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Hate Mail Archive - 2000

This collection of mail to The Millenium Project covers correspondence received during 2000.

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Mail received from January 1, 2019

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but using my name to send it to me marks the sender as someone with a singularly high IQ. High single-digits, that is. Hotmail is not anonymous, so it was pretty easy to trace him/her/it back to the @Home account that it came from.

From: "peter bowditch" <>
Subject: fetid dung heap
Date sent: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 01:34:47 GMT

you are such an incredibly dumb fuck...........and your wife's a real babe..........

you deserve all the lawsuits you fetid dung heap

"Fetid dung heap"!!! I might have to get that printed on a t-shirt.

UPDATE: See the CCRG Correspondence File page.

I have carefully examined the Millenium Project site to see where there is any clue that I might be the sort of person who needs what offers. I found nothing. Perhaps I suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder, or maybe our Human Resources Director has let a spy through the defences. Maybe Gala just needs to be a bit more careful who she sends spam to.

From: "Gala_Gorman"
Subject: In search of like minds...
Date sent: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 18:07:46

Those of us pursuing a path rich in metaphysical and holistic values quite often seek out others of like mind. And, as you know, they are not always easy to find. That's why I felt it was so important to develop an online community where spirit seekers can share knowledge and help each other along the path.

In the "Village of Like Minds" at, you'll find inspirational messages, moon phase/aspect information, links to resource pages, free e-mail, and more. Plus, if you're in the mood to browse, we've got a great line of metaphysical books and tools, with free shipping on all purchases through February 15, 2000 (simply enter coupon code XXJFY2 where requested).

When you visit, don't forget to register (just click on "Register" on the left side of the screen and fill in your information), so we can keep you posted on updates to our site. The Village is undergoing regular transformations, in an effort to manifest the ideal community for our visitors and members. (To learn more about becoming a member, click on the Members swag at the top of the site.)

Join us today and bring your friends - after all, a meaningful community develops one person at a time... We're looking forward to getting acquainted!

Warmest Regards,

Here's another one who can't read. He sent it from work with no identification other than the employer, so I have deleted the name in case his boss looks here.

Date sent: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 07:03:34 +1100
From: A commercial printing company
Organization: A commercial printing company
Subject: Vaccination

How can I believe anyone who cannot spell millennium?

I didn't think I was this much of a threat to anyone:

From: "CCRG" <>
Subject: Canadian Cancer Research Group
Date sent: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 08:35:54 -0500

Please be advised that in the event reference, link, or mention of the above website, group, or related individuals is not removed from your website by the close of business Friday, February 18, 2000, a libel action will be filed with the World Court seeking exemplary and punitive damages.

Please act accordingly.

William P. O'Neill
Canadian Cancer Research Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

World Court???

A follow-up email arrived:

From: "CCRG" <>
Subject: Libel & Fraud
Date sent: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 14:28:18 -0500

All matters concerning, in the first instance, libel, and now fraud have been referred to our solicitors for immediate action.

Your have both both libeled and fraudulently misrepresented the Canadian Cancer Research Group and continue to do so.

We will be seeking exemplary and punitive damages.

Canadian Cancer Research Group

I have a comment about this on another page. The continuing story is on the CCRG Correspondence File.

Date sent: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 13:53:13 -0500
From: Eric Salsburg
Subject: Thanks

Thank you for helping me to find the International Bio Hospital site. I have been looking for it so that I can recommend it to some friends. I , unlike yourself, have personal knowledge of the facility and have met and talked with many people who have been helped by these caring, competent people. You ,in your ignorance, do them and other people who might be helped by them ,a great injustice. If you think the AMA is the answer then you are as big a fool as you present yourself to be.

International Bio killed a child by offering him a fraudulent cancer treatment.

From: "Michelle M"
Subject: Your rat bags page.
Date sent: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 18:07:40 -0700

You know, maybe your the rat bag! You are claiming all these sites are full of lies, has it ever dawned on you that there are thousands of web sites that know the truth about vaccines and are making it aware to others, yet you think people are going to think they are crazy! LOL....I guess it would be crazy if only a handful of people thought bad about vaccines, but when you get a large number of people who actually do research, and do studies, maybe your the crazy one.


From: "Michelle M"
To: <peterb @ gebesse com au>
Subject: question
Date sent: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 18:23:19 -0700

If I may ask, are you proud to have such a biased person to work for your company? Peter Bowditch has a web site on line called and it is very sad. He calls many people liars. How will think affect your company when he advertises who he works for on his web site?

I would have thought that the email address would have provided a clue about who would receive this message complaining about me.

From: "Jason Stevens"
Subject: Please add our website to your list of nazi -Ku Klux Klan anti-vaccine proponents
Date sent: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 19:04:20 -0500


My name is Rose Stevens and I belong to the Association for Vaccine Damaged Children in Canada. Our web site for the Eagle Foundation is and we would like to be added to your list of "anti-vaccine flea bags" Proud to be one of them!!! Please have a look at our web site--especially click on "Latest News" and then on "Vaccine Controversy" You will absolutely love the picture that is being used as a poster for the Health and Wellness Expo we will be speaking at here in Winnipeg. These posters are all over Winnipeg. We actually got the thumbs up to use the front cover of a Canadian Newsmagazine for our Vaccine Risk Awareness Posters. Maybe you would like the address of the magazine so that you can add them to your list of "nazi--Ku Klux Klan" anti-vaccine proponents. It is obvious from your web site that you must have had too many vaccines in your life time. Sincerely Rose Stevens--P. S. Are you really a Proctologist?? Maybe you have had your head in the wrong place for too long and it has clouded your prospective.

It's always a pleasure to add another link to the list, especially one who wants to be associated with racist and hate sites.

Date sent: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 19:34:02 -0400
From: "Ginny O'Connell"
Subject: why?

and thank you DR. for reaffirming my opinion of the likes of you.
Me thiks thou protesteth too much.

So being a DR (which I am not) is a bad thing?

I received a spam email promoting some junk health product sold through multi-level marketing (legitimate products use legitimate sales channels). It was supposed to appear to be a mistake. Because It wasn't specifically addressed to me, I wrote something about it which you can read here.

Here's a classic. I have deleted the last part of it because it didn't have much to say.

Date sent: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 12:59:08 +1000
Subject: Your Website: Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes Organization:


I just visited your website, Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes, and thought you might be iterested in this MLM opportunity.

From: "The Watcher"
Subject: You
Date sent: Sat, 13 May 2000 08:34:22 BST

I have looked at your site and must say that yours is the saddest of all.

If you have so much free time and resources, couldn't you find anything more constructive to do?

Truly SAD! I pity you!

Regards, The Watcher

I really respect the views and opinions of people who are not brave enough to sign their names. Really! I do!

As John Lennon said: "Strange days, indeed!" The Millenium Project has been accused of racketeering and mass murder. One or the other I could understand, but BOTH? Here are two emails I received recently, with my comments in italics. I didn't bother to reply to the first, because I assumed it was a joke.

The F FilesDate sent: Sat, 13 May 2000 20:28:04 -0700
From: Fay Franklin
Subject: Re: [healthfraud] Au revoir

Do you ever look into anything you denigrate? This guy said almost nothing. True seekers of truth delve into all the research published and unpublished. They speak to the researchers to obtain their direct opinions and to determine how they came to their conclusions.

You and your QuackQuack guys have preconceived ideas and do not look into any truth. Thank goodness the key people in this group which is espousing untruths and is hurting people will all either be in jail soon, or bankrupted because of litigation.

You must not have any conscience at all. Untruths you personally have stated have cost people their lives. How can you live with that? You and your cohorts, in my personal opinion, are guilty of hate crimes. Crimes against innocents. You suppress true medical information of things which will truly help people. So people without this knowledge die.

You and your RICO friends must be rolling in the dough to not care about what you are doing killing people. I feel quite sorry for you. You may be an innocent, coerced into believeing the lying, conniving Quackwatch guys. They won't be around much longer, thank goodness, since they have been found out and their money trail uncovered. They will soon be up on a number of murder and attempted murder charges, finally, thank goodness! You may wish to think long and hard about how you have helped them, because they will come after you, too. Parties who give evidence are often, but not always, given lesser sentences. Murder. Not a nice charge. Hope you have provided for your family. A few thousand counts of murder, no one will be granted bail. Take care of your family. Take care, Fay

Fay Franklin tries again. The "doctor" she refers to in the first paragraph is cancer quack Stan Burzynski.

Date sent: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 20:12:42 -0700
From: Fay Franklin
Subject: Re: [healthfraud] Rep. Burton meeting on C-span cable tv

It is sad to me that you denigrate this doctor without looking into his protocols just like you do the others.

As I have not said anything at all about "this doctor" other than that I am writing a paper about him, it is only in your imagination that I am denigrating him "without looking at his protocols".

You denigrate me on your website, without having had the courtesy to personally contact me.

Your response to my one and only mention of you was, and I quote, "Hi Peter! Thanks for the award!" I assumed that you meant it.

I have asked you for address for service, as is standard, and you have not responded.

You have never asked me for anything, and, in any case, why would I assist you in any way to harass me?

You have treated many parties the same.

Which parties are those?

That helps all of our cases. Thank you.

Well, Mr. Boditch, person with zero medical credentials, I personally have had it with your libeling and slandering perfectly good intending healthcare professionals that have much better results than any of the studies that your bizarre healthfraud cronies advocate.

See for details about nomination for Nobel Prizes. I believe nominations have closed for the 2000 awards, but I am sure a cure for cancer would be accepted as a late entry.

Your healthfraud cronies do not even hold the credentials to discuss "healthfraud".

I have no "cronies".

Have you looked into that? One of those nutty guys has a PhD in Education. How does that qualify one to even seriously discuss health? And this guy represented himself as an expert witness in "Oncology" in a case in San Diego. It was funny. Counsel presented this nut with an x-ray of a breast with breast cancer and asked him what it was. He looked at it upside down and stated it was an x-ray of prostate cancer. He was made a fool of on the stand.

This has nothing to do with me.

I am very sorry you are so misguided. It is coming down to haunt you. Is your particular website of great importance, no, in reality, it is not, however we are out to set international legal precedence related to healthcare, libel and slander. I have to hand it to you. Your website along with is the most scientifically irrelevant site I have found.

I do not have a "scientific" web site, only one of opinion, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

None of you look into things, you simply denounce them. That makes me wonder who is funding you. Perhaps I will pay my favorite private investigative firm to find that out.

Do that!

Funny thing is that when I tried to hire them to find that out, they told me they had already researched that and I don't have to pay!

Oh, you have already done that? No reputable investigation firm would reveal what work had been done for a client to anyone else, especially not the sort of firm with the resources to investigate someone in Australia for a client in North America.

There is free speech, however one is not allowed to libel and slander people, which you and your cronies do daily. Plan what you will do while you are in jail, since an asset search showed up not enough to go after.

You have no legal access to any financial details about me. Of course, you are welcome to stand up in any Australian court and swear to the fact that you have illegally acquired details of my bank accounts and taxation returns. In any case, I would query the credibility of your "investigators" if they have simultaneously found both my source of funds and that I don't have any. Also, you should talk to a lawyer who will explain that there is no way I can be imprisoned for either defamation (which has not occurred, anyway) or for non-payment of a civil debt. I believe, however, that it is illegal in my home state to advertise a cure for cancer and a person can go to prison for that.

Mr. Bowditch, please give me your lawfirm, your particular attorney within that firm, FedEx address, and phone number as well as fax # and e-mail. I do not like litigation, but I am sad to say, it is going to have to come to that. Your non-response and arrogance in these matters has made it so. You may think your healthfraud buddies will pitch in with bucks for your legal team. They are being hit concurrently with much worse than you are, and their funders have dropped out. Have a great night! Fay

If your "investigators" have been going through my garbage and financial records, perhaps you could ask them for my address. They must know it.

Date sent: Wed, 31 May 2000 16:54:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Foster
Subject: Comments on your "Anti-vaccination liars" site

A few notes regarding your "Anti-Vaccination Liars" site:

1) First I commend you for including your email address so visitors to your site may give you feedback.

2) The following is actually quite ironic:

"Note to anti-vaccinationists: Please let me know when your efforts to stop vaccination have been successful so I know when I can expect to see you start campaigning for the banning of sanitation, antibiotics, refrigeration and clean hands."

There is a LOT of evidence available that vaccines are NOT the main reason for the decline in "vaccine-preventable" diseases. Indeed, such things as sanitation, antibiotics, etc. that you mention above are the major contributing factors. If you don't agree then I suggest that you need to do some research.


3) The degree of ignorance displayed on your site is apalling. I have been researching vaccines for about 4 years now, and I can identify those sites/folks that you list that are "way out there". But these are the minority. You seem to think that a vaccine-autism connection is preposterous...evidently several congressional panels did not agree. You think a vaccine-asthma connection is rediculous, but there is a lot of research out there that has already shown that this is not only possible but probable. Do some research and find out for yourself. Or do you prefer to be spoon-fed by the talking heads at the CDC and NIH (they looked pretty bad at the last few rounds of Congressional hearings concerning vaccines).

Testimony on Congressional Autism Hearings: ndex.htm

4) Just how do you determine who is a "quack"? The fact that you have Dr. Burzynski listed proves that you do not have an ounce of credibility! Were you aware that Dr. Burzynski is currently involved in over 70 FDA-approved phase-III clinical trials, and that his treatment has been given the "thumbs-up" by several NCI researchers?

Quack treatments do not make it to phase-III clinical trials, much less get FDA approval for use on children in such trials.


In summary, you are full of shit.

Perhaps you should think about who you affiliate yourself with. The CDC has a long history of deceipt and denial that continues even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary (eg. for 30 years they claimed that the pertussis vaccine causes no permanent adverse reactions; some researchers still preach this crap!). The WHO allows dangerous trials to be carried out on unwitting third-world populations, and sanctions the distribution of tetanus vaccine laced with a birth- control drug to unknowing third-world populations. The history of vaccine development has been one disaster after another, but when money (not the health of our children) is the final goal you can get away with murder, literally. Contamination of the polio vaccines has resulted in our entire species being littered with simian virii that are carcinogenic, teratogenic, and quite possibly may have brought about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, the worst medical disaster in centuries.

I am sure you will think I am crazy after what I've just written, but that is only because you are uninformed, narrow-minded, and probably lack the intelligence to research these issues yourself and form your own opinions.

Have a nice day.

David Foster

Date sent: 16 Jun 2000 04:19:23 -0000
From: Secret Squirrel <>
Subject: You have got to be Kidding!

I have seen a lot freaky sites on my travels....yours is incredible!

I am emialing every group you've listed encouraging action against you.....

You are a psycho!!!!!

I just love the courage of someone who writes using an anonymiser service so that not only is it impossible to find out the name of the idiot, but it is even impossible to reply to them. Frightened to give his name. Frightened to get a reply. Go on, clown, "emial" whoever you like.

Date sent: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 13:56:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tim and Jan Bolen
Subject: Who's next????
To: Stephen Barrett, Peter Bowditch

Polevoy's website is no more...

3:30 PM EST, the ISP took Terry Polevoy's site down permanently. And, I hear he has more problems coming...

Step up.

Terry Polevoy's website is at Step back. As this message was an implied threat to close this site, it generated another mirror copy somewhere on the web.

No truth. No courage. No value.I received a series of emails from something calling itself "". I have collected the messages from the gutless liar Mr O'Nonymous in The GAL Chronicles.

From: "sis959"
Subject: Freedom of choice
Date sent: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 15:20:17 -0400

Dear Peter, (no pun intended)
I was so happy to find your site. Imagine all the searches I would have had to do just to find a few of the links you've posted here. Anyway, the people of this country really amaze me. You would think this country was founded on the idea of freedom. I don't understand all the disallusionment with the ten minute assembly line practice in medecine these days. Don't they realize that a good Doctor can do more for them in the alloted ten minutes than a Quack can do in an hour of listening and looking at family medical history? And why all the concern about toxic drugs? We're all going to die someday anyway. You would think the public would be satisfied that women have the freedom to choose to kill their babies! They want to choose their Doctor and medecine as well? Whats the world coming to? I'm grateful to Doctors and educaters like you who take profits away from the drug companies by staying on their payroll.

pssst....It's under the table right? <wink>


There seems to be an obsession among quackery supporters that anyone who offers a contrary opinion must be getting paid to do so. If I were receiving all the benefits that these people say I am getting I could retire, pay someone to run this site for me, and spend my time at Formula 1 races and tennis tournaments.

And a follow-up. I had mentioned on a mailing list that I would probably not give the prize of a free ticket to the World Skeptics Convention to anyone who wrote in accusing me if being on the take from pharmaceutical companies, simply because I had heard it all before and the object of the contest was to generate some original hate mail. This came in:

From: "sis959"
Subject: Your contest
Date sent: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 06:13:40 -0400

Dear Proctologist, they say "A Doctor who treats himself has an idiot for a patient". So please get your head out of your ass and listen. I can't believe you disqualified me from the competition simply because I questioned your source of income. I would love to meet you and ride the Kangaroos together. Throw another shrimp on the barbie and put our heads together to figure out what crime your ancesters commited that you ended up in Australia. Could it be practising medicine without a license?

Date sent: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 17:47:54 -0700
From: Frank Jones
Subject: Boy


Is that a comment or your signature?

From: "Volk, Oleg"
Subject: Thank you for the link from your Baffoonery category
Date sent: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 14:55:35 -0500

The honor you do me is very amusing.


I wasn't sure which site Oleg was referring to, so I asked. The following correspondence ensued.

From: "Volk, Oleg"
Subject: Just to clarify...
Date sent: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 16:29:55 -0500

...the site to which you link from Baffoonery is

"Thank you for your thank you, Oleg, but just which site is yours?"

Would you do me the honor of clarifying what exactly about my site qualified it for the link (or the top ten stupidies about it, if you will)?



From: "Don and Melissa Gwinn"
Subject: Oleg Volk's website--question.
Date sent: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:04:03 -0500

Sir: I just saw your comments on an email from Oleg Volk. Though I'm sure you've already heard from Oleg, his site is the one whose link reads "Self-Defense--a Basic Human Right." The address is The "RKBA," if you're wondering, is an acronym for "Right to Keep and Bear Arms."

The bigger question here is why Oleg's site was ever listed among your buffoons in the first place. I suspect it was nominated by someone else, perhaps the same hoplophobe who suggested adding the NRA. Have you inspected Oleg's site personally? Please drop me a response to let me know what it is that you find so offensive about the site. No flames, I'd just like to know and perhaps discuss your viewpoint a bit. Personally, I find Oleg's site masterful, but then I already agreed with him when I first discovered it. ;-) ( I find it can be important to make sure someone honestly believes what he has allowed his name to be attached to--Morris Dees, for instance, was a tad embarassed recently when someone noticed that he had listed Paladin Press as an anti-semitic and "dangerous or violent" group. Paladin Press is owned and operated by a practicing Jew who was inspired to publish books on the subject of guns by the tales his older relatives told of being first disarmed and then loaded onto cattle cars. Oleg's experiences are similar--until about ten years ago, he was an unwilling resident of the Soviet Union. He has seen where gun control leads.)
Thanks. Don Gwinn

My response is that the NRA is on that page because they are buffoons, I don't debate gun enthusiasts, and, yes, I do know about guns and was once expensively trained to use them to kill people.

From: Bo-Göran Hallgren
Subject: Sam Chachoua a fraud?
Date sent: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 15:20:27 +0200

Mr proctologist!

Where are your proof that validates your claim that Dr Sam Chachou is a fraud?

Please, produce just one share of evidence, proving your outrageous statement.

If you are unable to do so, kindley remove this statement or legal actions my be taken against you.


Bo-Göran Hallgren

It's a bit early to be threatening legal action as I haven't said anything about Dr Chachoua. He must have very little faith in whatever he does if he thinks that it is put at risk by my saying that I don't like it.

Date sent: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 11:08:03 -0600 (CST)
From: Hans-Friedrich Tamke
Subject: The Millennium Project

The word "millennium" is spelled correctly "millennium", not "millenium" with one "n".

Have an excellent day.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Hans-Friedrich Tamke

I agree with Hans-Friedrich (who has a degree in linguistics) that the word "millennium" has more than one "n". It should, as it is derived from the Latin words "mille" and "annus". The word "millenium", however, is a different word and has only one "n" because it comes from "mille" and "anus". All of this is explained on the front page of this site.

Date sent: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 14:41:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Jesse S."
Subject: millenium project

To Whom it may Concern, You site "Mindquest" as a fraudulent company a few times on your site. Do you have any evidence to this effect, or is this just your opinion. What do you know about this company? Thx, Jesse

See my comment about the Mind Quest site for my response.

From: "bherk"
Subject: where to submit a site for quackery evaluation?
Date sent: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 23:49:21 -0400

where do i submit a quack site?

i would like to nominate "quack Watch" to your list of bogus sites:

it really becomes evident how bogus and fraudulent they are when you sign up for e-mail updates. the updates are nothing more than unscientific, biased gloating over decision against the EPA or moaning over any decision or study that the author finds "quacky" rather than a true evaluation of the facts.

He constantly complains about the lack of scientific proof - and yet indulges himself - in fact - wallows in making just the types of vast, all-inclusive statements that he so frowns on in others.

Thanks for your consideration.

From: "bherk"
Subject: bogus
Date sent: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 00:19:04 -0400

how can you recommend a book by stephen barrett and ronald gots? ronald gots has been charged with insurance fraud - it was in the washington post and on television.

you lose credibility when you go with obviously biased industry apologists and those who make a fortune as defense expert witnesses. i thought this was a real site - not another bogus shill for the ACSH. there is a REAL need for an honest site that deals with the frauds like Barrett, Gots and the others, as well as the looney tunes

Perhaps Mr bhherk should write to Dr Barrett rather than to me. Also, accusing me of being a shill for someone is getting a bit old. If I were being paid to do this, I would do it much better.

Date sent: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 09:49:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Your website

Thanks SO much for all the GREAT links you have made available. Because of your opinionated views, you're allowing an easy one-stop link site for the rest of us not quite as narrow-minded.

Why should you let a thing as minor as "facts" keep you from disagreeing with something? I say go for it! You've got the annonymity of the internet to hide behind. Hey, you've even got a forum, MUCH more than you would have had before the internet, right?

So praise the lord, ban the herbs, eat the meat, ingest the chemicals, and enjoy those Taco Bell dinners. As long as you know what you don't like, screw the rest of the world. Keep those links posted though; you're going a GREAT job at getting the word out!

I just love the way someone using only the name "sagemoon" accuses me of hiding behind "the annonymity of the internet". I have a name and I am easy to find (sometimes too easy). While checking the dictionary for the spelling of the word "anonymity", sagemoon might like to look up "irony". And "hypocrisy".

Date sent: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 19:09:00 -0800
Subject: Cyber Watch Notice

Dear Webmaster:

We are a Washington based internet watch service, providing support to users who have general concerns about the internet including, but not limited to, pornography, hate, violence, stalking, and harassment. We have formalized relationships with a variety of international agencies including government and police and actively liase with users and authorities.

We have received a number of compliants concerning the website from a number of users. These compliants ranged from users being mildly disturbed through to many expressing a need for legal action. We have reviewed the site in question and communicated to those who have complained and referred them to their respective juridictions for action. Given the domicile of the website, we have also forwarded these same complaints and our communications to the federal poice agency in your jurisdiction.

In the event you are no longer the webmaster for the site in question, please disregard this notice. In the event you would like further information concerning the complaints naming your website, or require any information, kindly email us.

Thank You

Cyber Watch

Get a Free Email, 15MB of Free Disk Space, Diary and Chat @

Isn't this priceless? People have been lying to me that Internet hate-monitoring organisations have been trying to shut this site down. There used to be a Cyberwatch at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, but I hardly think that SWC needs to use a free (and anonymous) email service. Also, the SWC probably have a spell-checker. I certainly hope that the Australian Federal "Poice", or cops from another "juridiction", don't come around to my place to discuss the "compliants". It also says that some users were "mildly disturbed". I would have thought "seriously disturbed" would have been a better choice of words.

Subject: Re: quackwatch barrett called a liar & extortionist!!
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 01:10:51 GMT


stop hiting the bong and you'l be OKEY dokey!!!

cut a load of YAKYAK horseshit by blowboy. flying the same old crapola, hoiw great the dooctros are. i like the ratbags part of your secret handle blowout you beloong in a pile of trash. JS

The following request was posted to the newsgroup by "ax78699":

Anyone know of a Homoepath newsgroup?
information on provings of PLUMBUM particularly mental and emotional picture required please.

In a search for clarification, I asked:

What are you trying to cure by taking lead? Following the rule of similarity, I assume you are trying to cure something that taking lead causes. Have you been sucking on old paint or have you been shot?

The following email subsequently turned up. I am publishing it here because it mentioned this site.

From: "ax78699"
Subject: Re: Homeopath help please
Date sent: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 13:30:04 -0000

Information on provings of PLUMBUM particularly mental and emotional picture required please.

Usually, challenging, even ignorant remarks stimulate debate in this 99% timewasting environment. But the fact that you must actually scour the groups for your own mental masturbation means I am actually only pointing out to other readers that your type is an example to be avoided and ignored.

I was an 'anarchist' when I was 14.

Offering a chance for you to repent; I give you 1 year full time to study basic homeopathy, see me back here. Oh and delete your excuse of a website would you to meake room for some more gay porn....!

I guess it must have been the lead paint. Following the principles of homeopathy I will not spend a year studying the discipline. I will spend a nanosecond and my knowledge will therefore be much greater and more powerful.

No truth. No courage. No value.The Gutless Anonymous Liar (or a reasonable facsimile) came back with a different anonymous mailer. The wisdom has been included in The GAL Chronicles.

Date sent: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 00:32:46 +1100 (EST)
From: Micheal Peterson
Subject: Subscription Canceled


You have been successfully unsubscribed from the e-mail newsletter "High- Voltage Personal Defense". You will no longer receive our monthly newsletter.

Subscription Number: 35465775687872

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Funny. I don't remember ever subscribing to this newsletter. I know someone else who received the same email on the same day, with the same subscription and removal confirmation numbers. A remarkable set of coincidences. It must have also been coincidence that the other recipient of the email is a Canadian doctor who is not liked by someone who does not like me. We often receive similar mail. And most people I know called "Michael" can spell it. And aren't simultaneously called Douglas Fairbanks. A great mystery.

I received the following message from a software company.

Subject: Your Decemberxx Software Download Of Yyyyyy-Yyyk
Date sent: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 23:34:00 -0500

Product: Yyyyy-Yyyy

Dear Rat Bag,

Thank you for downloading one of Decemberxx Software's Website NT Utilities. This is an autoreply. We'll get your questions answered ASAP. Some of the products on our website need a KEY during the install, you'll find the information at the end of this message if this is the case.

<snip rest>

I'm going to download software for work but not use my work email? And I am going to call myself "Rat Bag"? Right! The really nice thing is that this was the confirmation email which included the unlock codes necessary to use the product. I got the codes, and with a bit of luck, someone else got the credit card bill.

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