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Encouragement Award 2006Comment and Opinion

Annwn Publications – Gnosticism, Evil, Aliens, Ufos, Prophecy, Conspiracy
Sadly, this site disappeared in 2012

This site won an Encouragement Award in the 2006 Millenium Awards. The citation read:

This site needs encouragement because it has not been updated since April, 1999, although there is always the possibility that it hasn't been updated because it was perfect in the first place. Here is yet another set of answers to the great questions. J. S. Chiappalone has developed a new system of metaphysics which renders obsolete all previous philosophies, religions, sciences, epistemologies and ontologies in order to tell us "what is going on". He is also a racist and holocaust denier, but these are just byproducts of the reinvention of thought. He, too, has an answer to the creation/evolution debate by declaring that creation is continuous and competitive. "Creation is massive and involves continual experimentation and correction. Out of one experiment an essence which contradicted all the Principles of Creation emerged and resisted correction. This defiant essence, termed Evil, for it exploited the situation, seized the opportunity and gaining powers in a manner humans cannot conceive, set about creating false dimensions and false beings within them. These form the Counterfeit Creation as distinct from the Divine Creation created by the Divine "God" Consciousness. The process has been labelled as the Celestial Error in the texts of the Ancients." Frederick Nietzsche said "Language falsifies reality". He was right.

Someone wrote to me once and mentioned the Annwn site. I felt suitably chastened.

You obvious a complete and deluded idiot, who knows not a fraction of all the websites and subjects that you are attacking. There is much intelligent and informative material, at these websites that has helped thousands and millions.

The Annwn Website for one, contains more intelligence in one sentence than all the complete and utter ramblings of your website.


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