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Hate Mail Archive - 1999

This collection of mail to The Millenium Project covers correspondence received during 1999.

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Mail received from January 1, 2019

From: "Kenneth J. Smith"
Subject: incomplete information
Date sent: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 07:26:58 -0700

I came across your web-page while trying to learn a little more about a particular MLM before I get involved. Your website and claims simply crumbled and self-destructed due to its rabid nature, the sheer number of "bad boys" you have listed and your unwillingness to be specific as to what, exactly, is the nature of these horrible lies specific to each and every site you have listed. Your site has the capability of being helpful but seems to show a fear of revealing the complete truth.

From: Bronwyn Hancock
Subject: Vaccination – hello, prevention from what?
Date sent: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 00:10:21 +1000
Organization: Taycare Pty Ltd

To whom it may concern,

I have come across your "Anti-Vaccination Liars" Web page. Please please tell me what the documentation is that you have seen that results in your incredible unmovable faith in vaccination. It must have been pretty powerful evidence for their effectiveness, and I am surprised that I have not come across it in my thorough research of pro-vaccination material. Neither has my colleague, who has studied almost 100000 pages of medical research on this subject. On the contrary – studying the evidence, which exposes their ineffectiveness and harmfulness, totally changed her from being very pro to very anti. Many others have said the same thing.

The following is a summary of my assessment to date on this. Perhaps you can point out what you obviously have already established as glaring flaws in what I present: [A Microsoft Word document was attached to this message]

Myself and others who communicate this information also wonder what it is that you think we may be gaining out of allegedly conciously "lying" on this subject. When a parent decides not to vaccinate it simply results in a financial transaction (the sale of a dose of a vaccine) NOT being made. There is no arrangement made to send the money to us instead!! (IF ONLY!!!)

Bronwyn Hancock

To: <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 05:53:46 +1000
From: "Meryl Dorey"
Subject: RE: Anti-vaccination Liars webpage

You're right Heidi (and I love the name of the page – vaxquax :-) Not only that, but he has given me the links to a lot of pro-choice sites that are missing on the AVN web site so he's done my research for me. I am very proud that the AVN site is at the top – we must be doing something right (of course, it's alphabetical too ;-).

Thanks for pointing this site out Jan – I don't really think there is much point in corresponding with the person who has done this – they are on somebody's payroll (or payrolls) – but we are in very good company and like Heidi says – anyone who goes to this page will get some great resources to choose from for information.

Take care,

From: "Julie Kral"
Subject: Re: American Biologics
Date sent: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 20:42:36 -0400

Hey, Peter Bowditch:

Just had your July 3rd editorial sent to me...surprise, surprise...American Biologics name being defamed.

I just wanted to let you know that they saved my sister's life when no one else in this city could. They also helped me through a difficult time in my life when I had a blood disorder two years ago. Although I cannot credit them with my total healing, I can definitely say that without them I would have had no sister. Just one scenario.

I know that they cannot help everyone...there were many there that I got to know who had cancer, mulitple sclerosis, tumors. I continued to correspond with them via email after they left. Some of them died, some of them improved. I particularly remember a lovely, brave lady from England who was being treated for breast cancer metastasized to the liver. About seven months after she went home her partner sent me an email which said she was dying but, in no way would she ever deny that Amer. Biologics had helped her spend a few more months with her infant daughter...and she believed if she had gone to them sooner ( a common complaint) they would have been able to do more than the traditional treatments of chemo and radiation.

I hope this helps to balance out your thinking about them. I think they are doing a great service...more than the traditional docs are here...they are killing us to cure us!!! Be well. Julie Kral

I balanced my thinking about the vile sack of excrement, and then gave it a mention in the 1999 Millenium Project Awards:

From: "Dr. Alverez Manu"
Subject: what nonesense you spout
Date sent: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 12:37:52 EDT

You are so ignorant, you should be barred from posting comments on any list for reason of illiteracy.

Some of the finest GP's in the country, most trained at Harvard and the like, most hospital-credentialed, most combining alt/med with conventional therapies, now offer acupuncture for an amazing variety of ailments, because their experience is the patients enjoy remarkable, drug-free results.




From: "patrick heinze"
Subject: pyramid schemes
Date sent: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 21:13:38 -0500

I think that you are a little stupid because if you look at any company it could be considered a pyramid.

for example

Corporate Executive Officer
Vice President
Executive Director

So nay Company could be considered a Pyramid Scheme if you look at it like this.

The only difference is these you move up a lot quicker and a lot of them you can be your own boss.

This must be the tiredest defence of MLM ever. At least he didn't use the General Motors cliché.

It looks like this nutter started talking to me and then remembered that his/her/its hands were not on the keyboard. Apparently, I have left a quack off the list. I saw this loon on a mailing list a little while ago, and the rants made no more sense then.

From: "net detective"
Date sent: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 10:58:30 -0800

don't you realize she used you, duped you. How can you ignore this quacks site. She only changed it after her vaccine scam was discovered. She fooled you all since she posted her web site in the fall of 1998. It advertises mexican cures. You should be angry at her. You think it's ok for her to advertise her 1996/1997/1998 clinic and con the desperate and dying Ricardo Lopez, the mexican doctor she doesn't name works at Chipsa Hospitol. I called and verified, so does his chemists son, Heberto Lopez. Her perceptions magazine articles were her first con to solicate victims and blame it on Chachoua.. She can't hide behind a fiticious story for ever, claiming she was a victim who saw the light.. Maybe one day the san diego quack will be arrested but, I hold no hope, they don't prosecute fraud there, she knows that. Hilda Clark is another san diego quack. These quacks cross the boarder and those who do not travel to their clinics get posted snake oil. California doesn't concern themselves with this fraud too much money being made.

I don't know any one helped by these quacks, they thrive because desperate people who have Aids or Cancer all die and they are too sick to go public. I know one Aids patient who believed in Hilda and tried her cures. It didn't work.I'm sure she is making millions off her books and herb cures. It's a low cost scam everybody can afford. Ask the believers of Hilda Clark for names of survivors, you will not find one. Her P24 Aids negative test means nothing. Most Aids patients don't test P24 positive.

Date sent: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 15:26:17 -0800 (PST)
From: Justin McFadyen
Subject: The Millenium Group

Dear Ratmaster/Proctologist,

You obvious a complete and deluded idiot, who knows not a fraction of all the websites and subjects that you are attacking. There is much intelligent and informative material, at these websites that has helped thousands and millions.

The Annwn Website for one, contains more intelligence in one sentence than all the complete and utter ramblings of your website.

You are obviously another of the Pseudo "Hate Watch" groups who believe they are judge, jury and executioner of all fields of knowledge.

Each website that you have listed in your Millenium Project page, is only a reflection of your own, ignorance, delusion, hatred and idiocy. The only people who you are fooling are your own kind (Total idiots - to be eumphemistic).

Millennium comes from the Latin "Mille" (one thousand) and "Annus" > (year).

I wonder how many more times I will have to explain the etymology of the word "millenium". The "Annwn Website" mentioned is a classic of netkookery.

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Mail received from January 1, 2019


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