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Morinda Tahitian Noni® Juice & Noni Products Information

[This bunch of crooks went to the great Super Saturday in the sky in June 2010.]

This pack of pyramid sellers, sorry, network marketers lied by sending me an email that was apparently meant for someone else. The way this works is they put some fake address in the "To:" field and put real addresses in "Bcc:". The marks then read the thing and think it was delivered by mistake, but go to the mentioned web site anyway to be told about the wonders of fruit juices and, by the way, click here to make money. The fact that they have to lie to you to get you to look at their web site tells you all you need to know about their business ethics, even before you find out that they are pulling the MLM scam as well.

Date sent: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 23:44:11 -0700
From: Pam <>
Subject: Fibromyalgia

Hi Maureen (in Mukilteo):

You have done a lot of research. I talked to the gal in Kirkland who took noni, and she is completely off of prescriptions, and she is back to practically normal after being bed-ridden for so long with Fibro. She is convinced that the only long term solution for FMS, MCS & CFS sufferers is noni. She is a research scientist, and she even tried to create her own cure (out of desperation)! I could give you her email address if you want. She has specific instructions on how much noni to take. She said it is at least a 6 month commitment, and is really life changing. This website I found ( is quite complete. Hope that helps!

Anyway, I am impressed with your research on FMS and CFS.


As part of the same marketing campaign, messages were sent to newsgroups as well. You can see one of these here.


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