at a doctoral thesis, but I don't think that is what she means.

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April 11, 2020

Shortness (and not of breath) (11/4/2020)
Another short update this week. It's the Easter weekend so I've been spending a lot of time in church (just joking!). Actually, I've been spending some time communicating online with family and friends to find out how everyone is coping with travel restrictions and keeping away from everyone else. Also, I had a big photography project to do for the local community over the weekend and the web site updates that went with it. (Yes, I have other web sites – I'm an eclectic multitasking polymath.) I also had to recover from getting a flu vaccination which caused the adverse reactions of nothing at all, no sore arm, no increase in autism, no fainting afterwards, no mercury pouring out in urine and nothing that wasn't expected. I was disappointed that the doctor had run out of my favourite Dora the Explorer Band-Aids and as I accept no substitutes I just had to leave the wound on my arm exposed.

The COVID-19 plague continues to dominate everything everywhere and this makes it difficult to find new things to write about. I'm working on a longish article about the way that the nonsense about 5G telephone transmission has morphed into the most stupid set of conspiracy theories since the September 11, 2001, anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy coincided with the Agenda 21 exposure of the truth behind the alien crash at Roswell. I hope to have it here next week, but nobody should be promising anything these days.

The anonymous person who created this knew he was joking. Woonatics took it seriously.
Of course they did, as they lack the genes to detect irony, humour and sarcasm.

Speaking of HAARP … (11/4/2020)
One thing beloved by conspiracists is the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), a research installation in Alaska built to investigate changes in the ionosphere. Conspiracy kooks have long known that its real purpose is to control the weather, possibly as part of some Illuminati or New World Order plan to control the world's population by inducing droughts and floods. (The rest of us wondered why this was needed when the population was already being controlled by chemtrails and fluoridated water, but that's because we aren't as woke as we could be.)

When it was announced that HAARP was to be closed down because the funding had run out a whole new set of conspiracies was generated, usually along the lines of the gubmnt is lying and they will just move it all elsewhere.

Well, I have proof of the relocation. The Alaskan installation consisted of 180 antennas, but a much bigger distributed array is being built in Australia. Here is a photo of the type of antenna to be found in countless back yards across the country.

Lucky for us, there are plenty of supermarkets where we can buy all the materials we need to make hats.

See more from Abstruse Goose here

It's a tragedy (11/4/2020)
The tragedy is that the World Health Organization has felt the need to issue this statement. It demonstrates the almost incredible failure of the education system that something so obvious needs to be pointed out. I'm currently rereading by Carl Sagan, and in one of the early chapters he laments the failure of science education that leads to belief in pseudoscience. The book was written in 1996 and it seems that nothing has changed except maybe to get worse.

Another tragedy but of a different type is that Donald Trump has cancelled US contributions towards the WHO's budget because they hurt his feelings by telling the truth (although they were a bit late in the telling).

And here's someone who believes anything they hear as long as someone famous says it. (The pink markings were made by someone else, not me. I thought about going to Cyndi's Facebook page for a first-hand screen shot but I decided to use this one to avoid a possible brain embolism from an over concentration of burning stupid.)

So that's where all my yellow markers go to (11/4/2020)

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