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Hate Mail - 2010

This collection of mail to The Millenium Project covers correspondence received during 2010. My replies are in italics.

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Mail received from January 1, 2019

From: "Paolo Just"
Subject: You and Anti Vaccers
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 09:39:58 +1000

You act?

Pardon? If you mean "am I a professional actor?" then the answer is "yes", although I don't see what that has to do with anything.

You have some IT knowledge and some other credentials which are at the very least suspect, yet you seem to know everything about health vaccinations and why you can't access a website.

In what way are my credentials suspect?

You think because you get a 404 message you have been banned, with that sort of paranoia it is a wonder you manage to get through life at all.

Actually, I got a 403 error (access refused because of authentication failure) not 404 (page not found). There is a difference.

If you just did a simple check on Viera Schiebners website you would see that all 3 sites are down, why?

Who knows? Who cares? Perhaps there really is a God.

Simple, the servers that these sites are on are down, and have been down for as far as I am aware a very long time.

They were working on April 4. The fact that they are down now is encouraging, because while these sites are unreachable (for any reason) there is less possibility that parents might see them and be deceived into avoiding vaccination for their children. Put another way, while these sites are off the air children are safer.

I can't even access the site and get the same message as you, so get your facts right before you post your uneducated rubbish.

Paolo Just

From: "George Eby"
Subject: Eby's ColdCure
Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 05:24:57 -0500

Hi Peter,

Hi George, I like your informality.

You list my site as a fraud. It is not a fraud. See the site and check out the links for evidence. The entire site is devoted to displaying the evidence that I am right. This means independent collaboration of my findings. Perhaps the best medical journal article to show you that I am right is found at:

That's the best medical journal article? Something written by you and published in Medical Hypotheses? Please don't ask me to read the worst article. Oh, by the way, my weeping eyes and shortness of breath aren't symptoms of a cold – I'm just laughing so hard at you. Medical Hypotheses! I have to stop or I'll need Ventolin.

I expect you to immediately remove my site from your list or face a lawsuit.

You expect too much.

George Eby, site owner

And, of course -

Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2010 03:22:59 -0400
Subject: aaaaaaaa

aaaaaaaaasssssssssssssdddddddddfffffffuck you mother
fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsuck my ballsssss go fuck yourself you
retard how would you like to meet one of your or your cronie's victims
face to face well I'm one of them you ratfucker rapist shit shit shit
balls balls balls

From: Jared Levine
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 22:02:56 +0000

You're a money hungry douche that is partially responsible for a holocaust in the US.

From: "Raul daSilva"
Subject: Not in debate but for clarity
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 14:13:57 -0400

I have not known John Edward to declare himself a "psychic" but as a "spirit medium". Since I have had ample personal evidence of this phenomenon as evidential I have no arguments with anyone who claims they have extradimensional contact then prove it beyond any doubt.

Do not confuse the term "psychic" with "spirit medium". Spirit mediums are not prophets (nearly no one is) nor are the average people they contact who are no longer in this wavelength frequency.

But what did I find on Edward's own web site?

It looks like Edward thinks that Edward is a psychic.

From: (Neil Reinhardt)
Date: Sun, 05 Sep 2010 20:16:07 -0700
Subject: MLM

Too bad the Millennium Project keeps putting out FALSE information!

A. The odds of whomever puts out this site being, and/or even knowing anyone who is MORE Honest and Truthful than I am IS ZERO.

B. The odds of them being more generally experienced than I am are so close to zero, it may as well be zero. (I am much more experienced than most my age and I am 75.)

I've most probably forgotten many times more about Network Marketing than the ding bat who writes it in that site will ever learn! IT is a shame IGNORANT people shoot down things it is certainly very, very obvious to any knowledgeable people they have NO damn clue about!

People who are either too lazy to get the facts and/or so stupid they are unable to comprehend what the facts mean, should keep their mouths closed!

Anyone who says all network marketing companies are scams is a close minded retarded idiot who would not know what eiither facts or the truth is were it a sharp pointed cactus they sat on while naked!

Neil C. Reinhardt

"A Pro Iraq War Agnostic Atheist Activist, 101st Vet & Iconoclastic, Philosophizing, Beach VolleyBall Playing Grumpy Old Son Of A Beach!"

I really love Nature's Immune Boosting (over 150%) Healing "miracle" which I've been drinking and/or using topically since September of 1979 when I was only 62 years old. (And it STILL AMAZES ME! )


A Proud Supporter of the TEA PARTY Movement

From: Michael Augenstein
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 13:44:45 -0600
Subject: healing and other phenomena

As you know, throughout history there have been numerous healings and other phenomena. Some prayed for and others just "miraculous". The scientific community is sometimes at a loss to explain these incidents. It is believed by many health professionals that a positive mental state can accelerate healing. In Religious Science we use "spiritual mind treatments", affirmative prayer to elicit a little help from the universe. Along with the treatment we actively work at /believe that which we are treating for. We "treat and move our feet". There have been an awful lot of people throughout the years who have believed that we have the ability to change our circumstances through changing our thinking, "new thought". How does this fit in with your attitude towards scientific methodology? And lastly, now that the scientific community has pretty much agreed that the most abundant energy in the universe is the so-called "dark energy" (God?), and none of the current scientific methods can actually prove it's there, how can it be so hard to believe that there are ways of healing that can't be explained or in some instances, re-created?

Michael Augenstein, RScP

From: "Michael"
Subject: You are FULL of Shit!
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 18:16:03 +1100

Who are you working for Rat Bag?

Don't you know that all synthetic medicine is useless, and is toxic to the human body.

Allopathic medicine contains no nutrients, and no electro-magnetic properties for proper healing of the body to take place. We are electro-chemical in nature.

Synthetic medicine is QUACKERY, as it copies from the true healer, NATURE and tries to outbeat it, which it never will. You cannot compete with the Creator who placed everything in nature to cure us, nature;s own medicine cabinet.

Keep taking the drugs idiot, that is why you can't think straight! Bet you look older than what you really are, and ugly. That is what allopathic medicine does to you, it takes the lifeforce out. Satan's work.

I just had to leave the Comic Sans, the world's most ridiculed typeface.

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 20:27:21 +1030
Subject: lutec free energy
From: Harry

Just reading posts on a website I assume is yours

That is usually the case when you follow an email link on a web site.

about the lutec free energy device. I assume you still think lutec are crooks. What is funny to me, is that you are wrong.

So they really do have a perpetual motion machine! When are they going to stop asking for money and start showing us how all of physics is wrong? By the way, telling me I'm wrong without offering more information is not the way to convince me of anything.

See more about the Lutec scam here.

From: LP
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 19:25:14 -0500
Subject: Award

Thank you for your comments.

You should get the *Absurd Asshole* of the year award. It is beyond me, and others who find your slamming natural medicines, naturopaths, vaccines (Autism....anyone?), reputable Labs and any other *Absurb* lie you try to convince the "sheeple"community remotely convincing. But then, being one yourself....(Sheeple, that is....then Asshole...or....vice/versa) that totally makes sense.

I have a rule that I stop reading at the first occurrence of the word "sheeple" as it is evidence that I am dealing with the brain-dead. I did glance ahead, however, and as your email provided some amusement I decided to carry on. The evidence I mentioned is still there, of course.

So....why don't you get a toxic vaccination, go see a drug-pushing allopathic doctor so he can give you more drugs (obviously YOU are on many...and it appears they are *Psychotropic*), apply for a job at the FDA (Food and Death Administration) so you too can be in collusion and join the elitists of the world to keep the people dumbed down and drugged up, and continue on with the depopulation agenda........and then after you've done all that............

"Depopulation agenda"? What was that I was saying about brain-dead?


Manners, please!

People like you are SO pathetic....and I'm quite certain there are a plethora of descriptions for you.....but unfortunately, I cannot think of any other than the award that goes to the likes of your kind which is: *Absolute Asshole*.


Your email has been printed out and posted on the noticeboard in the Ratbags HQ staff tearoom so that all the workers can have a good laugh.

Mail received in previous years
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Mail received from January 1, 2019


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