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Hate Mail - 2007

This collection of mail to The Millenium Project covers correspondence received during 2007. My replies are in italics.

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Mail received from January 1, 2019

From: "brendan moore"
Subject: Anti-Vaccine Liars
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 21:56:32 +0000

So. I totally agree with you that some people are INSANE because they don't want people to inject kids and children with heavy metals and highly toxic preservatives straight into their bloodstream

As vaccines are not injected "straight into their bloodstream", nobody is insane for not wanting it. What is insane is fighting against vaccination.

so a dead or weakened virus can be recognized and destroyed when a live one comes around. That's good logic.

No, it's not. In fact, the opposite is what happens.

Cause we can completely ignore the fact that they obviously cause severe neurological disease and disable children.

We couldn't ignore it if it was a fact, but as it isn't we can.

But hey, at least they protect us from contracting the virus, so naturally everything is alright. Oh wait, silly me they don't even do that. Historically, take a quick gander at when the said vaccines are introduced into the public and the cases of the virus in relation. Any idiot could look at the pattern and conclude there is no relationship in the introduction of vaccines and the downfall of the viruses.

So you are about to tell me about somewhere where the incidence of a disease rose after vaccination was introduced. Any country, any vaccine. Come on, surely you have some evidence to back up your claim. Please don't repeat the often-discredited idiocy about measles deaths declining before the vaccine was introduced. That has been answered so many times that only someone deliberately trying to be deceptive still pulls it out.

While we're back in the past reviewing introduction of vaccines and illnesses, why don't we look at asthma, adhd, sids. To name a few. So they've gone up, as vaccines have been mass administered.

SIDS has gone down, but don't let the facts interfere with your ideology.

Again, these relationships aren't, "Wow that's a neat coincidence but obviously it doesn't mean anything." Your struggle to please yourself with bullshit jargon and claims we don't know anything about science is pathetic.

I don't think that the anti-vaccination liars "don't know anything about science". I think they know about science but choose to tell lies. That is not the same thing.

Grow a pair, and let the adults discuss things you don't understand.

I have a pair, and unlike those of the kids whom you would like to see with mumps, they work.

From: "K Turner"
Subject: new site
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 14:45:32 +1000

Dear ratbag,

I stumbled across your website today. eeewww What a self-conceited, Hate lover you are!! It doesn't matter why I was there, so I won't get into it right now – but I will say that I have found you are spouting off about 'exploiting the misery of others and giving them false hopes', when YOU are IN FACT, exploiting the misery of others and I can't say that you are giving them false hopes but you are certainly destroying their hopes. Which is worse? You are in the same category ratbag. hahaha I bet you think you are above fitting into any category now don't you. It might pay to kick back for a while, you know...get to know yourself a little, what you think, what you like and dislike, what you know and would like to do. That kind of stuff. Then you might not be such a contradictory person my friend.


It was so pretty that I had to leave it in the original type. And it came from my grandmother, too!

From: "Stan Giles"
Subject: philosophy
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 21:25:18 -0600

I'm glad I read your sophistry er ah, I mean philosophy before I decided to write you. It's refreshing to know that a well educated, articulate wordsmith like yourself can still make a boffo career out of being an advocate for ignorance. Really, how can you ignore factual scientific information in favor of highly phrased popular pseudoscience. You bore me.

Stan Giles

From: "sherrilee day"
Subject: loving parents of children with chickenpox..
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 22:46:18 +1030


I think this email is referring to this case of child abuse.

From: "Therese Mackay"
Subject: you are the rat bag
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 20:24:28 +1100

Just go jump in a lake...whichever toxic lake you it full of mercury, fluoride or any heavy metal of your choice...have you read a book called "The triumph of the airheads"? Iif not you shoul... its all about you!

Have a noicee dayee you fluff ball of humanity.


And one minute later!

From: "Therese Mackay"
Subject: amalgams
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 20:25:24 +1100

And wny has California banned the use of amalgams do you reckon dickhead?

If California had banned amalgams I might be able to answer the question, but they haven't so I can't.

Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 10:53:05 +0530
Subject: benny hinn is the man of Jesus

When the bible is the ultimate true word of the living god. the holy trinity and Jesus is the son of the living god and has true witness and his power is executed through faithfull people whom he pours the holy spirit on and when he sent his deciples to preach the word of god he said heal the sick and baptise in the name of the Faher,son and the holy spirit and bring his good news to the world and the lost ones of god. So to me pastor benny hinn is just one of his appointed faithfull servents ploughing the good seed in good groung of spreading the word of god and we should not make comments but try to absorbe and keep in the truth rather than beeing a companiog of the satan in feeling jelous of gods people and making comments. I pray that he may bring the word to every one needfull.

Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2007 10:14:15 -0800
From: Lindsey Littleton
Subject: Lindsey Littleton-Mannatech is Not A Spam.

I just want to tell you that you have no idea what you're talking about. Mannatech is not a scam at all. I personally know people who sell it and I take it because I have eczema and over the past 5 years, I don't even look like the same person. You really need to get your facts straight because Dr. Gunter Blobal isn't even the doctor that discovered these glyconutrients. You're an idiiot dude.

You can see what I had to say about Dr Blobel and Mannatech here. Perhaps it's not me who is the "idiiot".

From: "David Anson"
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 12:11:54 +0800

Dear Sir/Madam

I have watched one of your videos, regarding Hillsong Church. Why would you make a movie/mockery of Hillsong Church? I was deeply upset to see that you could make a film that would cause so much pain to other people, and to think that you could not even hold your opinions to yourself/refrain yourself from hurting other people, is it possible that you could answer these questions & reply to them?

I can certainly answer questions, but the first thing I will answer is not a question but an implication. I have never made a film or video in my life about Hillsong or anything else. I can only assume that the "one of my videos" that you refer to is the clip from the ABC program The Chaser's War on Everything. I would like to think that I could make something this good, but it is actually the work of someone else.

And why make fun of tithing? Example- The people that go to hillsong church work 5 days a week, and on sundays they want somewhere to go to praise/worship the lord in a fantastic atmosphere and they want someone to preach to them, someone that is available during the week at the church, so they appoint a pastor.

You appoint the pastor? How is this done – by election? Who stood against Brian Houston in the last election? When was the election held?

and during the service people are happy to contribute a small percentage of their money into the church- because they want the church but cannot run it themselves so they appoint a leader- who will run the church. Not to mention that 60% of that money goes into charities & the bible tells us to give into the church- by giving in our tithes & offerings we are obeying what god has got for us.

I am not sure what you mean by "obeying what god has got for us". Remember that tithing by itself is not enough, for as Jesus said in Matthew 23:23 "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone". That was just after he had said (Matthew 22:21) "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's". When can we expect to see the various limited and proprietary limited companies in the Hillsong group start paying corporate income tax, which is what Jesus meant when He referred to "the things which are Caesar's"?

60% of the income goes to charity? That's not what I've heard, but you can clear it up very quickly by providing a copy of the accounts.

Let me ask you a question- Do you believe in God? – because if you do, then you must believe in the bible, without the bible there is no god.

Pardon? Are you suggesting that God did not exist before the Bible was written? If that is the case and there is only one God, then God must be a creation of whoever wrote the Bible. Surely God would continue to exist even if every Bible in the world was destroyed. In fact, the very first line of the Bible, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth", seems to quite explicitly imply that God can exist independently of anything else, including the Bible.

And going to church, getting your prayers answered and listening to what is being preached how is this bad? You may not necessarily agree with the church but that is your opinion- keep it to yourself. Would you like christians to make movies about you & your family, exposing them in every way, making a mokery of them & you, of how the bible teaches us that by not having a relationship with god, when we die, we ultimatly go to hell, would you likes us to do that to you??? Certanly not!! let people keep their opinions to themselves,

Christianity is a proselytising religion, which means that one of its aims is to convert non-believers. I have no problem with this, and any Christians who "keep their opinions to themselves" must surely be ignoring Jesus' command to "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 21:19) You are perfectly entitled to express your opinions, and all I ask is that I be accorded the same courtesy. In any case, if your faith is challenged by my opinions then it can't be a very strong faith to begin with.

that is why religion seems to be having such an impact in todays society- because we have immoral people such as yourselves making a fool of religion as it is some sort of joke.

You don't know me at all, yet you make judgements about my morality. I'm sorry to keep harping on about Matthew, but it is the first book that most people read in the Christian part of the Bible. "Judge not, that ye be not judged" (Matthew 7:1)

I look forward to hearing from you

More about Hillsong here.

From: "James Harmer"
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 10:41:55 -0500
Subject: Hillsong

Dear Proctologist,

   Look, I am familiar with all of the attacks common among large churches, particularly Charismatic churches. These churches do not get involved with Politics, Politics get involved with these Churches. I watch Hillsongs services live on Television and 90% of the sermons do not even mention money, politics or anything you would have a problem with. They address moral issues all the time, and so does the Bible, and the fact is Politics nowadays are sadly mixed in with Morality.

   Why don't you highlight any of the good things that Hillsong does? You only talked about the ones that have to do with Money. Hillsong invests allot of their money into the building, into the music equipment, into other ministries and churches, and also to keep the services on the air internationally. Now, you may not think that those are worthy causes, "why should a church spend money on sound equipment?" "Why should a church care about being on TV?" You need to understand why they do this. The real thing Hillsong wants is changed lives, and that is what they give. I am just one of the millions of people all over the world who's lives have been affected by Hillsong and related churches.

   The music expresses genuine emotion and genuine love to God, some people express that with more traditional sounds, others use more modern sounds. This generation does not surpress their emotions, and the music at Hillsong is beautifull and very expressive. Look at the size of the church, how much money do you think it would cost to have a sound system loud and clear enough to fill that room? The people who are there are there because of the lifechanging preaching, and the power of the moving music. The fact that so many people continue to come is driving the cost of mantaining the sound quality, and excellence. I would rather have that much money spent on a church sounds system who's goal is to affect live's in a positive way than a stupid Rock band or Festival like Woodstock where all people want to do is have fun, often in immoral ways(even by the most liberal of standards.) Do you have any idea how much that kind of sound equipment costs? They want to be on as many television networks as possible because they want to reach as many people as possible, and in most of the broadcasts I have seen they do not encourage people to join their church, or donate money, they encourage people to find a church and get plugged in. When they ask for money, they say "if you feel God telling you to give, then give." It's sad that so many can misunderstand that, and get mad because so many give. Polls show that most people who watch those programs do not give any money, I know that even though it helps me, I have never given a dime, because I have never felt inclined to do so by God(or pressured by them.) I give to my local church because the Bible says to tithe to your local church, but our church is not legalistic about it. It costs more money than most people realize to broadcast on as many networks as Hillsong does, MTV spends over a Million dollars a day in production costs, I'd rather see that go to a church(or if you prefer to call it an "organization") dedicated to changing lives in a positive way than I would MTV.

   Hillsong preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The same doctrine of Salvation that is preached in Baptist, Methodist, Wesleyan, Pentecostal, Presbytyrian and all other evangelical denominations. Man has fallen short of the glory of God and sinned, this has corrupted the world and God said that the result is death, suffering, sickness, etc...(so much for your evidence of the absence of God, it's the absence of people willing to serve Him.) Many horrible things have been done in the name of Religion, but Hillsong does not encourage any of these things. Hillsong preaches the Orthodox Doctrine of the Trinity/Godhead, and the doctrine of Salvation. Man has sinned and that separates us from God because He is perfect and Holy. Jesus became a man and lived a perfect life and then died the death we deserve for us, and rose again on the third day. They preach that the way of Salvation is by trusting in what He has done and that He is the "Way, the Truth and the Life" and that "Noone comes to the Father but through Him." That message has changed my life, and that is what Hillsong is all about.

  I challenge you, to a formal debate, or at least to post this honest critique on your website along with the other E-mails(which I agree, many were foolish.) I appreciate websites like yours that challenge Christians(and people in general) to think a little more, and reason. I read your objections to Hillsong and have answered with this E-mail. I will be posting this on my Website( in the next few days, along with a link to the article I'm responding to for my readers and I anticipate a reply, hopefully public. Oh, and by the way... about the congregation "worshiping the Pastor with their arms raise at a 45 degree angle..." I don't know if you are aware but they are not worshiping him, and he would call them heretics if they were. Raising of the hands is a common biblical practice(Lift up Holy Hands) that is done by nearly all Evangelical churches, and many Catholic Churches alike. It has nothing to do with the pastor, I worship God like that alone in my room all the time. It is an abomination to worship a man, or anything but God(You shall Worship the LORD thy God and Him alone.) Not to be rude, but it takes at least a mild knowledge of the Bible to make claims like that... it's like many of the wacky Creationists that you complain about at your site who know nothing about Science but make rediculous claims about it all the time(although there are many inteligent Creationists out there as well.)

Hope to hear from you soon,


"One day a young boy was petting a bald monkey and a car came through the wall and knocked the bald monkey into a bowl of butter."

Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 09:04:36 -0500


I am not sure if I am at the right place or not since there is very little said at this web sight as to where or how to contact or make comments to. My wife and I have sent well over 100 people to our cra Chiropractor and everyone calls back feeling great.

I told my cra doc that our 11 year old dog was starting to show signs of hip tightness. He suggested 1 calcifood a day from standard process: within five days our dog was fine and that is 4 years ago and he walks and plays just fine.

My brother is 185% military disabled from agent orange. he is diabetic and end stage renal failure. I took him to my cra and within thirty days he came back with bloodwork within normal range. Hid kidney doc asked what he had done this past month to see such a remarkable change and when my brother told him the md said not to do what he said. I believe one dr. does not tell a person to not do what the other dr. has said. Anyways, he scared my brother half to death, I use to see that weekly at the dialysis center with treatment from the staff. My brother went off the program and has since been rushed to the hospital ay least ten times. My brother has been amputated. In one month my brother had feeling back in that foot, with the md running the show he lost the leg. The real truth is md run insurance income to the till with no regards to patient healing. My Cra has gotten more than one patient off of dialysis and off all Diabetic medication.

You show much foolishness and an evil heart trying to dissuade people when you do not understand what you are talking about.

Have you ever heard of acupuncture, please read on what that is and then come back to follow up. Acupuncture has been used for a very long time and no one denies its viability. I have seen on T.V. medical channel examples of operations using no medication only the needles to stop pain. You turn a switch on and you turn a switch off. What in the world do you think CRA is? turning switches on and off.

You have no bus. in the health care field.


You can see what I had to say about the CRA fraud here.

From: "Cathy van Miert"
Subject: shame
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 17:55:18 +1300

I feel sorry for you.

You claim you "question" things in your life – starting in childhood, but you actually don't. You can only see the world from a narrow paradigm, and have not questioned that paradigm itself. You charge others who do not believe as you do as ignorant, while remaining ignorant yourself. You are filled with hatred and bile that cannot be good for you, or your family. This for of vitriol is so damaging. If you cared about your family you would drop it.


Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2007 02:55:17 +1000
Subject: Ian Pllimer was right?? LOL.

You gotta be kidding me. I read that logically fallacious piece on the web and I could not believe my eyes. Creationists lie for God? How about anti-creationists make things up, create straw men ex nihilo, and lie for their unbelief. I think that is a much better description of the facts in the case.

Arthur D.

It's hard to tell, but I think Mr Daniels was objecting to this.

From: "Bianca"
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 10:34:14 +1000


Just wanted to say that the article I read on parents allowing their children to contract chicken pocks being child abuse is the most riddiculous thing I have ever heard in my life!

It was nothing but shit stirring, as if any parent is going to take on the words of some deluded moron!

Unfortunately, some parents are only too ready "to take on the words of some deluded moron", which is why they are deceived by the anti-vaccination liars. Many of the liars, however, while being morons, are not deluded – they are venally and deliberately evil.

If I was you I would just give up and stop being such a dickhead!!!

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 01:14:12 -0700
From: Malcolm Wright
Subject: Homeopathy


I thought I would send you a link to an interesting article, relevant to the articles you have ranting against homeopathy on your site.

I don't use homeopathy, but I found that your derisive approach to the principles of it was pompous and motivated by an inflated ego rather than a desire to help people. As is often the case, diatribes concerned with beating one's chest rather than with the pursuit of truth expose one to ridicule: and I found this New Scientist article provides a satisfying dose of truly scientific behaviour in relation to homeopathy.

Although this does not rightfully consititute 'hate' mail, I do hope you include it on your site.

Cheers, M

You can see my response to this here.

From: "ACSA"
Subject: Actually, your website should be called ""
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 00:26:16 -0400

FYI, it was Edwin Black in the book "IBM and the Holocaust" who identified IBM's role in WWII. Why don't you publish its contents on "" and call Edwin Black a "Quintessence of the Loon", Bowditch? Afraid?

Not at all. I have no dispute with Black's historical analysis of IBM's involvement with governments during WW2, however fantastic it is. As far as I know, Black isn't claiming that transistors were brought to Earth by little green men. If he starts saying that IBM helped the Nazis because alien overlords told them to do so then I will have something to say about him.

I found the enclosed story on another website, an interview by Jeff Rense. Fascinating material. Not entirely accurate, but fascinating.

You found a story reporting on your idiotic idea that transistors came from a spaceship that crashed on Earth. Wow! How serendipitous.

And Stanton Friedman, whom I spoke with by phone a few days ago, appears to be continuing to make his appearances, he was at a show at Johns Hopkins a week ago, his webmaster is a customer. I still find his information and that of Phillip Corso, fascinating. But I pay little attention to Jeff Rense anymore.

Wise move. Paying attention to Jeff Rense can lead to trouble interpreting reality.

You do appear to suffer from a singular lack of a sense of humor. And stupid...

I have a very good sense of humour. I laugh at jokes, which is why I laugh at you.

What was it you called me, a "name dropper"...?

A search of all pages on the RatbagsDotCom site did not produce any page with the word "dropper" on it. Are you still consuming those chemicals that made you think that transistors came from Mars?

I'd apply the description "brainless, libeling coward hiding behind a doofie website" to you, but you wouldn't publish that, would you, a/k/a Peter Bowditch?

I just did.

Like I told you once before to your "face": your ultimate destiny is to be doomed to exposure. Remember those words.

You must be a very troubled man to write all the puke that covers your "barfbag" of a website.

Jack A. Shulman

<snip remaining insanity about how someone went on Jeff Rense's show and said that Jack knew where transistors came from>

You can see the context for this here.

From: "Linda Adamson"
Subject: Comment on The Millenium Project
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 10:21:44 -1000

Reading through your writings on this website has been a shock. I have never seen so much uneducated, biased thinking in my life. You say you won't read more then 300 words at a time (your quote), but you claim to understand so many things.

Actually, my real quote is "As the Gettysburg Address contains only 278 words and therefore sets a plausible upper limit on the expression of a single thought, I try not to read any paragraph containing more than 300 words". (It is expressed slightly differently in various places, but all are paraphrases of this.) Of course, if what I am reading is interesting I keep on reading.

Your mind is not just ill-informed, it is frozen. You, my friend, are the monster produced by the "sleep of reason".

Linda Adamson

Thank you for your comments, although I am not quite sure what it is that upsets you so. Thank you also for keeping to the word limit. It's easy if you try.

From: "Scott Sellards"
Subject: Yu
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 09:58:03 -0700

yur an ignernt dert bag

Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 01:59:25 -0700
From: Murdoch Robert
Subject: Boyd Haley

Dear ratbags,

If you had a cupful of mercury in front of you right now, how much would you be willing to drink to prove Boyd Haley wrong?

Robert Murdoch DOM

cc Professor Boyd Haley

And what would that prove? You might like to get Professor Haley to explain the concepts of "the dose makes the poison" and "threshold". That is, if he hasn't completely forgotten whatever chemistry he may once have known. All it takes to prove him wrong is to crack open an introductory organic chemistry textbook and read about what the prefixes "methyl-" and "ethyl-" mean.

See more about Professor Haley here.

Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2007 11:22:49 -0700
From: carol reeves

a good name for ur site. have you ever read the bible about laying hands on and healings. you, my friend are in damnation because you are mocking the holy ghost! i sure hope u turn ur life around because you are headed somewhere u might not want to go. i put no faith in men so therefore i dont believe all i see, so if benny hinn is not what he is supposed to be then, he as we all, will stand before the throne of judgement and answer for what we have done in this life. if god is not in your heart you sure need to think about it. god bless and i will be praying for you.

See more about Benny Hinn here.

From: "acsa"
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 20:19:31 -0400


Your mouth is going to get you into a whole lot of legal hot water here.

Like I said, Pathological Peter, I do believe you're a world class coward, a coward on a par with so many other terrorists who use harassing websites and suicide bombers to try and promote themselves.

Are you defaming me there, Jack? It's hard to tell through all that mouth foam.

Your only partial publishing of the former email shows that: not only do you know I never said anything of the sort, you hide behind distance and quasi-anonymity, falsely accusing me of saying "little green men brought the Transistor to Humanity", something I never said,

And neither did I. Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

why would I, after all, the only time I heard that was from members of the Ken Thompson team (you know, those "geniuses" who've been trying to convince the world they invented Unix for the past thirty years?) at the Unix Lab – they said it, all I did was ask the public why and post their alleged Plan 9 logo (the little green guy with the Bell Labs Briefcase). That was an alleged logo for AT&T's Plan 9 Operating System, which was supposed to be, according to Thompson and his crew, an able successor to Unix. Good luck with that, KT! When can I expect an update, my copy is getting threadbare?

I'm not sure what you are getting at here, Jack, but if you have a dispute with Mr Thompson you should take it up with him and leave me out of it.

BTW, I believe the quote was "Some have said that AT&T reverse engineered an alien space craft that allegedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico" and so on and so forth, quoting Corso, and the AT&T kids and Stan Friedman, and then American Computer opened up an inquiry to find out "what's the truth?". We had a lot of fun with it back in 1997 and so did the public. And yet, here it is 10 years later and only obsessed, quasi intellectual nutbags like you seem to be continuing to falsely allege we claimed proof that aliens were behind the Transistor. I note that only our competitors didn't appreciate all the fun everyone had with it, as evidenced by people like you who sought to attack American Computer.

I have never attacked American Computer. You, on the other hand, used an American Computer web site to accuse me of pederasty. That might not have been a wise thing to do.

Talk about lacking a sense of humor! Clearly you did it so as to harm ACC's business, and reputation. (Lookout, you failed miserably!) I guess the open question on everyone's mind right now is which business or superwealthy a-hole has you on his slush payroll.

Are you now accusing me of corruption and accepting secret commissions? Are you sure you talked to a lawyer before writing to me? You know, a real lawyer who went to law school and was in class when they taught defamation law. Taxi drivers, hairdressers and psychiatric nurses are nice people and always ready for conversation, but they are not lawyers. Also, perhaps you should mention the paymaster's name, otherwise it might appear that you are suffering from paranoia and delusions.

I think I know who, and you can tell him it's only a matter of time before he pays up. I didn't think his ideas were worthy of consideration back in 1976 when he posed them to me at the bank, and I think his company today is just selling other people's products and no, he does not have a superior product, just another one and it's not a very good one. He can doll it up with all the built in accessories he wants, its like a bad car, you can't cover up the "bad" with fuzzy dice, a "dude", and criticism of your competition. He's become a has been and is very soon to become a never will.

Have you recently changed your medication? You seem to be losing coherence.


Counsel advises you're in legal violation of our Trademarks and Copyrights under US and Australian law. Kindly immediately remove all pages referring to "Jack Shulman" and "American Computer" upon receipt of this email, you probably won't, but I had to put you on legal notice, before authorizing counsel to take appropriate legal steps.

Would that be the same counsel you used when you first emailed me pretending to be a lawyer? As for the trademark issue, did you think that I couldn't check or wouldn't check? I could and I did. As you can see here, there is no registration for "Jack Shulman" as an Australian trademark, and the only trademark including the words "American" and "computer" belongs to Lexwood Edward Wright, and that ain't you, Jack.

You have 3 business days to remove all the offending pages and references.

BTW, No vacuous legal threats: you're breaking the law by diluting our well known trademarks, committing commercial libel, and deriving commercial gain from same. You're intentionally tortuously interfering with our ecommerce.

You have some evidence for these claims, I assume. Actually, I don't assume that at all, because none of it is happening. If you are worried about diluting the value of "Jack Shulman" then you should cease acting like a loon while using that name. And, seeing as how you mentioned it:

And, just calling it "opinion" does nothing at all to mitigate your liability, you've admitted to encouragement to "do things to" others with these harassing websites.

Did I? Where? Again, I suspect that your ability at reading comprehension has let you down.

You're making it all too easy to build a legal case. Gee I hope you have money. And a house.

You have 3 business days.

Jack A. Shulman
Chairman ACSA

From: "tksavage"
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 15:55:23 +1000

One thing for sure, you could never speak a truth on anything because your cock is stuck in your mouth you fuck wit!

I'm sorry that your lack of length prevents you from reaching your mouth and I can only imagine how embarrassing this can be for you, but your inadequacy is no reason to be impolite, no matter how envious you are of those who are better endowed.

From: "Andrew"
Subject: Wondering and having a jolly good laugh at the same time
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 22:37:24 +1000

Goodness me, you certainly are a ratbag aren't you?

Even with all your logic, you can't explain why the Amway Corporation continues to prosper and why people volunteer to "have a go" and why some, not all, achieve their aims and that really sticks in your craw doesn't it?

(Where's your rant against the bumble bee, then? How dare it fly and defy physics! To the laptop!!!)

Why? What is so reprehensible to you that you must embark upon such vitriolic perambulations of the mind?

What is causing you to choose to project an image of being such an unpleasant individual?

You're obviously not involved, and have no interest, so why get so hot and bothered? Why display your baseless hostility so blatantly? What's the payoff?

Do you do the same when some prospect refuses your software/hardware? That would be fun to watch, I'm sure….

If I were to say that you a lying crook for offering someone your highly suspect software/hardware products and call anyone buying them a sucker then I daresay you would do one of two things. Dismiss them as ignorant or get undone. From the tone of your writings I'm thinking the latter. I may be wrong.

As I don't know what products you're offering, I wouldn't embarrass myself by appearing ignorant.

You are choosing to remain clueless about Network 21 and unwilling to learn different. Good for you.

You obviously choose not to agree with the judgement of the authorities in the United Statesthat the business model is not an illegal pyramid, a view supported in Australiaand at least another 90 countries/territories. Bully for you.

In the end, your opinion can be summed up in two words.

"So what?…"

Right minded individuals will investigate and judge the business on merit and on how it can help them achieve whatever it is they want.

Others will succumb to the preachings of a naysayer like you. At least you're assured of being less misguided than them.

It's a pisser of a way to get recognition though…

Relax a little. Find something useful to do…


Andrew Curling

I didn't bother to reply, because I have said it all before and they either don't listen or don't hear. I love the bit about bumble bees. I bet that bit of long-refuted nonsense is offered by uplines as a guaranteed objection-stopper. It's a pity that there is nothing in physics which suggests that a bee can't fly once you know how it actually moves its wings. Still, why should facts interfere with a sales pitch.

Andrew was not happy that I didn't reply. I was right, though - replying would have been a waste of time because it has all been said before.

From: Andrew Curling
Subject: FW: Hello again
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 15:55:16 +1000


You didn't reply to me because you had no response that could or would paint yourself in a pleasant, intelligent light. You haven't "said it all before" at all.

Re: your comments about the bumble bee. It's good that you're prepared to examine more thoroughly the physics involved.

It's a shame you have chosen not to investigate this issue objectively and thoroughly. I'm sure you did your best. It just wasn't good enough...

Your comments regarding Jay Van Andel were reprehensible but not unexpected. You must pander to your disciples, the "even-more-pitiful-than-you"… or EMPTY's, for short.

I'd pay good money to see you repeat them in front of his family but given your cowardice I'm betting my money won't be spent. You're just not good enough, after all...

People who lose money in ventures fail to properly investigate the responsibilities and risks involved. It doesn't matter if it is in business or investments, traditional or otherwise.

In the case of the Amway or indeed any other business, there is a need for an "employee" to understand the change in mindset required to run a business. Too many remain locked in the employee paradigm and are unwilling to learn different. That is why they fail.

I'm sure that even in your university days, so many, many, many years ago, fewer finished courses than started them. Was the course wrong or could the students simply not "cut it"? (It's alright, I know the answer.)

Look, you obviously believe you're educated enough. You're not,...obviously.

Your paradigm encompasses narrowness of mind and scepticism, so you do satisfy the requirements of that charter. Well done!

You can't or won't change your views because it would be too difficult for you to explain all the decisions you've already made. (Big loss of face involved upon realising the stupidity of your thoughts and actions).

Your contempt for everything, apart from your own delusional ilk, and your lack of humility ensure your place as a member of the vanguard for insignificance and obscurity. ("Follow me, EMPTY's!", "Where to?", " Nowhere! Let's go! I know a shortcut!")

You are a fine example for people, especially your children, of what not to be. Again, I'm sure you did your best. It's just that you're not good enough...



Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 11:15:57 -0700
From: Wayne Aspen
Subject: Moron

The Millenium Project, more like The Dipshit Project!!! This is the most idiotic site I have ever seen in my life. You claiming that mercury is not making people sick is like saying cigarettes are good for you. You are a fucking moron and I can't wait to see people like you with their tails between their legs when this shit is finally proven once and for all. Its just a matter of time now you fucking idiot!!!!! You are a serious waste of space on this planet and will one day see how stupid you really are for spending your time putting incorrect shit like this on the internet. Get a life clown!

-Someone much smarter than you

As you are much smarter than me, your message has been passed on to the smarter members of the staff for comment. They will get back to you when they have stopped laughing at you.

Subject: Amway...Ntwrk 21
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 07:33:42 +0200
From: "Paola Young"

Just reading through the commentary of some sceptics really irritates me. There is no promise from Amway or Ntwrk 21 that you'll get rich quick. In fact they emphasise HARD WORK. It is also made very clear that it is a form of passive income. How big you go or get is up to you; your vision, skills and what you put in results in what you get out. You make people aware of quality products that have a 90 day guarantee. Someone decide to purchase a product and the product speaks for itself. A one time customer will land up becoming a regular because of the results of the product. The money that would have been spent on advertising is put in research instead. Direct selling reduces the retail price as middleman etc is cut out. 30% of a sale goes into your pocket or 25, 10 etc. You decide on what % of profit you want. You are not allowed however to exceed 30%. Every product has a point value, if your sales are good and you collect many points, a commission is paid out to you. If you add to the team as a group on business volume that you move you get paid a further commission. If you get to a point that you expand & create your own team naturally your commission increases. It is not a pyramid scheme because in simple terms, you don't ever sit back and let "your little ants" work for you. You don't get to take their profit in any way. All that happens is a group incentive & a larger commission on a larger group. Some people run with the motivation & vision they see available to them through this opportunity and others are content with a bit of pocket money here & there. Big things can happen if you have the incentive and work for it. All the bitching & griping! Honestly what for?! Yes, we live in a paranoid world with unrealistic expectations, wanting the easy way out. Please people get your facts STRAIGHT. Work = results. Mouthing off = crap that some people might slip in. Thanks. P.S. I am not a crook, hustler or con-artist…just a herd worker who enjoys making a little extra when the payslip of my regular job doesn't meet my needs.

From: "barry
Subject: CRA
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 23:40:34 +0200

I'm glad to find that you actually believe in something. I noticed you mentioned the universe in one of your comments. CRA has remedied the damages caused by doctors both for myself and family and friends. However I am not embittered to doctors but I know from personal experience they make some serious mistakes. There are doctors who are dedicated and doctors who murder their patients for financial profit.

Do I detect some hyperbole (and perhaps paranoia) here? There are bad doctors who cause harm, but I'm not sure how many of them deliberately kill their patients in order to make money.

They are not all good as I am sure there are good and bad CRA practitioners.

There are good and bad CRA practitioners just like there are good and bad astrologers. If something is useless it doesn't really matter whether you are good or bad at it. Remember that I have a copy of the CRA training manual, so I have all it takes to become as good as anyone at doing it.

There are also good and bad opinions. You sound so cynical and bitter and twisted and I hope you learn to look for the good in life. You could learn much and create some happiness in your life from watching the Secret.

I am a bit surprised that someone writing from an email address associated with an organisation which offers guidance about meditation should recommend The Secret. If there is the slightest bit of credibility attached to that load of drivel then meditation is obsolete. All you have to do is to want something and it will happen. The people starving in Africa are only starving because they don't want food badly enough.

I don't mind whether you print this or not, I am sending this message to you because I pity your life. I hope you learn to FEEL GOOD.

Thank you. If you believe the "teachings" in The Secret then hoping will make it come true. I feel better already. I'll just go and have another read of the CRA training manual and I am sure that the amusement will make me feel even better still. Perhaps not, because it saddens me that sick people are being deceived and defrauded by the cynical criminals who invented CRA and the practitioners who perpetuate the scam.

See more about the CRA scam here.

Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 00:14:14 -0700
Subject: Fwd: Dare to take on a dad of a mercury poisoned child on the true science

You never answer questions you just spout the pharma line. You are really not very smart or you are paid to defend thimerosal and keep us busy and lie to other people. You really need to think of judgement day and how you sold these little children out and what the god of the jews the lord jesus will do to you for the damage done by people like you. One more time looking for an answer if the MSDS sheet says pregnant women should not be exposed to the product thimerosal. Then maybe you can tell me how the CDC recomends two flu vacc. containing 25 micro grams each for preg. women ? ? ? ? ? are you really this stupid ?

Note: forwarded message attached.

As the CDC recommends annual shots for everyone except children between 6 months and 9 years who have had a maximum of one shot before, Joe must live somewhere where either girls are having babies before they are nine or pregnancies last more than a year (or both). I wonder which planet that is.

Subject: I have a question
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 16:07:52 -0500
From: "Hinson, Stephen"

Awww, are you mad that the alternative medicine world is taking business away from you?

And what a stupid question it was.

From: "Tony Dean"
Subject: Hi There
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 19:55:31 +0930


Could you please tell me your name? Seriously, this is not a scam or a trap or a con, I need to know your name and haven't been able to find it on your site. Is it Tanya?

Kindest Regards

My name has been on the "About this site" page since March 1999. It is not Tanya, although I do know someone by that name.

As the writer had an Australian email address and was asking me if my name was Tanya, I have to assume that it was a Hillsinger trying to find out if I was the author of a book about the "church".

From: nick parasson
Subject: dumb
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 22:16:16 -0400

You are a real idiot!

Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:02:04 +1000
Subject: AMWAY

i thought i'd say a few words on AMWAY..

This company has operated since 1959,

It was once primarily a soap company, but now it works in association with Nutrilite (the worlds largest viatmin and seupplement company) as the Wellness revolution is going to be the next huge trend (it already is),

Amway sales increase every year,

More IBO's in the business than ever before,

Amway opens in new markets and new contries every year – making it available in over 90 countries,

There is no salesman from Network 21 doing the presentations.

Every Network Marketing company tries to copy Amway – but none can.

I feel sorry for you unintelligent and petty minded individuals for being so misinformed and believing the first thing you're told.

I'm in Amway and i have the freedom to work when it's convenient for me, earn more money than all you wowsers put together and will continue to live my dreams, all because i bought a few products and found that the products were awesome then just told a few people..

How easy..


You poor cynics:

From: "msedlacek"
Subject: The Secret.
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:22:05 -0400

I just wanted to comment on the discussion about the secret. I'm really unsre if this will even be posted on the right page. But, here goes, I took the time to read the postings and I wanted to clarify that you are exactly right about something. You said you just have to want something and then you get it. That is exactly what the secret is trying to teach - nothing crazy and mystical, just common sense that is uncommon. It is up to you as the creator of your own future to want what you want. Nobody can wish it upon you. You just want something and you get it. Just like if you don't want to have CRA work for you - it wont. Just like if a cancer patient gets tired of the fight they die. The more you focuss on what doesn't work the more nothing will work. You are exactly where you are supposed to be at every moment in your life therefore, even here writing on this page - getting as much opposite feedback as you can imagine. You probably look forward to reading who has apposed you. This will work for you for as long as you need it to. The moment you focuss your intentions on wanting to know the truth about life, about anything, without allowing your preconceived notions to clutter your thoughts, then you will know what is the truth. You can read as many manuals as you want and never see the truth to it if all you are looking for is conspiracy and lies. Whether you believe it works or not doesn't affect me in anyway and it might never affect you in any way but, i'm sure there is a greater cause - a more positive one - that if you put as much energy or thought into could do wonders for you. - Or maybe it won't - it ultimately is your chioce. That's the beauty - we can choose whatever we want - so what's the point in even arguing about something you'll never use? If we can't change your mind - how will you change ours?

Just something to think about - do with it what you will.


The CRA mentioned is a fraud which is described here.

Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 19:25:09 +0100
From: michael fisher
Subject: Homoeopathy

Please tell me, if homoeopathy dosen't work why do animals benefit from homoeopathic treatment. Oh, I know they trust their owners, that's it isn't it?


Australia is currently in the midst of an outbreak of equine influenza which has devastated the racing industry and severely impeded the country's preparation for the equestrian events at the 2008 Olympics. Lost revenue to the thoroughbred and harness racing industries is measured in the tens of millions of dollars each week and many thousands of people are losing income or paying for continued but useless training. Any homeopath who could show that his quackery worked for these animals would be as rich as Croesus inside a fortnight, but no such homeopath has appeared. Why not? Because it doesn't work, and the practitioners of the fraud know it doesn't work.

And don't try to tell me that you can't mix alternative medicine with horse racing, because in the good times it is hard to move around a race track without falling over chiropractors and acupuncturists who claim to be able to make the steeds go faster for longer. Not surprisingly, these quacks are very quiet at the moment as well, because the last thing they want is a conclusive demonstration of the ineffectiveness of what they do.

From: "Rhonda"
Subject: ulcerative colitis
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 22:50:29 +1000

I am 28years old and I was diagnosed with UC 2 years ago and wondered if Mannatech products would help me if so which ones and what dosage should I take.

Vanessa Kerr

The only thing I can recommend you take with Mannatech is a very quick walk, perhaps even a run, away from whoever is trying to sell you the rubbish. The answers to your specific questions are a) none of them and b) zero. Go to a real doctor, not someone who wants to sell you expensive sugar and who only cares about how much money they can transfer from your wallet to theirs.

From: "Marta D. Olynyk"
Subject: spelling error
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 14:47:48 -0400

The word "millennium" is spelled with two nn's.

Wouldn't that make it "millennnnium"?

Thank you. I will post your correction right next to the quite clear notice on the front page of the site which explains why on this site, in this context, the spelling "millenium" is used.

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 18:05:41 +0100
From: "david keddle"
Subject: FUCCA!!!!

HI ALL// If I did,nt KNOW YOU, then WOTS the point???? Canya B more Relative, INformative, WIDE OPEN MORE TO PISS OFF OR EXPOSE GOVERMENT BULLSHIT!!!!!!

The following email has made me seriously consider my activities and my future.

From: "Tony S."
Subject: things i find interesting
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 19:10:23 +1000

That someone called the proctologist on the connection can pretend to know so much about anything except being an arse!!

Enjoy your negative cynical life and with any luck, you'll see inside your own head when next it's up your arse!!

From: "Don Conner"
Subject: subjectivism is you.
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 12:21:30 -0600

I really don't know how you can pretend to have informed opinion and hold a regular job. In choosing a research project such as vaccination and its perceived benefits or lack there of, I have spent 13 years of in depth analysis. I can say that the methodologies used to factor statistical information have left me with the determination that I have neither the time or the money to pretend to have a fully informed opinion of whether vaccination is useful or not. My opinion is not to name call and denigrate those whose beliefs are either for or against, but rather present arguments for examination from both groups and let the viewer or reader decide for themselves. At the other end of that pointing finger there are three pointing back at you. My subjective opinion of your site, It sucks big wind. My objective opinion of your site. The author(s) and compiler(s) suffer(s) from a major case of megalomania. Remember all perception is projection. No, is it the other way around? I'll leave that to the deciders, you and George Bush.

Live Love, be well and prosper

Don ConnerTM
I am called through Christ's Love to be dedicated in partnering with you, to respond to your highest and greatest good, at your level of intent, for the purposes of achieving maximum well being for Spirit, mind and body.

Speaking of megalomania, the writer include the following quotation at the bottom of his message:

"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland."
- Adolf Hitler, proposing the creation of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany

I think it's time to declare Godwin. I have no idea why anybody would think that this quote is in any way appropriate to a discussion of the pros and cons of vaccination (or anything else for that matter). It does mean, however, that it would be a waste of time to try to engage the correspondent in debate.

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