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Hate Mail - 2012

This collection of mail to The Millenium Project covers correspondence received during 2012. My replies are in italics.

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Mail received from January 1, 2019

Subject: Skeptics
From: Olga
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2012 16:45:30 +1000

I thought skeptics where supposed to look at everything skeptically. Obviously not , they seem happy to be brainwashed on certain issues !!!! Maybe you should consider a more productive , unbiased path . Instead of just trying to interrupt free choice . Also realize that science has many sides , and be skeptical about them all . Outrages things you publish . Such a lack of knowledge ,lateral thinking ,science and healthy scepticism . Real rat bags , that's one truth .

Hello Olga,

Did you have a specific complaint or is it all too overwhelming for you?

Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 06:02:40 -0700
From: Jim

I've never met Dr. Pearl, but I do know several people that have been healed by him. RATBAGS for sure!!

Hello Jim,

These people were either very lucky or not sick. If they got better then Mr Pearl had nothing to do with it. Magic works on the stage, not in real life.

You can see more about "Dr" Pearl here,

Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2012 20:15:13 -0700
From: Bill Gross
Subject: Your web page is a joke and it only makes you look bad.

The good Doctor has already been through enough shit without your jealous ass spreading more crap. So do us all a favor and just go play in the busy street.

Hello Bill,

Thank you for your useful comments, which have been passed on to our editorial team for their amusement. The comments would be even more useful if I knew which "good Doctor" you were talking about

Bill wants to continue the conversation. See more about this Dr Burzynski here.

Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 11:24:41 -0700
From: Bill Gross
Subject: Re: Your web page is a joke and it only makes you look bad.

Well if memory serves me correctly, I could have been talking about the only doctor (Dr. Burzynski) that is actually trying to cure people of cancer, instead of the now conventional treatment of shooting you through with radiation destroying good and bad tissue all the while making return visits a must, as well as pushing "legal" drugs all in an effort to get all the money the person has before they are killed by the "treatment" that is designated as the conventional way to do things.

Your memory needs updating, because Dr Burzynski is not the only doctor trying to cure people of cancer. In fact he isn't even one of them, because to be one he would have to be doing something that might lead to a cure for at least one form of cancer. (There is no universal cure for cancer, despite what quacks like Burzynski claim, because there are many different forms of the disease.) Oh, and you do realise that Burzynski supplies real medicines (at outrageously inflated prices) from his in-house pharmacy and they look a lot like conventional chemotherapy drugs. As for return visits, patients have to keep returning to Burzynski, sometimes for years, generally until they either die or run out of money.

Yes that is most likely what I was talking about.... I'm so happy to have provided your editorial team with some amusement.  You might try actually writing something that could help a child not be "practiced" on and told that this is his or her only treatment. Radiation in any form is not an acceptable treatment for anything other than murder. I as a parent could not torture my child in that manner especially when there are other safe and proven methods.

What are these "safe and proven methods"? Please don't say anything to do with Burzynski because until he provides some evidence there is no indication that what he does is either safe or works. In fact, the high sodium loads that he inflicts on patients with his antineoplaston treatment are probably harmful.

I am treating my fathers skin cancer and am doing so successfully with natural methods that don't cost a fortune and take every penny he has.

I feel sorry for your father. Skin cancer is almost always curable by real doctors but certain forms of it can kill quite quickly. Make sure his will is up to date.

With natural remedies you eliminate the middle man and get the nourishment that God provided instead of the fake man made cheap imitations that line the pockets of the "ones who rule". I do not claim to know everything but I am smart enough to see through the bullshit.

If I in any way ruined your day with my post I do apologize. I was pretty harsh, lol.

Why would you have ruined my day? I've heard all this before.

I am just sick of seeing people subjected to the treatment at hand with the medical society not making any efforts at all to find new safe ways to treat cancer.

There are thousands of researchers working to find cures and treatments for cancer. Have you any idea how much money could be made by whoever finds the cure for breast cancer, for example?

So with that said you may want to watch

I have watched it. I'll have to say this for Burzynski, he is certainly putting a lot more money and effort into his advertising these days. Back when I first came across him he was just running lying web sites exploiting dead and dying children. Now he has lying videos like this one, a wide network of money-laundering web sites and a much more sophisticated program of scripted and almost credible testimonials. Some of the stories are so convincing that you could almost forget that you are watching actors and reading fiction.

Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 22:40:22 -0700
Subject: you need a hard punch
From: bam bam

in your face...

you are a piece of rotting shit..

Thank you. It is always best to start off on a polite note.

as humans even children and mothers who come in as patients are damaged and maimed by mercury they are exposed to chronically or acutely in health care and never informed or mercury exposure symptoms-given a list of mercury symptoms to look for ( like you get with a bottle of aspirin), and watched or accounted for...even as they have mercury symptoms that are very well documented in medical literature...

I assume English is not your native language. Congratulations, though, as your English is better than my Cantonese.

i am compiling a list of many doctors md's scientists toxicologists dds's of various histories some with the FDA EPA with a more humanistic and sympathetic view of human experience and with truth on their side are putting information out on the internet on just how harmful damaging irresponsible callous unwarranted the practice of using mercury in health fields is.

Where is mercury used in health fields? Other than in homeopathy of course, because that has nothing to do with health. See homeopaths using mercury here.

there are thousands of patients who are now ill and post on the internet their direct causal link to mercury related health products such as amalgam etc

There are thousands of people posting on the Internet with claims they have seen UFOs. Do you believe those delusions too?

there is not conspiracy it is truth.

in fact the only conspiracy is the people that really have something to loose by admitting the truth and owning the damage they allow..such as the Amercican Dental Association and decades of blind support of Amalgam while Millions of Americans are filled with Mercury in various amounts and when they get symptoms depending on the amount they received they do not know what happened or what to blame because the dentist never told them what they are exposed to..great cover up and great conspiracy....the conspiracy to not admit damage based on the millions sick..can we say liability issues A book which can not possibly exist!you idiot...

I knew there was mercury in dental amalgam before I entered high school. My dentist told me. You do know that the American Dental Association put out a book in 1966 which contained the recipe for dental amalgam and also warned dentists about the dangers of high exposure? Dentists were at risk because they were exposed to large amounts of mercury daily. People with fillings are exposed to tiny amounts which cause no harm.

in fact many industries will go down in flames before admitting guilt for reason of saving face and liability issues while people are really harmed and parish under the reality of the poisons they are exposed to.

can we say lead-asbestos-ddt and many more...

Which has what to do with mercury? As I said above, the dangers of high exposure to mercury have been known for a very long time. Have you read Alice in Wonderland? Do you know why hatters went mad?

allowing the established industries of mercury usage create manage fund and report on the things that are huge liability issues is like the trusting tobacco companies to report the poisons they expose there clients with

it is idiots like you that think asbestos lead ddt and now mercury are safe and not damaging humans.

When have I ever said all these things are safe? Are you familiar with the Straw Man Fallacy?

humans are idiots basically and you are definitely that probably goes to mcdonalds and eat the hamburger thinking it is just as healthy as eating organic meat raised humanely with a healthy organic diet..

How do you know what the animals were fed on?

i am sure you would of been an idiot that would have defended asbestos and lead and ddt to name a few in there hay day in american industry before they were banned, as perfectly fine

That's "would have", "their" and "heyday", but who cares about accuracy? You don't seem to. When was lead banned?

it is idiots apologists like you that have will compare mercury and its use to such things as hydrogen and oxygen in your dumb rebuttals and arguments This ass is not dumb!red herring arguments of smoke and mirrors and confusion

A chemical compound containing hydrogen and oxygen kills far more people than mercury does, so I'm not sure what your point is here, or even if you have one.

it is an idiot like you will use some stupid little imperfection in my statements as a reason to throw out the reality that mercury does harm humans you fucking idiot...

There are many "stupid little imperfection[s]" in your statements, but they have nothing to do with reality.

Did I call you a dumb ass idiot yet???

Why do people keep insulting my donkey? He isn't dumb.

Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 00:54:35 -0700
Subject: Re: you need a hard punch
From: bam bam

People like you will allow for millions of people to be injured with no accounting via mercury.

If millions of people were being harmed I would certainly care, but they aren't so I don't.

There are no safe guards..mercury symptom warnings*like a bottle of aspirin warning) given by doctors for low level chronic exposure to mercury vapor given at the time the amalgam is placed..

As hardly any dentists use amalgam these days I don't see what your problem is. (Dentists make much more money installing composite fillings. Why would they want to take the time and trouble to mix amalgam when they can do the job quicker and get paid better?) Did you notice that I told you that my dentist told me about mercury when I was about eight years old?

rarely if ever ...and almost never does a defender of mercury amalgams speak to the ramifications of dentistry finally saying oops we goofed up..and the millions of patients that could do a class action law suit...

You keep talking about the millions of damaged patients as if they exist.

the logic to deny fault is the major reason the established dental association can not conduct studies...and approve of studies on Mercury Amalgam.

Using the term "mercury amalgam" shows that you have no knowledge of chemistry. All amalgams contain mercury, so a mercury amalgam would be a mixture of mercury and mercury. This would be a liquid and therefore would be of no use whatsoever for filling upper teeth. It might be used for filling lower teeth but you would have to keep your head very still to stop the fillings from spilling out.

Let me see – as of today a PubMed search for "dental amalgam" returns 8870 published papers. Nope. No research being done at all.

They are like the tobacco industry and will say anything to cover there tracks, and find sympathizers like you.

In what way to they "cover there (sic) tracks"? Do you remember that 1966 book by the American Dental Association I told you about?

If you trust a mercury study done on an orphanage Casa Pia((you should google this)) where there was a major sex  abuse scandal on the kids during the mercury trail as proof you are crazy. That is our well funded american dental association buddy. They go to a country with problem to get kids to lay in their trap.  It was funded by the same people that are at stake with their careers and the liability associated with admitting fault the ADA.

But I thought no studies were done? And did you notice that this study showed that mercury in fillings can make it into the bloodstream? This doesn't mean it causes any harm, just that it gets there. This is not surprising in any way.

If you trust humans that have something to loose in that situation you are crazy.

Should that be "something too loose" or "something to lose"? Neither makes any sense but at least they would be correct English syntax.

If you think people are not being hurt by low level chronic exposure to mercury amalgams you are one of the looniest people in the world.  Thousands of doctors mds scientists affected patients are educating themselves and finally putting all the disinformation together and seeing the evil once and for all.

I'm sure they're "putting all the disinformation together". There's plenty of disinformation to go around. Just look at any anti-mercury web site and you will find disinformation galore.

You are a sympathizer with this evil.

mercury in fish harms you. mercury in industry harms you.

Did I mention chemistry? Methyl mercury in fish and industrial waste is not elemental mercury.

mercury in your mouth does not harm you??? it harms no one?? even up to 20 fillings worth..grams of mercury in someones mouth..???? and it does no harm??? you are amazing harmfully deficient in human intellect and common sense.

Even if someone had 20 amalgam fillings, how many grams of mercury would this be? And how fast does the mercury leach out of the fillings? Please don't point me to that ridiculous video showing smoking teeth. I can find enough new stuff to laugh at without listening to old tired jokes like that one.

By the way, how many grams of calcium are in an average person's mouth. Have you seen the MSDS for calcium?

Section 4 First Aid Measures
Keep away from heat and ignition sources. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid breathing vapors. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothes. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep container closed.

FIRST AID: CALL A PHYSICIAN. SKIN: In case of contact, immediately flush skin with water for at least 15 minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Thoroughly clean clothing and shoes before reuse.

EYES: Wash eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, lifting lids occasionally. Seek Medical Aid. INHALATION: Remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen

INGESTION: Give several glasses of milk or water. Vomiting may occur spontaneously, but DO NOT INDUCE! Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

Section 11 Additional Information
Contact with skin while moist or perspired may cause burns due to reactions. Eye contact can cause irritaiton. If inhaled can cause irritation to mucous membranes.If ingested can cause burns of mouth and esophogus.If comes in contact with skin or eyes wash with water. If inhaled rlemove to fresh air . If ingested, Do not induce vomiting . For all above situation get medical assistance immediately. Persons with pre-existing disorders may be more susceptible

forget your sympathetic ways for the dental establishment. it is just common sense ..the cover up

What cover up? There seems to be no secret.

Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 13:44:13 +0100
Subject: Your comment on my blog
From: Jenny Fletcher

You asked in a comment on my blog what happened to the Xocai business.

Did I? As far as I know the thirteenth word in your email is the first time I have ever seen the word "Xocai". Of course, it could simply be a case of it being so inconsequential that I have forgotten.

Remind me. Where is this blog of which you speak?

A number of things.

1. The US/GBP exchange rate changed so that it became prohibitively expensive to buy the product. The exchange rate is now a lot more favourable but I had to consider my finances at the time and those of my prospective customers.

2. I was not well. You can see that there are some big gaps in blog posts. I have suffered severe depression and been suicidal. Nothing to do with the business, and not prepared to discuss with you.

I'm sorry to hear that. I know people who have been through the same experience.

3. A member of Xocai in my upline tried to say that another business I was pursuing was against the rules. It was an entirely different product and not against the rules at all. I got a letter from Xocai legal department to prove it and she was removed from her position as a top UK representative. She concocted a hate campaign against me which did not help my depression. I really had no other option than to pull out.

As it is the job of the upline in any pyramid scheme to tell lies I am not surprised at this.

Thanks to the help of my local adult mental health services I am now a lot better and engaging in life and business again.

I looked at your site. The section on religion and creationism is very funny but I regret to say that the rest of the site is mostly ill informed trash. If you take the next logical step along your idea path, you will come to the conclusion that the Government and taxation systems of the free world are also pyramid schemes.

No, I would not. Didn't your upline tell you to mention General Motors, the usual example taught in MLM school?

Believe what you will, but your comments are not welcome on my blog.

Run away, then. It is typical of people involved in scams to want to suppress criticism. As MLM is a scam by definition participants don't necessarily know they are involved in fraud, but they are taught how to react to exposure.

Thank you. Have fun, but be aware that one day, a legal action against you for defamation WILL happen if you push the envelope too far in your criticism of the network marketing industry.

The network marketing industry is fraud from top to bottom. Deal with it. And who am I defaming? Most of the participants are innocent dupes who just happen to believe the lies told by salespeople.

Jenny Fletcher

Thank you for telling me about Xocai. I will be adding it to the list of MLM scams at my site in the next update. (And yes, for the pedants, "MLM scams" is a tautology.)

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 11:11:38 +0100
Subject: Re: Your comment on my blog
From: Jenny Fletcher

Mr Bowditch,

Don't be disingenuous. You know perfectly well which blog and which business.

No I don't, which is why I asked. As far as I know the first time I ever encountered the word "Xocai" was in your email. Why do you want to keep it a secret?

Or do you insult so many people in a day, you forget what blogs you commented on. You will have had an email from google Blogger telling you that your comment was held for moderation.

I have received 26 emails with "blogger" in the headers in the last year and 11 with "blogspot". None of them have anything to do with moderation of any blog message I've posted.

You made a clear allegation that I am or was knowingly involved in some kind of illegal business.  This is not the case.

I don't think MLM schemes are illegal (although they should be). They are immoral, but there are lots of strictly legal activities that fall outside the bounds of common morality and decency. One of the management skills of MLM scheme promoters is ensuring that their activities are right on the edge of legality without actually breaking laws.

If you now turn your attention to my current business I will bring it to their attention and let their legal department deal with you.

As I don't even know what your last business was I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to commenting about any new business you might be in. Have you joined another pyramid scam?

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 17:31:34 +0100
Subject: Re: Your comment on my blog
From: Jenny Fletcher

Peter YOU COMMENTED ON MY BLOG and you asked about 'my chocolate business'. Don't add more lies to gross stupidity.

Then you will have no problem giving me a link to the blog and my comment to refresh my memory.

If you are so thick that you really can't remember, then I am not going to help you by explaining how you find out what sites you've visited.  Idiots like you don't deserve air to breathe.

No, I don't necessarily remember every web site I ever visit. That is why I am asking you to remind me. Why can't you do that?

On your pathetic little site you refer constantly to all network marketing business as being a 'pyramid scam' and therefore illegal. You can't worm out of it. Or perhaps you are saying you didn't write that?

Please provide a link to anywhere where I have said that all MLM schemes are illegal. In fact, if you go to you can see a perfectly legal MLM scheme that I created myself.

26 emails ? Is that 26 instances of accusing legitimate business owners of being criminals?

No, it is exactly what I said. Emails that had "blogger" somewhere in the headers.

Just close down your site and go and sit in the shade. The sun has obviously addled your brain.

Why should I close down my site? It performs a useful service warning people about scams like MLM.

Jenny Fletcher

Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 10:45:50 +0100
Subject: Re: Your comment on my blog
From: Jenny Fletcher

You can look back through your own damn browser history.

How far back. One month? One year? Right back to 1999 when I started this site?

Are you saying you don't recall asking the question?

I have said that several times. Do you have a comprehension problem?

How did you come by the blog in the first place?

Which blog would that be? Why can't you tell me this?

There is no point you going back to my blog. None of the comments you could make will ever appear there. I am not responsible for refreshing your memory.

So I assume that you are lying. Otherwise you could point me to your blog and prove me wrong.

Either network marketing businesses – MLM in your parlance are legal or they are scams. No shades of grey.

I'll say this real slow for the hard of thinking – all MLM schemes are scams, but they are perfectly legal provided that the promoters have been careful enough to avoid infringing the definitions of pyramid schemes in legislation. Did you even bother to look at the LEGAL MLM scheme that I invented. Legal as it can be, backed by a decision of the full bench of the Federal Court of Australia.

You have a list of what you term illegal businesses. If I find Xocai has been added to that list, I will advise their legal department. The fact that I am no longer their distributor is irrelevant here.

I have a list of what I term "scams". I make no comment about legality. As you have mentioned legal action, I will add this to the list of Vacuous Legal Threats at

Don't bother replying to this. Your mail is already directed to spam and from there a filter called 'trolls' will permanently remove it as from today.

I'm prepared to bet money that you will read this. People who announce killfiling almost never really do it. And why would you be frightened of what I have to say anyway? All you have to do is tell me where this apocryphal blog is and prove me wrong.

Oh, and before I forget – if Xocai is a multi-level marketing scheme then it is quite probably legal. Immoral, deceitful, but almost certainly legal. Sad, isn't it?

Jenny Fletcher

Subject: Pathology
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 15:28:45 +1000

How appropriate you call yourself the Proctologist; you're a real arsehole. How strange you should attack Australian Biologics and defend 'Scientific" pathology. I know many GPs who do not trust conventional lab results anymore as they are both too insensitive and inaccurate. If you only knew what a corrupt industry big medico/pharma is you would fall off your perch. Oh well you can always tell an arsehole but you can't tell him much!

Hello Clive,

Perhaps you could reveal the names of these doctors so I can make sure that nobody I care about ever risks their life by going near them.

Thank you for your comments. We appreciate considered criticism here and always treat it with the respect it deserves.

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 18:43:32 -0500
From: "Jean"
Subject: Vaccine's

I agree with doctor Len Horowitz, Mary Tocco, and other truly concerned doctors and researchers who have nothing to gain except the safety of the public. To inject foreign matter into your blood stream is stupid and against biblical teachings as well. The efficacy Is non existant. Just a way to create commerce for the vaccine manufacturers and pediatricians. Many have been brainwashed by the very people who stand to make money out of this garbage. If it was really safe and effective they would not be trying to mandate it inasmuch as the non vaccinated would be no threat to those who were vaccinated if it was a really effective immunization. It is not. It is just a method of selling snake oil and with bad results in many cases and no proof that it saved anyone from contracting what they were vaccinated against, but plenty of proof that there are adverse reactions to those who have had this garbage injected into themselves. With out knowing the age of Mary Tocco's son I would guess he is a minor based on his response to you. He was antagonized by your calling his mother a liar. You have no proof that what she says is not 100 % correct. You have a belief based on what you were taught and it has been lucrative for you, no doubt but you cannot prove a negative. Who is to say anyone would have contracted a disease had they not been vaccinated. And yet, many who probably would never have contracted the disease come down with it after having been vaccinated. That is sufficient proof that it truly is more of a religion then a scientifically backed fact.

Down with the AMA crime syndicate.
:Aunty Vaccine

You can see what I had to say about the vile Mary Tocco here.

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 19:18:23 -0500
From: "Jean"
Subject: Dr. Burzinski Cancer treatment

It appears to me that you are really ignorant. You want all to fail. What is the difference if the people pay out thousands for the standard Treatment that has no better then a 5 percent cure rate (that may be exaggerated) and if they die one day after the five year period it is called a cure. I say let all who think they may have the cure do their best without some idiot trying to demean them and without the FDA Or AMA trying to shut them down. At least the people are offered some degree of hope with the alternative methods when they know There is no hope with the present approved methods of Slash,burn and poison.

Dr Burzynski is one of the most egregious cancer quacks around. Read about him here.

From: erin phillips
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 23:21:42 +0800

That is slander and you can get in deep shit for that buddy. How bout you leave Wendy the fuck alone and worry about things you know about rather than babble on about shit you know absolutely nothing about. You are pathetic. Get a life you moron.

Thank you for your comment. We take all comments and criticism seriously here and your email has been passed on to our Quality Control, Editorial Standards and Customer Complaints departments. Unfortunately nobody else can get any work done now because of the shrieks of laughter coming from those three offices.

The Wendy mentioned is someone who thought that "LOL" was an appropriate way to talk about how she had abused her child.

Subject: "Stupid Mother Fucker ends up in Court Again!
Sender: <>
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2012 01:01:46 +0800

Oh the humanity!? You poor poor man...hauled in front of the courts again. This must really play havoc with your declining health. To be so affronted when doing humanity's and god's work. Know that when your in front of the court on November 14th, we're all going to be rooting for you! But in a different way....

Hopefully you're sleep deprived, blood sugars all over the map, dysrhythmia, alcoholically poisoned, pissed off, dehydrated....and moments away from the myocardial infarct that's just around the corner for you and you so deserve.

This is really going to be such publish all the details on your organs... and do be truthful....we all know how you like to stretch the truth.....

And when you're gone there are so many of us committed to continue your legacy so the world won't forget what a complete useless fuckwad you were......

Yes, it's the Gutless Anonymous Liar. Its fantasies are always highly amusing.

Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 23:18:23 +1100
Subject: re: The 9/11 conspiracies
From: "Craig Simmons"

G'day, I can't find any way of putting a comment on your 911 page, but here it is:

You managed to find the right place.

What about WTC 7? How many 'conspiricy deniers' are even aware of the collapse of this building, and the peculiar way it collapsed (just like the other two)?

I can't imagine that anybody is not aware of the collapse of WTC7. After all, isn't that the building that the conspiracy kooks claim was brought down when the Fire Chief said "Pull it"? There was nothing peculiar about the way it collapsed. It wasn't like the other two though, because they collapsed due to internal damage caused by aircraft crashing into them relatively high in the structures whereas WTC7 had the side torn out of it by debris from the two large towers.

Please do some simple research for yourself about this anomalous event.

If there was anything anomalous about a building falling down because it had been severely damaged by debris from a major collapse right next to it there might be something to research, but I've got better things to do with my time than to humour people who want to believe in fairy tales.

Thank you

Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2012 20:53:44 +1100
From: "rogerl@Decemberxx"

I have been reading Nexus Magazine since 1993 and love it.

It is a highly amusing publication. I have a fondness for it myself.

The alternate media is a refreshing place for people to exchange ideas. It is not for the faint hearted. You have been brainwashed since childhood.

I give my brain a wash quite frequently by reading magazines like Nexus.

Go and join the skeptics....your world is black and white.

I joined the Skeptics years ago.

You are a narrow minded RATBAG.

may the farce be with you!!!!!

Roger replied:

Hello Peter,
In your universe Quantum physics does not exist.
Horse and cart travel will last for another millennium.
The world is still flat.
The universe revolves around you.
Maybe Jesus/Dick Smith still loves you.
You haven't been born yet.
Wait for the stork!!!!

I'm glad we cleared that up.

Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 21:52:38 -0500
From: "Anna Ross"
Subject: Sad man

How sad that you have become hostage to the influence of big-pharma. When science catches up to the true reality of health that does not involve ingesting massive quantities of chemicals rather than focussing on good food perhaps we will move forward. We have a sickness industry not a health or wellness one.

So you think that doctors want to keep people sick? Is this deliberate or is it that with all their training they just don't know as much as people who look up everything in Google?

There is so much fear in you, who abused you as a child, your dad or a school? The whole website is a monument to your psychological imbalance. Anger at those who think differently only deepens your illness.

Thank you for your concern and your comprehensive psychological analysis of my mental state. I will discuss it with the next psychiatrist I play golf with. I was not abused as a child (unless I'm suffering from repressed memories, of course).

Anna Ross

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